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A video my group made as a part of a project. Viral video for the marketing economist education at tietgenskolen. Please leave a comment. What do you think? it's version 1, so some mistakes can be made.
19 Apr 2008
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For more, read Politico: *******www.politico**** Barack Obama takes the Guacuses, Obama wants to give the Teamsters a break, and Hillary Clinton doesn’t put her lot in with economists.
6 May 2008
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******* The Economist, which has been quickly expanding online, is creating original online video with a weekly series entitled "Tea with the Economist." In Washington last week, I spoke with Brendan Greeley, the publication's multimedia editor. He is based in the Washington bureau, where he supervises the series and other programs. Andy Plesser, Executive Editor
22 Oct 2009
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*******thomascrampton**** Matthew Bishop of The Economist shares his expectations for annual meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
27 Jan 2010
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The free market of legal bribery meets with the moral approval of the magazine the 'Economist'. From Freedomain Radio -- Http://www.freedomainradio****
5 Mar 2010
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The Economist is back with a new campaign in India which invites its readers to 'interpret' the communication they see.
12 May 2010
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This is a video of an online event with Alison Goddard, Education Correspondent for The Economist, on Thursday 8 September. The audience is made up of ESL students from around the world and teachers. The video was taken in real time in English City our virtual world for learning English. Alison reports on schools and universities in Britain and worldwide. She is particularly interested in how different education systems function, and the role of education in economic growth and social mobility. Alison has worked for other high profile publications including The Times Higher Education Supplement and for New Scientist as a freelance journalist. She has a degree in physics and another in politics, philosophy and history, and a masters degree in science communication. Mike Solly, ELT expert and teacher at Languagelab, spoke to Alison on a range of topical issues and about her role at The Economist. Topics included her thoughts on the links between education, economic growth and social mobility, the current reputation of print journalists following the News of the World phone hacking scandal, and her opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of British education.
1 Nov 2011
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Charles Goddard, Editorial Director for the Economist - World Oceans Summit, Capella Singapore. As part of MEDIAmobz's ongoing commitment to our oceans and issues revolving around sustainability and amplifying those stories through digital storytelling, we were pleased to be designated Multi-Media Sponsor of The Economist's first annual World Oceans Summit. www.mediamobz****
25 Feb 2012
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Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Society at The Economist's World Oceans Summit, Capella Singapore. www.mediamobz****
25 Feb 2012
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Bharat Book Bureau is the official channel partner for  The Economist Magazines. Our Newspaper and Magazines gives you access to wide range of global news and information. We have the best of the lot of offer you.
20 Jul 2018
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More at tax would be offset with breaks on income tax
14 Oct 2008
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23 Apr 2009
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Don't feel bad dude. Most of us feel the exact same way about this screwed up economy. Thank to : Charlie Schmidt's "Keyboard Cat"!
15 Dec 2010
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