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Lost and lonely, caught drifting in the blackness of space. Such is the vision of PARADOX, a hypothetical space drama rendered in machinima using the X3: Reunion engine. Experimental. If you were in a real theater and saw this as the movie's intro, would you watch the full thing?
18 Aug 2007
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An early morning, just frightened and panicked flight of a butterfly against the glass. Just a tiny time of a gigantic drama... At each minute, at each second, we cross small moments all at the same time banals and magic which should not be forgotten to look at, they are these "Clement Times"... These tiny moments , Frederic Clement joins together them in a collection called "Clement Time"... Frederic Clement, french writer, photographer and videographer, lives in Paris... It published many books in France, in the USA and Japan...
26 Aug 2007
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Teaser Clip From Dubplate Drama -Redhand Dubplate and urban music Drama in which viewers decide what happens. Unique and innovative show on C4 20th September
18 Sep 2007
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Error Report takes up after the 1st season of the web drama 1337 left off. The "behind" the scenes of what is going down in the leet world
21 Sep 2007
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The beginning of the second season of the web drama "1337. Join Casey and Topper as they put their lives back together.
26 Sep 2007
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We caught Mylo the cat in a really good mood. Look out Drama Prairie Dog!
27 Sep 2007
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This was performed at the TCTC Conference. The drama is AMAZING!!
28 Sep 2007
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bab al7ara syria syrian program tv drama
24 Oct 2007
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Nobel peace prize winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote about the love of a lifetime. Mike Newell brings the romance film drama to movie theaters. Starring Benjamin Bratt, Javier Bardem, Catalina Sandino Moreno, John Leguizamo & original Shakira songs.
29 Oct 2007
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Best Drama: Why can't we be friends?
31 Oct 2007
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It started out as a drama project but grew into a three part series. Enjoy part three of the series which is now...SILENCED!
27 Nov 2007
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Sarah falls off the wagon, putting her inheritance, Christian's future, and Cal's safety all in jeopardy. A new original episode of the first web drama to stream LIVE... 3 cameras mixed in real time and streamed live on the internet on September 27th, 2007 at 9 pm- for post show chats visit us at *******
27 Nov 2007
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A compilation of stuff I have directed ranging from Action to Drama to Comedy
8 Dec 2007
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The spectacular ZaSu Pitts helms the gripping and amusing So’s Your Aunt Emma. A hodgepodge of disparate elements that blend into an almost magical whole, the film stars Pitts as a middle-aged spinster who comes to the big city to see a young boxer, the son of an old flame. It becomes apparent to her that the young man is in over his head with racketeering mobsters. Then the film takes an unexpected turn: the mobsters come to believe that Pitts is a nefarious secret killer that they all fear! The circumstances leading to this are cleverly hilarious, as is most of the film. So’s Your Aunt Emma is a riotous brew of action, comedy, drama, and superb acting.
8 Dec 2007
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A Drama/Comedy by Sabreena Peters. A business man and a street person have a meeting of the minds. Nominated for the NIGHTLIFE Magazine Award at the 2007 YoungCuts Film Festival. www.YoungCuts****
18 Dec 2007
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Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight star as a family of New York City cops caught up in a police corruption scandal. This crime drama film from New Line Cinema also stars Lake Bell, Jennifer Ehle, Noah Emmerich and Ryan Simpkins.
19 Dec 2007
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