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Looks like there will be a lot of pranks like these coming in future where people will just eat there phones.
17 Aug 2019
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making an eatable yummy strow
12 Nov 2008
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exclusive decoration for dinner.
18 Dec 2006
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Candy made by master craftsman from China. It's art you can eat because it tastes delicious.
29 Aug 2012
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Making food in lunch have some flowers added in the diet that will make your supper a little bit more yummy and nutritious too...
17 Aug 2019
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The experiment of the drunk-egg is really simple to reproduce at home and the result is... an eatable food.
12 Nov 2008
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This is a video of walking into the woods and only using the contents of a small survival kit. A kit so small it actually fits into a matchbox. The goal was create a shelter for warm climate and start a fire in under an hour. Actually time it took? 50mins. But RELAX the video is only 15 minutes long. Skills shown include: * Construction of a lean to shelter * Fire starting using a flint stick * Eatable Plant (Root Bear) As you can tell from watching the video, some of the contents did not work so well. For Example: * The electrical tape was way to short to do clashing with, and was too week ( it broke twice), while not for lashing, I still fill like it has other more common day uses * The Matches were horrible!, never buy cheep matches, the heads kept breaking off of the sticks, it is possible this was because of long term storage, but I dought it. Luckily there was a flint stick on the bottom of the matchbox. However after striking it for 5 mins, (and getting the fire started) it totally wore it out, I was actuality cutting into the plastic at the end. While I have been experimenting with survival kits of different size and content for over 15 years, it all narrows down to the fact of this "Man, I sure could use _ _ _ _ _ now, but only if I had my kit on me", that is why I recommend a small kit to be used as your "daily" kit. I would have to say that this is more geared towards Men, as most women carry a "kit" with them everyday (pocketbook) although it may not be full of survival items.
12 Sep 2008
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belly babies are the most likely babies in the world.These bellies are formed by the eatables which are carries on towards fat content.It is extremely hard to have bellies formed to babies but nowadays most parents like their babies to have bellies.In the present trend these are common terms of healthy babies.It is beauty to have those once in the process.The belly babies are likely to have the present calories to be added in its ingredients.Belly babies are simply cute. *******www.belly-baby-dvd****
30 Aug 2009
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Insects(type of bees?) on sweet, lovely and harmless eatable items, a hotel at Bharatkoop, Chitrakoot Dham!
1 Dec 2009
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*******AnimalControl-OrangeCounty**** Animal Control Los Angeles Animal Control Los Angeles *******AnimalControl-OrangeCounty**** (866) 981-5615 Picking up garbage, which was spread out over the lawn by curious racoons and feral cats in their quest for eatables, is not everyone's idea of how to spend quality time off. And, although, many find it relaxing and enjoyable to sip a cool drink on a sunny Sunday afternoon while washing the new car, the task is made less enjoyable after bird flocks have discovered within the branches of your favorite shade tree a convenient perch from which to target your vehicle with unguided muck. The deposits are not only unsightly and corrosive, but the fecal matter may be a hazard to health as well. Millions of home owners assume huge financial burdens while engaging in self-help experimental pest relocation or eradication; few are completely successful without consultation with professionals. From termites and ants, to pigeons, seagulls, rodents, and predators, all uncontrolled animal populations will eventually cause damage and increase frustration. If left unchecked they will undoubtedly lighten the home or business owner's wallet of hard-earned disposal income. A cautionary note: A home or business owner must not only have the time and ambition to try and treat the problem to good effect, but a good measure of education must accompany the endeavor as well. Knowing the habits of the offending species, as well as the dangers in approaching them, will go a long way towards helping the pest victim battle the trespasser. And, what's more, a knowledge of federal, state, and local law is required to ensure ones animal control measures fall within the bounds of increasingly more difficult to decipher jurisprudence. In other words, traps and sprays which may have been legal yesterday may not be legal today. It just makes good sense, at the very least, to consult a professional animal control specialist licensed in your area. AnimalControl-OrangeCounty**** should be your next internet stop if you seek help in controlling animals in any of the following Los Angeles Zip code areas: 90620, 90740, 92604, 92617, 92632, 92648, 92674, 92725, 92843, and 92899. Or, please, call now, to speak with an animal control specialist at the following phone number; (866) 981-5615. An experienced Los angeles animal control specialist is waiting to help you.
14 Jan 2010
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Unique cake toppers -- its exclusive and unforgettable present for any occasion. Toppers on wedding or birthday cakes, valentine day... itc. I can incarnate your fantasy, by making topper as you wish: Exec copy, or funny caricature, sophisticated, traditional to outrageous figures. Custom Designed wedding toppers can reflect you, your hobby, your pets, or any specific place and occasion of your life. These cake toppers are works of art that are a lasting reminder of your very special moments. All I need is 3-5 photos of you or person/object as example for topper. All unique figures/ toppers made from Polymer clay-Super Sculpey (not eatable!!) so it gives your topper long "life" time. Usually topper size is 15-20 cm. (size can be changed by request). Each figurine is hand sculpted with great attention to detail from photos provided by the customer and can be customized for a topper that is truly one of a kind. Toppers will be made exec as you wish, so any additional info/ideas are welcome. ***********/
29 May 2011
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The original kitchen cupboards dates back to the 15th Century called Borde. With keyed locks, the original kitchen cupboards were designed with limited access to servants with the most trusted in possession of the key, referred to as the key maid. Originally designed as a large enclosure with no shelving, kitchen cupboards of yesteryears were primarily used to store large kitchen artifacts, stockpiling large amounts of grains and wheat of which were used in the production of various eatable foods for meals. In older homes at the turn of the Century, kitchen cupboards with glass doors, predominately and proudly displayed family heirlooms of for all to view with unlimited potential and boundaries.
26 Aug 2011
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Most of the women are extremely possessive, when the topic is about maintaining hygienic and cleanliness in the homes. Weather, it might be the row of books or order of eatables, irregular arrangement of any stuff, makes them to test their patience in peaks. Whereas, speaking about the sorting of the appliances and other stuff in the home will make a meaningful home. And, speaking about the working standards of today’s generation home appliances is on peaks. In terms of delivering sophisticated techie stuff, If you are the user of fridge and if, you are feeling like something strange is happening with your refrigerator? Don’t worry, we are the top notch, Fridge Service Repair Center Hyderabad Secunderabad.
10 Feb 2017
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With rise in health awareness among the public, the demand for gluten free eatables, hypoallergenic cleaning products and organic food is on the rise.
19 Jul 2018
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Dentistry Redefined is a one of the reputed dental clinic in Delhi where you can get best consultation for your dental problems. Dentists advices you the healthy food like green vegetables, milk, lemon, egg and other healthy eatables for healthy teeth. You can call at 9999201572 to fix an appointment with Dr. Nikhil Sinha
1 Sep 2018
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Come and Join Us We #PetPals are launching our partners and services, where you can find any pet related service you are looking for, be it boarding, grooming, tasty and healthy pet food, reach out to us in order to get the best for your pet. It does not end here, we have exciting games for you and your doggie's. We have lip smacking food not only for your little doggie's, but we also have some interesting eatables for our #petparents as well. We are also introducing a Box Full Of Surprises for your loving doggie, the first 50 who walk in are going to get this free of cost. Join us with your doggie in this fun filled event to experience the best your dog can get. #petlovers #doglovers
26 Sep 2018
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