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A collection of magical items for your viewing pleasure. Many items are currently available through my eBay Store: craftmagic2012
The title say it all ''Most World Easy Magic Trick Revealed'' AMAZINGLY EASY !!!!!
26 Dec 2007
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Easy Magic Trick You Can Do for newbie
26 Nov 2009
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Easy magic tricks for kids or adults. By easy -- we mean easy. Learn over 30 easy magic tricks in less than five minutes each. These simple magic tricks can be used by kids at parties or simply to get a start in learning tricks. Adults can use them to entertain at parties or socials. One thing great about these tricks is that all tricks use common objects easily found at home (or on the dinner table) so nothing needs to be purchased. We guarantee that within a few minutes of reading you'll be able to do quite a number of fun tricks. Just check it out for yourself at: *******HowToBetheLifeoftheParty****/MagicTricks  *******HowToBetheLifeoftheParty****  *******LomistPublishing****
5 Jun 2013
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In this video I will show you how to do 4 fun and amazing magic tricks!
19 Jun 2007
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In the first video i showed you the trick performed. Now YOU can perform it yourself. If you like the trick, tell me in the commentbox below :)
6 May 2008
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28 Sep 2009
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view all collection *******www.flixya****/user/exleplay
31 Oct 2010
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A packet comprising a nest of papers is shown to be empty, before being folded into a bundle. However, on unfolding the papers, a lovely surprise is discovered.
12 Jun 2017
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A coin is marked for future recognition, and placed under a cover. The magician reaches under a hankerchief and withdraws a red Chinese pill-box. Inside this pill-box is another, and another, and another. When the last pill-box is opened, the marked coin is found inside. The coin is, of course, missing from under the cover where it was originally placed.
12 Jun 2017
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The audience freely choose 3 suits from the 4 available in a pack of cards. From the 4 cards in the magician's hat, the three chosen suits are removed. The one remaining card is then shown to be BLANK!
20 Jun 2017
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A miniature traffic light displays the three colours of a regular traffic light - red, amber and green. At the magician's command, the lights change colour a number of times before it finally reverts to its original state. A clever updated version of a standard effect.
20 Jun 2017
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A plain toy kite first changes colour, and then weirdly grows a tail.
20 Jun 2017
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