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Check out Downsizedthewebseries**** for more information. Downsized is an original webseries revolving around people who are adjusting to life during the economic crisis. An ensemble series mixing satire with quirky drama, it tells very American stories through different walks of life with humor and sensitivity, allowing us to enjoy the various ironies of the current crisis. In Episode 2, overworked attorney Connor has difficulty understanding his Turkish cleaning lady, Leyla. Written and directed by Daryn Strauss Director of Photography and Editor: Chris Shimojima Location Sound: Brett Van Deusen Starring Chris Henry Coffey as Connor Callux and Esra Gaffin as Leyla. Stay tuned for more episodes
9 Jan 2010
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Tune in to WE tv's new hit series, Downsized on Saturday, Novemeber 6th at 9p/8c! Meet the Bruces at WEtv****
23 Oct 2010
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*******pararir**** 3º episódio do Tuguez - Parece que os patrões do Tuguex querem reduzir a força trabalhadora. Ou será mesmo?....
3 Jun 2010
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Lifehacker has put together App Packs for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, containing our must have applications for each platform. Plus, we'll show you how to downsize your wallet and build your first computer. *******gamehackerz****/pockie-ninja-2-social-hack-cheat
30 Mar 2013
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In response to public outrage over Louisiana State University’s decision to fire hurricane expert Ivor van Heerden, Levees**** holds a rally at LSU’s Health Sciences Center in downtown New Orleans.
17 Apr 2009
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*******www.7995MoobilePlan**** It's happened to many people. Unemployment can often spark a totally new and often better future. See how with a crazy and wild global mobile phone plan.
16 Jul 2009
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it may be time to start over with a fresh batch of true Americans in the congress
22 Mar 2010
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10 Aug 2011
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27 Sep 2007
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Ian Bernard from nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live joins the show to talk about his experience in the world of broadcasting. Later, Nick brings up Telecom immunity in this week's Downsizer Dispatch, Mark Lathrop from the NH Hemp Council talks everything hemp related, skeleton scans coming to an airport near you, and a woman sterilizes herself to save the planet.
19 Apr 2008
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Downsized manager Frank Moon dies and is whisked away to an afterlife. There, Frank learns about human warmth and is asked to return to earth to use it. With this story of challenge and risk, comes an original seven-song soundtrack that provides a rich rock-and-roll accompaniment to Frank's spiritual journey. *******www.afterlifecrisis**** ISBN # 978-1-934454-24-4 Genre(s) mainstream fiction
3 Sep 2008
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Toby and Nick discuss domestic deployment of the United States military as the ACLU files a freedom of information act, the Downsizer Dispatch, some pointing the finger at libertarians for the current economic crisis, and police raid the wrong house, point guns at a grandfather's head, and tear gas a room with an infant inside.
25 Oct 2008
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*******www.BRIANBEARMARKETINGDOWNLINE.WS Free Bear Marketing System best work from home business american layoffs downsizing and jobloss announced layoffs aol layoff downsizing auto layoffs avoid downsizing bank layoff being laid off benefits
24 Apr 2009
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******* BEST WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITY FREE stay at home mom moms stay at home dad dads retired layoff company downsizing company is downsizing company layoff company's downsizing construction layoffs
24 Apr 2009
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******* Bear Marketing System For Free! FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS America downsizing information downsizing issues downsizing jobs downsizing legal downsizing life downsizing list downsizing living downsizing marketing
23 Apr 2009
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*******www.GenerateProsperityOnline**** In the late 80's corporate downsizing spread across the industrialised world. The profound effects of downsizing are demonstrated by these U.S. statistics. In 1960, 5% of men between 30 and 55 were unemployed. A large portion of this unemployment is attributed to blue collar and professional men refusing to accept jobs that fall below their skill and qualification levels, or which don't offer adequate benefits. The career and financial uncertainties arising from corporate downsizing has coined terms such as McJob and permatemp. A McJob is a low-paying, low-prestige position requiring few skills and offering little opportunity for advancement. Permatemps are temporary workers who are expected to do the same work as permanent employees but without benefits or prospect of career advancement. Network Marketing Offers an Alternative to Job Insecurity Smart people looking for financial freedom and a better way of life have turned to network marketing. There are many reasons why network marketing offers a viable alternative to working in the corporate world. First, a network marketing business can be developed in your spare time while you continue working. Often wives build successful network marketing organisations while their husbands continue to work in the corporate world. Over time, the network marketing business grows large enough to support the whole family. In the meantime, it offers an additional stream and decreases the risks associated with corporate downsizing. Second, most network marketing businesses require little start-up capital. For many organisations, this is less than US500. Starting your own business or buying a franchise can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. (And there's no guarantee that the business will generate sufficient income to repay the money borrowed) Third, network marketing generates an ongoing stream of residual income. This is especially true for organisations marketing a product that gets used up and needs to be purchased regularly.
9 Jun 2009
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