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Our team focus on delivering the best solution to help merchants grow in the competitive E-Commerce industry. Thanks to our years of experience in E-Commerce, we are able to deliver a beautiful and reliable website for your E-Commerce needs.
Second video in the ECommerce Rocks series presented by Gareth Davies of GSINC
2 Feb 2007
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Gareth Davies interviews Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim. They talk about the keyword research process, Yahoo and Overture and the new keyword tools available to users. Part 3 of the Ecommerce Rocks series of video tutorials about search engine marketing and Ecommerce web design by GSINC Ltd.
25 Feb 2007
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*******www.salemglobal****/ecommerce.php, *******www.salemglobal****/cyber-monday.php SalemGlobal Internet Website Marketing is the leader in national and local new york ecommerce marketing and consulting. We have been online since 1997 and created our first store in 1998. For years many people didn't trust selling products online because they were afraid that it wasn't secure, their credit card would be stolen and frankly speaking they would not get their products and gifts that they ordered. But along the way of the Internet someone came along and declared that 'commerce' is king and not necessarily 'content.' In the year 2007, we here at SalemGlobal recognize that it is actually the marriage of content together with commerce that makes selling and buying online so successful. Traditionally speaking, in the world of commerce, Thanksgiving marked the day that people started counting down to Christmas. And since Christmas was, has been, and always will be the day and time of year that people are in the mode of 'it is better to give than to receive,' shopping started at an all time high vs. the rest of the year. Markets, shops and stores started recognizing this fact and also started their specials and sales at this time to lure buyers into their doors. Today in the year 2007, sales are now starting at 5am, 4am even 12 midnight on what is now know as 'black' Friday. Now a new phenomena has started. More people than ever are now buying online. Not over the weekend when they are traveling and spending quality time with their families, but on the Monday when people come back to work and their employer's computers. Why brave the malls and elbow your way to the cashier when you can order from the comfort of your cubicle or desk or office using your laptop or desktop computer. And why fight with others on your own time when you can do it on your bosses time. Cyber Monday has finally arrived when online ordering and shopping has peaked. Cyber Monday gives the online buyer enough time to not only get the gifts they want for the holidays, but also enough time to return if they don't like it or if its broken and switch for something else. Happy holidays whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa everyone! From Raphi Salem, SalemGlobal Internet Website Marketing.`
27 Nov 2007
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Interview on ecommerce software innovation, technology selection, and RFPs with Bernadine Wu, CEO, FitforCommerce from the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2008 in Chicago. See all the interviews at *******www.GetElastic****
15 Jun 2008
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Interview on rich interfaces using Ajax and flex with Graeme Grant, COO of Allurent from the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2008 in Chicago. See all the ecommerce interviews at *******www.GetElastic****
15 Jun 2008
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******* What is Ecommerce? It is the fulfillment of every internet marketer’s dream. Ecommerce makes it possible for buyers and sellers to interact with each other, sell and buy products and promote their products. An important factor that ecommerce software should possess whether it’s a shopping cart or others is to manage products in a way where merchant will not have a hard time figuring out how to make it work. Managing Products are important for it is your products that you are selling. It is your goldmine and will surely be your source of income when you do it right. With your shopping cart software managing your products in a good way, you’ll probably have the edge to all the shopping carts and your online business will definitely be a blast. Our Online Shopping Cart Solution makes it easy for you to manage your products. You can search, edit, manage, test, delete and export your products in no time. It keeps you very organize. So, what are you waiting for? Visit ******* and grab one now.
23 Jul 2008
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******* Ecommerce Software automates business as easy as a breeze. If this will continue, how will the future looks like? How do you foresee the future? You’ll probably thinking, robots, flying cars and more computers. In the eyes of a marketer, future is probably foreseen as shopping cart software being use by all business people. And what is e-commerce booming its importance to the world. With ecommerce hosting solution all around, shopping will never be the same in the future for sure. Visit ******* for more info.
1 Sep 2008
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******* Ecommerce web site hosting are made for those people who cant get their online business going. It’s also for people who want to start online business. Ecommerce Software is getting more and more popular today. Everybody goes to an shop online because it makes shopping a lot easier. With online shopping cart solution or shopping cart software, everything goes out pretty simple. You name it and the product is before you. This is the magic of online shopping if you have the right ecommerce hosting solution with you. Visit ******* for more info.
29 Aug 2008
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******* Try to have an ecommerce hosting solution with shopping cart software. When you get the right chemistry of this two, you are definitely on your way to success for your online internet business. With ecommerce software that can automate your business like crazy, you’ll probably be making huge money online. So, if you really want your business to be ahead of your competitors, launch it online. The possibility of people checking it online is much higher than the possibility of people checking it in newspapers or ads. Visit ******* for more info.
31 Aug 2008
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******* Ecommerce Hosting Solution will make your online internet business a blast, so get one now!! The advancement of the technology improvement and advent of the computer have changed the way the online marketing services grew. The traditional high end infrastructure business and way of internet marketing services and products have undergone big changes. In order to cope up with these changes, you really need to get an ecommerce software with an e-commerce web site hosting, This will surely pave way to your success. In the end, you will realize, what is e-commerce and its importance. Visit ******* for more info
28 Aug 2008
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Ecommerce search engine optimization and SEO tips for your software, cms or Netsuite platform. To more details visit *******www.alexdesigns**** or *******www****suitewebsitedesign****/2007/07/netsuite-seo-tips-for-item-template.html
10 Sep 2008
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eCommerce Tracking from *******www.RingJohn**** will allow you to track website activity on your eCommerce website and make informed decisions about your business website. RingJohn are a full service marketing agency established in 2001.
7 Oct 2008
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