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This video shows how to fix the "The parameter is incorrect" error without data loss. First, you need to recover lost data. Second, you can try fromatting the drive or running chkdks to fix the error. Data Recovery – Drive Is Not Accessible. The Parameter Is Incorrect. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a piece of simple and professional data recovery software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is recommended here, for this tool can easily and quickly recover data from inaccessible drive including RAW, corrupted, damaged or unallocated drive. 2 Solutions - The Parameter Is Incorrect Solution1. running chkdsk. Open command prompt and type CHKDSK/F/R/X drive letter solution 2. formta the drive MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you format hard drive easily.
14 Aug 2019
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How to change the drive letters on your Windows computer.
22 Jan 2009
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You can make a folder on your computer a direct link into a harddrive, or floppy/cd drive. You can also change the drive letter of any drive, besides the one that Windows is installed on.
14 Jul 2007
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Have tons of RAM but don't know what to do with it? Try making a RAM disk with today's software pick! *******gamehackerz****/tetris-battle-cheat
16 Apr 2013
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Learn how to use Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) sequencing tools for non-standard apps. Kyle Rosenthal demonstrates how to sequence an app that has a hard-coded drive letter & also how to install apps that are "add-ins" for other apps.
18 Jun 2009
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Hey Guys just a simple video telling you how to create a bootable USB to install Windows 7 IF YOU ARE RUNNING XP. (since diskpart method doesnt work in XP) Here is the download link for MBRwiz *******mbrwizard****/download2.php? Here are the commands : mbrwiz /list (note down disk number of your USB Pen drive) mbrwiz /disk=X /active=X (X is Disk Number of your USB Drive) exit Bootcode Commands J: (Drive letter of Windows 7 DVD or mounted iso) CD boot bootsect /nt60 Y: (Y is drive latter of your USB drive ) Thats it guys enjoy
25 May 2010
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Download file here: ******* All you have to do is select drive letter where to install backup manager. And as a little present from me a text file with links to DDL PS3 games! :D G-Force, Fallout 3, Pure Football, Race Driver: GRID, BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, Soul Calibur IV, Flock!, FIFA 09, Spider-Man 3: The Game, NBA Live 08, Assassins Creed, Fifa Street 3, Lost: Via Domus, Virtua Tennis 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, NCAA Football 08, Virtua Fighter 5, Ridge Racer 7, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tony Hawk's Project 8.
25 Aug 2010
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Download Link: *******sharecash****/download.php?file=2236198 or *******www.filesonic****/file/1702532694 (( 1 )) To extract this torrent you will need UTorrent:*******www.filesonic****/file/1681727004 (( 2 )) This torrent contains a Nintendo Wii Game in WBFS format, which is actually just a compressed ISO image. It is important to note that your Wii reads this file directly from a hard drive (there is really no need to convert it). However, this game can easily be converted back to a full-size ISO faster than it takes to extract a ZIP file using either of these programs for Windows or Mac: *******www.filesonic****/file/1702581084 (( 3 )) In order to play this game on your Nintendo Wii, you will need a special chip installed that allows it to play backed-up games, or you will need to perform a soft-mod and install The Homebrew Channel. Here is an excellent source for everything you need to know about soft-modding your Wii and installing The Homebrew Channel: *******www.filesonic****/file/1702532704 What is this: This is an archived site-rip of a very reliable Wii Homebrew Soft-mod Guide. All of the information you need to soft-mod your Wii is on this site, in a very easy-to-follow tutorial which can be performed no matter what version of System Menu you are operating on. This guide will allow you to play backed-up or downloaded games on your Wii! I have taken the liberty to rip this site in case it ever goes offline for any reason. Instruction to instal this homebrew: Unzip the archive and follow the html link in the folder to get started. All content that was on the site is located in the folder and can be browsed offline, however, if there were links to other sites (which there are some) you will require an internet connection to get to those sites. Instructions (( 1 )) To get Wii games onto your console after you have bought a chip or performed a soft-mod, you will need to put them on an external hard drive or burn them to a disc. Whenever you burn a Wii ISO image to a disc, always burn at a slower speed (2x or 4x) for best results and use a dual-layer disc if the ISO exceeds 8 GB in size. You can use one of these programs for Windows or Mac: *******www.filesonic****/file/1681726984 (( 2 )) If you own an external hard drive and want to play Wii games directly off of it, use one of the following programs for Windows or Mac to format the hard drive to WBFS and transfer games: x64: *******www.filesonic****/file/1702521624 x84: *******www.filesonic****/file/1702521634 (( 3 )) To play the Wii games after transferring them to an external hard drive, you will need what is called a USB loader of some sort. It is important to note that some USB Loaders can read games from an NTFS or FAT32 partition (just copy the WBFS file to the main root of the device), but there are limitations to each of these and you will generally have more success formatting to WBFS. You can use this USB loaders to play your games: USB Loader GX:*******www.filesonic****/file/1702521614 Instructions: - Install using setup. - Plug in the hard drive or USB stick. - Run the application. - Choose the correct drive letter. - Click Load. (If you haven't already formatted the disk to WBFS, you can do that by clicking Format). - You should now see any backups on the drive on the left hand side. - You can drag and drop ISO files from Windows Explorer onto the right hand side or you can click the browse button. - Click the Add to Drive button to copy them over to the WBFS drive. - Enjoy! This Game that I uploaded is in NTSC-U (North American) format, but many can also be played with PAL (European) or NTSC-J (Japanese & Korean) Wii hardware. This Game has been tested thoroughly and works perfectly on an NTSC Wii console using USB Loader GX, with the setting "Force NTSC" enabled. The reason this Wii game might be smaller in size than the original ISO file is the result of super-compression only. I have not taken out anything but empty data, and if converted back to ISO this game will certainly be full-size, either 4.3 GB or 8.5 GB. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wii Emulator for PC: In order to play this game on your PC, you will need a very fast CPU and a high-performance graphics card. A special tip: Press Control-Shift-Escape to open the Task Manager, and end the process explorer.exe while running the Dolphin Emulator. When finished playing, go back to the Task Manager and press File, New Task and type in explorer.exe and click OK. Here is the only successful Wii Emulator for PC: win32:*******www.filesonic****/file/1702521574 win64:*******www.filesonic****/file/1702521604 (Please note that not every Wii game is currently compatible with a PC emulator yet) Covers: *******wiitdb****/Game/RMCE01
19 Aug 2011
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You can use Diskpart to convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk. The basic disk can either be empty or contain either primary partitions or logical drives. The basic disk can be a data disk or system or boot drive. The basic disk cannot have fault-tolerant disk driver (FtDisk) sets such as stripes or mirrors. DISKPART LIST DISK SELECT DISK 1 CLEAN CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY FORMAT FS=FAT32 QUICK ACTIVE Drive letters are not automatically assigned when you use Diskpart. To ensure that a given partition or volume has a drive letter, you must explicitly assign a drive letter. You can either assign the drive letter or allow the next available drive letter to be allocated.
16 Jan 2012
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You will need to know the name of the server and the name of the network share that you want to map 1. UNC is short for Universal Naming Convention, a Windows format to specify the location of resources on a Local-Area-Network (LAN). "UNC" uses the following format: \\ComputerName\SharedFolder 2. Net use command connects / disconnects computers from a shared Folder "Net Use" uses the following format: Net Use t: \\ComputerName\SharedFolder Remember, if your shared drive is moved or your network settings on the host computer are changed, you could lose this mapping. In the event that this happens, disconnect or dismount the unconnected shared drive in Windows Explorer and repeat the process to establish a new connection to the shared network resource. Map a computer network drive by clicking on "My Computer," selecting "Map Network Drive," picking a drive letter that is not being used, typing in the name of the server or IP address and clicking "Finish."
16 Jan 2012
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Have you deleted important files and data on your Mac hard drive? Accidentally deleted your photos, musics or documents? Don't worry, with 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac you can easily recover your deleted files on Mac with a few mouse clicks. If the space isn't overwritten, your deleted files can be recovered with 100%. Keep in mind: Never download and install any program in the place where you lost your files, for this could overwrite your lost files. Download and install it on another partition. To recover deleted files from Mac hard drive, please follow these steps: 1) Select the hard drive where you deleted your files, Then click "Continue" to Select a volume you want to recover files from. If your volume is not available, select the disk that did contain your volume. 2) Choose "Deleted File Recovery" mode 3) Run 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac and click Continue. 4) Check your selected options and start the scan. 5) Preview and recover deleted files to another partition or disk. Note: To preserve the drive with the deleted files, all recovered files must be saved to another storage device or another drive letter in the system. For more detailed infomation, please visit: *******www.321soft****/macdatarecovery.html
14 Jul 2012
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External hard disk not showing in this PC? External hard disk not showing in My Computer? This video shows 4 possible reasons as well as solutions to help you address this issue. Case 1. The hard drive is not initialized If Disk Management shows the disk as "unknown/not initialized" and pops up a window asking you to initialize it, this new drive really needs initialization before you can use it. Then, you will have to create new partitions on it to make the hard drive appear on computer. Case 2. The hard drive has no drive letter External hard drive not showing up also occurs when the partition on the external hard drive has no drive letter. Case 3. Hard drive becomes uallocated In this case, you can try using MiniTool Partition Wizard to recover the unallocated space as well as its data. Case 4. Hard drive has Unsupported or RAW file system If the external hard drive has unsupported files system or hard disk become RAW, the partition bar won't show up in Windows File Explorer. You can only see the drive icon and drive letter there. In this case, you need to do the following 2 things. one, recover lost data from hard drive. two, format the hard drive.
6 Aug 2018
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