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Joanna Shakti is a soul love mentor who runs Ecstatic Intimacy. She aims to create relationships for singles and keep the fire burning for couples.
for further information visit the link below: *******www.createyourhealth****/wordpress/ecstatic-embrace Steve Maher Steve discovered this most human phenomenon from a simple vision while meditating 10 years ago. He discovered that when two human beings hold one another for a prolonged period of time, a sense of ever-deepening comfort washes over them, obviously referencing the physicalized bond between infants and their mothers during the early months after birth. From that state of safety, participants go on an experiential journey.(what Steve refers to as a “magic carpet ride”). Withheld feelings related to daily stress, loss, trauma, unexpressed love etc. surface naturally and show themselves in their fullness.
3 Sep 2009
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Steve takes me on a hugging journey...that was a tough one. Check it out.
16 Aug 2009
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The 2000 festival favorite pits Christopher Walken (Quinton Flynn) against a hapless putz and his groovy girlfriend -- talk about dancing with the stars! Called, 'Hilarious...rivals the best of SNL...' by New Times Los Angeles.
11 Jan 2008
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Um... Something tells me this guy may be having an inappropriate relationship with Mother Nature.
8 Jul 2010
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14 Mar 2017
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Creating Sacred Space for Breathwork Leah Rose Duke Breathwork Facilitator holds privet sessions, workshops, events and retreats for Ecstatic Breathwork experiences.
16 Dec 2010
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Dating Someone that Can't Keep their Commitments? Here is how to handle the situation and move towards an honest, successful relationship. For Support Experiencing High Quality, Respectful, Empowered & Ecstatic Love *******sacredlove****/membership/love-spa - For more, Please Subscribe to this Channel.
20 Jul 2012
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See this giant 88th anniversary of the flower parade being performed on the streets and the crowd feeling ecstatic seeing the scene unfold in front of their eyes.
13 Sep 2017
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You get your paycheck and you're ecstatic. A few days later, you discover that you've spent 90% of your cash on random useless articles.
16 Aug 2019
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The legendary cyclist, Peter Sagan signs a book about himself during the Tour De France event. The book's owner, i.e, the fan, is completely ecstatic.
19 Aug 2019
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Our dog Potato going completely insane after once again noticing that we still exist.
30 Sep 2007
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In this excerpt from Entheo:genesis, Awakening the Divine Within, Daniel Pinchbeck and Ralph Metzner discuss myth's formation from the shamanic experience.
28 May 2008
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The flute of interior time is played whether we hear it or not. Kabir to send free ecard with Kabir poem please go to www.sharacard****
3 Nov 2008
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