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Coast Guard Italy revived a drowning kitten
10 Aug 2016
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Today I show you how to save a child from drowning. It's extremely important that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. This technique works on children, babies & even adults. Even if you don't have kids yourself it's incredibly important that you learn these skills, as one day you may have to save a life. This technique is incredibly easy once you get the hang of it! Simply follow the easy step by step instructions & you'll obtain the skills & knowledge required to successfully prevent someone from drowning as quickly as possible.
1 Sep 2016
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This is world's best dog. It's awesome to watch this dog rescuing a baby deer from drowning. My dog just digs holes in my backyard.
18 Jul 2017
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The poor kid was holding by the ropes, drowning in water; afraid and crying. Fortunately, this girl saved him by putting his feet to the ground.
25 Oct 2017
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I don’t know how the marriage ceremony was but I can definitely say their wedding photoshoot was not as they wanted, it all drowned in water quite literally.
7 Dec 2017
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They were all lured around the bathtub with a plastic toy fish and the greedy one went in only to be drowned it bathtub water that they hate so much.
14 Mar 2018
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The dog tried its best not to get wet and climb on the floating pool pad but the attempt went very wrong and slowly steadily, it drowned in the pool.
11 Apr 2018
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This store had a very big version problem which almost drowned them. You can see the ceiling falling off little by little.
7 Dec 2018
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Learn the key CPR steps needed to save the life of a drowning victim. To learn more about the CPR training classes, visit CPR Select website.
14 Jan 2019
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One of the best pranks ever! These people are asked to look after the control lever - watch what happens when they move it! (*******
25 Jan 2007
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Shows how to grown a car in the middle of lake.
25 Jun 2007
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Out offroadin and some friends of ours took their jeep thru a spot that was a little deep and they sucked in water. Tanner was in the backseat and grabbed a shovel out of the back, climbed into the front seat and started paddling like he was in a boat. Stumble users Thumbs Up!!
23 Aug 2007
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Outdoor legends tackle box causes downfall
20 Oct 2007
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We are not good in picking names. While spending time looking at some comments on the videos, a reader suggested Spot and Chris suggested Snowflake or Snowy while chatting online . Since the kitty is white like snow, we decided to go for Snowy. The name reminds me of Tin Tin comic, the genius doggie :) Photos and video were taken yesterday while I was at Khairul's place. That's his sister in the picture with Snowy, her name is Zaireen. She take turns to look after the kitties too. Snowy is very playful and make friends very quickly with the rest and no longer spend her days in cage. He is free to roam anywhere in and out the house. When I said 'out the house' I meant within the compound. I was amazed how fast she got so friendly with others, that's wonderful. Mafia ( the black kitty with white socks ) got a friend to play with now and they look like buddies to me, same height and same size. LOLz Related Video : *******www.metacafe****/watch/875939/khairul_and_daniel_rescue_drowning_kitty/
25 Oct 2007
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Trunks and SS3 Goku fighting Hildegarn #27
13 Nov 2007
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from the "... in this wet land ..." series
13 Jan 2008
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