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Dr David Evdokimow explains how a fat reduction procedure works. In this video, he explains the types of fat grafting procedures including Ultrasound & Laser. Dr. David Evdokimow performs a range of sophisticated surgical and non-surgical procedures, including Injectibles, Laser Treatments, Breast Augmentation, Vaser Liposuction, Facelift Surgery and Mommy Makeover Surgery. Furthermore, he carefully customizes each treatment to address the unique aesthetic needs and desires of each patient. Dr. Evdokimow embodies several characteristics that are particularly important in his role as a plastic surgeon: honesty, integrity, and perfectionism.
24 Apr 2017
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Watch this video to understand the fat bad and its causes. Dr. David Evdokimow explained every possible reason of this. According to the current scientific evidence, no new fat cells are developed after the age of 17-18, sometimes earlier. After that age, the existing fat cells can increase and decrease in volume causing fat gain/loss and weight gain or loss.
2 May 2017
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Surgery isn’t the only way to achieve a youthful new look. That’s what many people have discovered through treatment with injectables and fillers. At the tranquil NJ plastic surgery office of Dr. David Evdokimow, every patient is treated in a personalized, goal-oriented manner. Developing a treatment plan for each individual patient is important because facial animation is a unique quality and is determined by each person’s facial muscles and structure.
7 Jun 2017
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Meet the New Jerseys leading reconstructive surgeon, Dr. David Evdokimow, highly skilled and prominent for giving outstanding results. His qualification from esteemed international institutions and contemporary techniques has revolutionized the reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
14 Jun 2017
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***********/watch?v=WOlz2B5d0aI Looking for breast augmentation in New Jersey? Dr. David Evdokimowand his experienced staff offer breast augmentation at his New Jersey office. Your choice of surgeon for breast augmentation is vitally important. Dr. Evdokimow is a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon that provides exceptional care and surgical results for his breast surgery patients, giving them the attractive new look they've always wanted. His practice has a special interest in breast surgery and is able to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results for his patients. To learn more about breast augmentation and breast implants in New Jersey, Call Dr. Evdokimow's offices at 908-221-1136. 96 S Finley Ave Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 (908) 741-4236
11 Jul 2013
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This is a fundamentally different approach to individual’s health. Integrated- healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases. Regenerative-Use of the body own cells and properties to restore or establish normal function. A true understanding of the aging process; slows down the biological aging process and facilitates healthy functional life with increase endurance, mental capacity, libido and sleep. Today’s 70-year old is yesteryear’s 30-something. The goal is to cure the health care dependency and join the path of personal freedom Components: Healthy lifestyle Normal physiologic weight Nutritional knowledge Smart exercise program Bio-identical hormone replacement Non-surgical and surgical reduction of exercise resistant fat deposit Reduction of intra-abdominal fat Growth factor therapies Fat transfer (fat is the mantra today) Stem cells and /or exosomes enriched fat transfer Stem cell therapies Exosomes Stem cells/exosome therapies Molecular breakdown therapies (nearest future)
4 Jul 2017
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Dr Evdokimow is one of the best plastic surgeons of New Jersey. He has got a lot of experience and expertise in performing the complex surgeries. This video is a portrait of his great work and excellence awards he won in the field of reconstructive & cosmetic procedures. He has offered his services to the victim of 9/11 and has worked for the charities too. Thanks
25 Jul 2017
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The joy of motherhood is something most women look forward. However, pregnancy, childbearing, & breastfeeding change the body in different ways. The most rewarding experience is to hold the newborn baby for the first time, but unfortunately, the body doesn’t snap back to normal after delivering the baby. Weight gain, stretching, & breastfeeding change the body structure after giving childbirth. Visible changes like wrinkles deepened folds, and loss of facial volume, skin laxity and breakage of skin collagen are seen. Watch this video to know more on how one can transform the body back to its normal stage
1 Aug 2017
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