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Rule No. 1- Before helping out someone, make sure you are secured yourself. Disclaimer: Trashcans aren't the most stable objects to stand on.
21 Sep 2019
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Get more people to put trash in the dustbin, by making it a fun experience!
29 Jan 2010
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Humans may go around making public places dirty but this obedient dog isn't the same. He cleverly takes the trash and places it inside the dustbin.
9 Jun 2017
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The rain makes the dustbins outside of my house alive. As soon as they get life they start racing. If you don’t believe me, watch them here.
17 Nov 2017
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You won’t understand judging by his reaction but this dog has been very naughty. The dustbin hat caught on its head proves it.
25 Jan 2018
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There are two automatic dustbins who love to share their thoughts with each other. They literally could talk through the whole day without any problem.
20 Apr 2018
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The streets are full of flood water current which these two dustbins could not resist and went along. Almost like a couple in love can’t stay away from each other.
8 Jun 2018
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I don’t know what enmity the dustbin has established with the man it seems very strong. Though the man dragged it hard ultimately he fell.
21 Jun 2018
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Who said robots don’t have any feelings or they can’t think, we humans are not just a good listener. Here are two robot dustbins who opened up to each other.
12 Jul 2018
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Small Initiative from AAYU AND PIHU SHOW on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - Clean India Initiative. Please use green and blue dustbins and segregate waste, to make India more beautiful. This is small message which we want to spread in our own way. Don't miss the dustbin song. Then you can proudly say I AM CLEAN INDIA !!! ========================= Aayu and Pihu Show New Hindi Kids show, new videos every week on Kids cooking, Games, Good Habits, Moral Stories. Your kids will learn, play games, sing songs, cook and dance with us. Parent friendly channel all videos are safe for kids. Happy family show. If you like our videos please share. ========================== Follow us on YouTube: Aayu and Pihu Show Facebook: aayuandpihushow Twitter: aayuandpihushow Instagram: aayuandpihushow Small story for kids in hindi indian kids comedy Suggestions are most welcome :) Thanks for watching.
15 Aug 2018
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This cat has found a new toy which we human would reconsider saying a toy. It is a dustbin and it is having the best fun with it.
17 Aug 2018
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Nothing extra, only garbage.
20 Jun 2007
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20 Jan 2009
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Lost befasst sich mit einem der größten Fernseherfolge hat eine TV-Serie mit dem übersetzten Titel Verloren im deutschen Fernsehen zu verbuchen. Wir haben uns dazu einmal ein paar Gedanken gemacht und haben versucht, sie umzusetzen. Eines Tages im Zug philosophiert man gern über rote Kleidung, Familienwirtschaft und darüber, woher eigentlich das Kamerateam kommt. *******www.vareside****/
18 Aug 2009
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