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The Dug Out
23 Mar 2007
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Spencer of the Crew interviews the legendary Dig Dug, slayer of subterranean horrors.
11 Jul 2007
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How to use DUG to short oil
29 Apr 2008
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In his last day in the beautifully Mexican city of Guadalajara, Alamo makes some new friends at outstanding Mexican eatery "La Tequila" where he thinks the inverse ETFs are plotting their return. Revenge of the Inverses! SRS - ProShares UltraShort Real Estate (ETF) (NYSE) SKF‎ - ProShares UltraShort Financials (ETF) (NYSE) DUG‎ - ProShares UltraShort Oil & Gas (ETF) (NYSE) TWM‎ - ProShares UltraShort Russell2000 (ETF) (NYSE) **Disclaimer: No positions in stocks mentioned as of this video (7.12.09)** **Charts courtesy of Worden****'s Chart Services (******* TCnet and FreeStockCharts******
13 Jul 2009
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Un altro POD dal nuovo capolavoro Disney Pixar "UP" in Disney Digital 3D. Conosciamo insieme un nuovo personaggio: DUG, il cane parlante! Non potrai non affezionarti a lui! "UP" dal 15 ottobre al cinema, anche in 3D!
12 Sep 2009
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17 May 2011
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15 Apr 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DIG DUG for Nintendo Game Boy released in 1992 (based on the 1982 arcade machine). Dig Dug for Gameboy has two versions of Dig Dug, the arcade original and "New Dig Dug" which features new maps, new challenges, keys and barriers that direct Dig Dug's flow around the map. This CGR video review of Dig Dug for Nintendo Gameboy has gameplay from Dig Dug on Game Boy featuring the arcade original Dig Dug videogame and New Dig Dug on the Game Boy cartridge. Played in this review using Game Boy Advance SP.
14 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DIG DUG arcade machine from Atari and Namco released in 1982. This CGR video review of Dig Dug from the arcades shows gameplay of the classic video game Dig Dug in it's awesome arcade cabinet with Dig Dug, Fygars and Pookas!
21 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DIG DUG 2 for Nintendo Entertainment System NES, Dig Dug 2 Trouble in Paradise is the lesser known sequel to the amazing arcade hit, Dig Dug! From Namco comes another arcade gem where you control Dig Dug in his quest to rid the world of Pookas and Fygars while racking up mad points. But wait, he's on an island!? This game differs from the original drastically but the more time you spend with it the similarities become clear. Dig Dug 2 is quite good, even if there isn't much digging. It could have been called "Fault Agitator" Dug because what you're doing is causing mini-earthquakes that collapse part of an island and drown enemies. You can also blow them up with Dig Dug's trademark bike pump. This CGR review of Dig Dug 2 for NES has gameplay from the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Dig Dug II showing game play in HD.
31 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DIG DUG for Playstation 3 PS3, part of the Namco Museum Essentials collection downloadable from the Playstation Network for PS3. This version of Dig Dug looks sharp, sounds good and plays like Dig Dug should play. There's no messing with the classic, this is Dig Dug presented in its true arcade form. Solid gameplay as you dig through the levels and drop boulders on enemis like Fygars. Namco Museum Essentials comes with six games: Dig Dug, Xevious, Pac Man, Galaga, Dragon Spirit and Xevious Resurrection. Dig Dug has unlockable prizes for Playstation Home and trophies for PS3. This CGR review of Namco's 1982 classic re-release Dig Dug on Playstation 3 has Dig Dug gameplay from PS3 in HD showing classic, retro, arcade style coin-op Dig Dug video game play in action. You can unlock the Dig Dug arcade cabinet for Playstation Home with the Dig Dug trial version (which is free).
31 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews DIG DUG for Atari 5200. This 1982 Namco classic has a fine converstion for the Atari 5200 video game console and plays very well. It is extremely similar to the Atari 7800 game cartridge in fact. This CGRHD review of Dig Dug for Atari 5200 has gameplay footage from Dig Dug being played on Atari 5200. See our hero dig and dug while pumping enemies full of air and exploding them underground. Dig Dug should see a remake in 3D with first person shooter style and flamethrowers. Namco? Yes, we're asking for it. Dig Dug Assault 3D Megaslayer. Classic Game Room HD loves Dig Dug and other 1980's coin-op classics. While the Atari 5200 has its share of disasters, Dig Dug is not one of them. This is a really nice video game that should belong in your colection of old school 5200 games. I'd still prefer the classic Dig Dug arcade machine though...
8 Aug 2012
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