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Lors d'un concert à Cracovie, en Pologne, nous jouions ce morceaux lorsqu'on est venu nous annoncer la mort du pape ! Il est donc mort durant ce morceaux, et, si l'on prête attention aux paroles, il est difficile de ne pas se dire : c'est cette chanson qui a tué le pape !!!
5 Mar 2007
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OPENS SUMMER 2008 Cirque du Soleil and Luxor today announced a new show featuring Criss Angel, directed by Cirque du Soleil, set to open Summer 2008 at Luxor Resort and Casino. Always on the lookout for the next artistic challenge, Cirque du Soleil is working with Criss to fuse his revolutionary illusions and mind-blowing artistry with acrobatics, dance, puppetry, music and poetry to tell a story, taking audiences on a bizarre and fascinating journey. Reinventing the traditional magic show has been a long standing desire of Guy Laliberte, Guide and Founder of Cirque du Soleil. Five years of extensive research and development were spent exploring the world of magic and how to redefine the experience. The crucial element, a young, edgy and talented artist and mystifier, was found in Criss Angel. With his incredibly unique creativity, Criss is now working with the experienced team of Cirque du Soleil creators led by Director Serge Denoncourt to bring this dream to life. Since he was six years old, Criss Angel has immersed himself in a multitude of art forms, from performance artist to mystifier and provocateur. Since then, a relentless work ethic combined with talent, skill and vision has made Criss one of the most provocative artists of our day. From creator, producer and performer in his television series, specials and live shows, Criss has redefined the term artist for the 21st Century. Ive spent 15 years creating and evolving a concept that the world of entertainment has never seen, said Criss Angel. Now, I'm thrilled to be working with Cirque du Soleil and Felix Rappaport and his amazing team here at the Luxor to create an experience that goes beyond even my wildest expectations. I am confident that this collaboration will culminate in what is destined to become one of the most exciting shows Las Vegas has ever seen and redefine magic in the same way Cirque du Soleil has redefined the circus. Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, said, This production represents a new, distinctive type of creation for Cirque du Soleil. We believe there is a market for an unconventional magic show with production values audiences have come to expect from Cirque du Soleil. Gilles Ste Croix, Senior Vice President of Creative Content at Cirque du Soleil said Cirque du Soleil has always worked with an acrobatic foundation for each of our shows; with The Beatles LOVE we were privileged enough to have The Beatles music as our center; with this project magic will be at the core. We are excited to combine our years of research and creative expertise in the areas of staging, lighting, sound design, projections, costume and make p design with Criss Angels one of a kind experience as a creator and performer of illusion, special effects and magic. Felix Rappaport, President and COO of Luxor Resort and Casino, said, This partnership represents a new era for Luxor. Cirque du Soleil and Criss Angel will bring a distinctive element to the property. We are thrilled Luxor is the place their creativity will come together. Cirque du Soleil is world renowned for its distinct brand of theatrical entertainment. Since its founding in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has thrilled over 50 million spectators in more than 130 cities on five continents. In Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil has a privileged partnership with MGM MIRAGE to create and present unique and innovative productions. The production at Luxor will be the sixth Cirque du Soleil show at an MGM MIRAGE property, joining Mystee, O, ZUMANITY, KAand The Beatles LOVE. For more information, visit the Cirque du Soleil website at www.cirquedusoleil****. Criss Angel is one of the most remarkable talents of our time and his fan base continues to grow. He had the highest advance tickets sales during his fourteen month 600 performance off broadway run of Criss Angel MINDFREAK which he created, produced, directed and starred in. Criss Angel MINDFREAK the television show is currently on schedule to film its 70th episode in its unprecedented third season shot exclusively at The Luxor Hotel and Casino. Prominent publishing house, Harper Collins will be releasing Criss highly anticipated first book, Criss Angel MINDFREAK: Secret Revelations in April 2007. Criss has been named 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 Magician of the Year, making him the first five time and back to back recipient ever to be awarded these most prestigious accolades. Criss was also unanimously selected as the recipient of the 22nd Louie Award for outstanding achievement in the art of magic. Recently, Criss has added acting to his long and distinguished resume, guest starring in an episode of the critically acclaimed CSI:NY. More information on Criss can be found at www.crissangel****. Providing a striking visual on the Las Vegas Strip, the 30 story Luxor Resort & Casino is an architectural wonder boasting the world's largest atrium, measuring 29 million cubic feet. This 4,408 room resort features a wide variety of entertainment, award winning restaurants and state-of-the-art gaming. Luxor offers the provocative adult revue, FANTASY, and the hilarious comedy of Carrot Top. The property also includes 20,000 square feet of convention space, a spa and wedding chapel and is connected to Mandalay Bay through Mandalay Place a collection of 41 unique boutiques and restaurants. Luxor is a wholly owned subsidiary of MGM MIRAGE. For more information and reservations, visit the web site at www.luxor****, or call toll free at (800) 288-1000.
26 Mar 2007
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Pre-release trailer for the first album of the argentine band Menu du Jour. Trailer pre-lanzamiento del primer disco de la banda argentina Menu du Jour.
28 Mar 2007
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Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon, Olivia Harrison and Guy Laliberte in dedication to John Lennon and George Harrison Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon, Olivia Harrison and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte took part in a special dedication ceremony today in honor of John Lennon and George Harrison. Two plaques designed by Cirque du Soleil creators were unveiled in the LOVE Theatre Lobby at The Mirage in Las Vegas to celebrate the two former Beatles and their contributions to the production, LOVE. Paul McCartney said, It is great to be unveiling this because the guys are not here and the show has been such a great success. They were magnificent men and it is an honor to unveil this plaque to them. Ringo Starr said, George was a great musician, he was a dear friend. I love him and miss him. God bless him and I am sure wherever he is, he is smiling right now.
29 Jun 2007
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Yo tenía una perrita pequeña, York Shire, se llama Peke, pero ya no está. Para seguir recordándola como siempre he hecho este vídeo, con música de Rammstein, y la traducción es la siguiente: Ich liebe dich Te quiero Ich liebe dich nicht No te quiero Ich liebe dich nicht mehr Ya no te quiero más Ich liebe dich nicht mehr oder weniger als du No te quiero más o menos que tú Als du mich geliebt hast Si me has amado Als du mich noch geliebt hast Si aún tú me has querido Die schönen Mädchen sind nicht schön Las muchachas bonitas no son hermosas Die warmen Hände sind so kalt La manos calientes son tan frías Alle Uhren bleiben stehen Todos los relojes están parados Lachen ist nicht mehr gesund und bald Reír nunca más será saludable y espontáneo Such ich dich hinter dem Licht Te busco detrás de la luz Wo bist du ¿Dónde estás? So allein will ich nicht sein No quiero estar tan solo Wo bist du ¿Dónde estás? Die schönen Mädchen sind nicht schön Las muchachas bonitas no son hermosas Die warmen Hände sind so kalt La manos calientes son tan frías Alle Uhren bleiben stehen Todos los relojes están parados Lachen ist nicht mehr gesund, und bald Reír nunca más será saludable y espontáneo Ich suche dich hinter dem Licht Te busco detrás de la luz Wo bist du ¿Dónde estás? So allein will ich nicht sein No quiero estar tan solo Wo bist du¿Dónde estás? Ich such dich unter jedem Stein Te busco debajo de cada piedra Wo bist du ¿Dónde estás? Ich schlaf mit einem Messer ein Me adormezco con un cuchillo Wo bist du ¿Dónde estás?
12 Jul 2007
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Parodie de "Mange du Kebab" - Achète un Mac
18 Aug 2007
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Tous les jours et dans toute la France, du 15 au 21 octobre 2007,des débats, des rencontres, des visites de sites industriels, avec le grand public,les étudiants,les associations de patients,des professionnels de santé. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
18 Sep 2007
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Cirque du Freak by Cocorico ad Aquafan di Riccione by RICCIONE TV
24 Sep 2007
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Je ne suis pas une star au Divan du Monde; + de vidéos sur; entrez dans son univers.
24 Oct 2007
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The best show of Cirque du Soleil. Live in Sydney DVD. *******www.urbancollective**** Music: Francesca Gagnon - Alegria Lyrics: Alegria Come un lampo di vita Come un pazzo gridar Alegria Del delittuoso grido Bella ruggente pena Seren Come la rabbia di amar Alegria Come un assalto di gioia Alegria I see a spark of life shining Alegria I hear a young minstrel sing Alegria Beautiful roaring scream Of joy and sorrow, So extreme There is a love in me raging Alegria A joyous, magical feeling Alegria Como la luz de la vida Alegria Como un payaso que grita Alegria Del estupendo grito De la tristeza loca Serena Como la rabia de amar Alegria Como un asalto de felicidad
2 Nov 2007
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Music: Cirque du Soleil - Pokoi(Sasha Remix) PUSHING THE LIMIT OF ARENA PERFORMANCE Created and directed by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, DELIRIUM is a multifaceted event of unprecedented proportion featuring Cirque du Soleil music remixed. Driven by an urban tribal beat and awe-inspiring visuals, musicians, singers and dancers transform the arena into joyous frenzy. DELIRIUM is the quest for balance in a world that is increasingly out of sync with reality. It pushes the limit of arena performance through technical magnitude, human introspection and creative prowess. DELIRIUM is an urban tale, a state-of-the-art mix of music, dance, theatre, and multimedia. Pumped by this re-energized Cirque du Soleil rhythm, DELIRIUM transports audiences into a universe of delirious sensory folly. TURNING MUSIC INTO MOTION For the first time in Cirque du Soleil history lyrics have been created for the instrumental tracks and real words integrated in place of invented language, bringing to the music a fresh poetic dimension. And also, for the first time Cirque du Soleil puts musicians and singers center-stage with their music as the driving force of this gigantic event. In all, 20 of Cirque du Soleil's most memorable musical moments – originally created by René Dupéré, Benoît Jutras and Violaine Corradi – have been re-mixed by Quebec producer, composer and arranger Francis Collard. The result is a hyper-energizing urban tribal beat that explodes with electronic sounds, percussions and world rhythms. THE STAGE AND PROJECTIONS This unique, large-scale event may be the most massive technical production ever created to tour arenas. 540 feet of projections dominate the scene - the equivalent in width of almost four IMAX screens - setting the stage for a colossal multimedia presentation. Images projected range from prerecorded visuals to manipulated live feeds that create interactions between the show and the audience. THE ARTISTS DELIRIUM showcases 36 talented and multidisciplinary artists which include 6 musicians, 6 singers, 12 dancers, 9 acrobats and 3 main characters. To heighten the musical experience, DELIRIUM is infused with acrobatic dances as well as classic Cirque du Soleil feats including aerial, acrosport and hand balancing acts. Amongst the featured musicians are percussionist brothers El Hadji Fall Diouf and Pape Abdou Karim Diouf of Senegal; keyboardist and band leader Ric'key Pageot; Italian-born percussionist Raffaele Artiglieri; Brazilian Italo-Cuban singer Dessy Di Lauro; Amanda Stott; Chad Oliver and Jennifer Hamady.
2 Nov 2007
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ESS 1-0 PACHUCA Mondial club 2007 Japon 1/4 coupe du monde des clubs
9 Dec 2007
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