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Back from Iraq, Johnny Brown discovers that a new war is taking place in the streets of New York. In an attempt to get kids off the streets and instill the discipline he has learned in the Marine Corps, Brown launches a school for Mixed Martial Arts. But when a group of drug pushers try to use his school as a drug laundering business, an all out brawl occurs; pitting Brown against his childhood friend, who is now pursuing a life of crime.
15 Jun 2010
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Young Money Drake performing for the first time in Philadelphia...also beautiful women..check out more on www.BlackandNobel****
18 Jun 2010
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CYCLE, a story based on real peoples lives living in Los Angeles. Involving characters that are connected through the circle of life. A drug dealer selling to a music producer and killing anyone that doesn't pay what's owed to him, the successful music producer that cares about no one but himself, and a struggling actress who finally decides to leave her convictions behind for roles in Hollywood and two friends with high moral standards that try to keep them in line.
13 Aug 2010
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hello Angel..........
29 Oct 2010
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Behind the scenes on the sound design of BREAK featuring sound designer, JP Beirouty and "HOWARD" played by William Emmons. Directed by: Ray Pang Original Music by: Natasha Moszenin Sound Department: JP Beirouty …. Sound Designer / Foley Artist / adr mixer Rhys Gamble …. Field Recordist Ray Pratama …. boom operator Synopsis Howard (William Emmons) is a successful lawyer who breaks away from reality after discovery of his wife’s affair. He struggles to move on and gets himself into sex, drugs and violence. As the story unfolds, it is clear that there is only one way out for him. Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY TRACY PFEIFFER You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. Authorities in Mexico have captured one of the country’s most wanted crime bosses -- Flavio Mendez Santiago, a founding member of the infamous Los Zetas gang. CCTV outlines crimes allegedly connected to Mendez Santiago and his organization. “Mendez Santiago was accused of taking part in violent killings to eliminate rival drug gangs and trafficking migrants from Central America. He's also said to have smuggled drugs from Central America and Los Zetas is the most feared gang in Mexico. Their vicious tactics, geographic reach, and expansion into new illegal businesses present a new kind of threat in the drug war.” The New York Times reports the Zetas are most well known for beheading rival gang members, but they are also relatively new in Mexico. A writer for the Miami Herald gives a brief history. “Originally members of a Mexican army unit, the Zetas … defected from the military to become enforcers for the [Gulf Cartel] in the late 1990s. Subsequently jettisoning their new employers to become an international organized-crime entity in their own right, in recent months the two groups have waged a brutal battle for control.” The story has been greeted with cautious optimism in the media, most of which are looking to the big picture to gauge the possible effects of the catch. (Video: KENS) Bloomberg-BusinessWeek says Mexican authorities have now captured 20 of the 37 on its most wanted list. Mendez Santiago was number 29. And CNN reports his capture is a step in the right direction, but the Zetas’ top bosses are still at large. Finally, the Financial Times highlights a statement by Mexico’s government security spokesman, who last week said organized crime is quote -- "being hit like never before” -- but the Times reports, there’s also more sobering news. “Yet... there is no sign that the violence and killings associated with the war on organised crime will stop any time soon. On the same day as Mr Mendez’s arrest, local press reported that five mutilated bodies were found in a small town near the northern industrial city of Monterrey, their arms and legs hacked from their bodies.” According to Mexico’s Reforma newspaper, more than 500 people have died due to drug-related violence in just the first few weeks of 2011. Get more multisource global video news analysis from Newsy.
20 Jan 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY GARY COTTON AND CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy. America has a burning question for President Obama – does he support making mary jane legal? One retired deputy sheriff put the issue to the president during his annual YouTube Town Hall. ALLEN: "Do you think there will or should come a time to discuss the possibility of legalization, regulation and control of all drugs, thereby doing away with the violent criminal market as well as a major source of funding for international terrorism?" This isn’t the president’s first time with the drug question – he told YouTubers two years ago – no, doobies don’t top his domestic agenda. OBAMA: “…I don’t know about what this says about the online audience…but the answer is ‘no’ I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow our economy.” Clearly, it’s a popular issue. In fact, it topped 2011’s list. CBS asks YouTube’s presidential interviewer – what does this say about the online audience? “Well, I think it says that any group that has an issue they care about can really mobilize behind it and in a forum like this, get a full chance to be heard.” “When any group comes to a situation like this—an interview likes this—and votes for the issue they care most about, it’s really just democracy in action in the 21st century.” Huff Post says the “online audience” is very active – driving the drug issue into 99 of the top 100 spots. So whether it’s an unusually loud group of stoners – or a robust movement, they wanted a straight answer, since… “That [2009] answer tortured legalization backers as much as being ignored, if this year's questions are an indication. Many of them knock the president for laughing at their issue.” Well this time around, the president gave a more considered, in-depth answer -- saying his views haven’t changed – but it’s a, quote “legitimate topic.” OBAMA: “I am not in favor of legalization.” OBAMA: “On drugs, I think a lot of times we have been so focused arrests, incarceration, interdiction that we don’t spend as much time thinking about how do we shrink demand?” He also suggested shifting resources – including more money for rehabilitation. And SF Weekly points out… “…at least Obama gave the issue a nod in between Super Bowl predictions -- that's more than legalization advocates received from both Bushes and Clinton combined.” But for the time being -- several marijuana enthusiasts aren’t buying it. A writer for Cannabis Hawaii News Daily says… “Mr. President, we’re never going to stop smoking marijuana. Never. … You can let criminals control that market or you can do the sensible thing and begin regulating it.” So is it time for a change in drug policy? Or are pro-pot groups just louder than their sober counterparts? Get more multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy.
29 Jan 2011
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"Cerebro Del Cartel De Medellìn" Gustavo Gaviria Biografia. Quality: HD. Format: MP4. Language: Spanish. Country: Colombia. Time: 9m13.
15 Jan 2019
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*******www.instablogs****/ Taro Aso to become Japan’s new PM Many are hoping that Mr. Taro Aso will help uplift the country from the political and economic turmoil. Mr. Aso becomes the prime minister at a time when the Japanese are extremely unhappy with high prices and a slowing economy. No wonder his promise of providing supplementary budget worth $107billion US along with ruling out consumption tax increase for three years to inject the necessary economic stimulus has brought a lot of hope to the electorate. He has also called for tax incentives that will encourage corporations to repatriate overseas profits and increase spending on capital equipment and research and development. The measures may sound appeasing but the mishandling of issues as far-ranging as a tainted rice scandal and health insurance for the elderly by the previous administration can make the going difficult for Taro Aso. Whatever else is said or done Mr. Aso can assure victory for LDP in the next general elections only if his measures manage to bail out the economy from current crisis. Ugandan Govt. to punish prostitutes Ugandan Ethics and Integrity minister should come up with a novel idea to curb the flourishing menace of prostitution in Kampala. The fact that the practice still exits in spite of stringent laws to curb them implies that the problem lay somewhere else. There are factors that are helping promote prostitution. Women are either forced or else they make a conscious choice to pursue it. Those who are forced to enter prostitution have either been trafficked or else are economically unsound to sustain themselves. How can the government think of punishing this category? Instead, the ethics minister should step forward and rescue such women besides providing them with a viable economic alternative so that they can enjoy a decent living. Those who make a deliberate choice too cannot be punished because in the end it is the men who help run the business by patronizing it. Next time while driving through streets lined with prostitutes, Ugandan men should make a deliberate choice of ignoring and driving through or else getting distracted and ending up in a brothel. Practicing the former will definitely wipe off the need for such regressive laws. Mexico’s war against drug cartels failing The border city of Juarez is central front in Mexico's war on powerful drug cartels. Nearly five months after the government of President Felipe Calderón sent more than 2,500 federal troops and police to the state of Chihuahua on Texas' southwestern border, the pace and scope of drug violence have reached unprecedented levels. The carnage raises questions about the government's ability to restore order – particularly in cities such as Juárez, an important trade and immigration conduit to Texas. The ferocity and resilience shown by the warring Sinaloa and Juarez cartel to control smuggling routes into the United States has surprised everyone. There is also a renewed concern over corruption within the government. These killings clearly indicate that the Mexican state has absolutely failed in its mission to protect the public. It appears that no amount of soldiers or special police agents is enough to stop the killings in Juárez, either because they are incompetent, badly corrupted or intimidated by the cartels. A new response is needed to the bloody expressions of organized crimes. New Zealand opposes lifting of ban on Whaling The recent decision by authorities in New Zealand to continue opposing the lifting of an international ban on commercial whaling is really commendable. This despite an international survey showing that the numbers of two species: humpbacks and southern right whales, earlier endangered are now rising fast. The threat to humpbacks and southern right whales has been downscaled from "vulnerable" to subjects of "least concern" in the annual update of the so-called "red list" of endangered cetacean species. The two species were now less threatened with extinction. Much of the comeback has been due to the protection granted from commercial whaling. This is a great conservation success and clearly shows what needs to be done to ensure these ocean giants survive. New Zealand has also led opposition to bids by Japan and other countries to lift the 1985 moratorium on commercial whaling introduced by the 80-member International Whaling Commission. Humpbacks and southern right whales both migrate through New Zealand waters to South Pacific breeding grounds and are major attractions for tourists on whale-watching trips. New Zealand has a long history promoting the conservation of whales and we will continue to do so especially, then when most small coastal and freshwater cetaceans are moving closer to extinction *******www.instablogs****/
24 Sep 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Congress retains power in Delhi This is the third time that the congress has been voted to power in the Delhi Assembly elections. Congress however elated it might get over this victory it should not forget that this is its last chance to prove that they can ensure the safety and integrity of its people. The recent Mumbai have highlighted the Singh government’s failure in ensuring the safety of the common man. Having won current referendum, the third term will be a litmus test for the government to prove its credentials in terms of ensuring internal security. With Delhi set to host international events such as the Asian Games, congress will get plenty of grounds to prove its potential Gaza Truce in danger As expected during the last 3 weeks, Palestinian fractions in Gaza have re-put the truce on table again for discussion. Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials held the first of a series of meetings regarding the fate of the Gaza ceasefire on Tuesday evening at the home of Hamas leader Ayman Taha. Hamas announced the meeting as the beginning of a series of consultations about the ceasefire with other Palestinian factions in Gaza. The truce, already shaken by three weeks of siege, deadly Israeli incursions, and Palestinian rocket fire, expires on 19 December. Kenya hit by maize shortage It’s now one week after Kenya was hit by a serious shortage of maize flour, one of the precious commodities that does not miss in every house hold. Kenyans are now facing hunger as the price of the staple meal continue to shoot up becoming unaffordable to the poor as the shortage remains elusive. Prime Minister Raila Odinga recently blamed the shortage on poor harvests and high food prices in the international market. In a different twist Agriculture minister has said the shortage is artificial and blamed millers whom he has accused of refusing to buy maize directly from farmers. Even as the Government and millers differ over who was to blame for the shortage, a consumer organisation has called for the introduction of price controls to ensure that the flour, which is used to make the staple ugali meal, remains affordable to the poor. Praying for an end to drug war Thousands of Buddhists, Roman Catholics, Christian Evangelicals, Hare Krishnas and Jews joined in Tijuana to pray for an end to Mexico's drug war, which has killed some 4,500 people this year. Mexico is facing spiraling drug violence, especially along its border with the United States, and cities such as Tijuana are seeing horrendous levels of crime, with bodies set on fire, cut up and dumped in acid and strung over highways. Beheadings, kidnappings and daylight shootings have become a daily occurrence as vicious drug cartels fight over smuggling routes into the United States. We are Catholics, Evangelicals, Buddhists, Hare Krishnas and Jews who are tired of the violence, with God as our only hope. *******www.instablogs****/
11 Dec 2008
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31 Mar 2009
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Mexican border drug violence breaks out. Live report where Boom Brothers are called in.
30 Apr 2009
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