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Watch Ecuadorian TV Online- How and Why to watch Ecuadorian Television Channels on your computer pc mac laptop Online, straight from Ecuador- *******eoivideo****
12 Feb 2010
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28 Feb 2018
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export Ecuadorian banana all the world
26 Mar 2009
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carolina is one hot ECUADORIAN Model Latina Carolina showing off her hot body in a sexy bikini.
9 Jul 2010
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BY PAUL ROLFE You're watching multisource environment news analysis from Newsy After battling in an international court for 17 years, Chevron has been ordered to pay up. The Ecuadorian court fined the oil company $8.6 billion in damages for pollution created between 1964 and 1990. For a quick review, Euronews catches us up on the history of the struggle. “Ecuador’s indigenous peoples and farmers claim that faulty drilling practices back in the 1970’s and 80’s caused damage to wide areas of jungle. Texaco struck oil in 1967 and operated a pumping program over the next two decades. Chevron then bought the company in 2001 and says it cleaned up all the pits it was responsible for.” The Ecuadorian people say those pits have damaged crops, killed livestock and increased local cancer rates. And Chevron doesn’t deny the area is polluted -- the controversy is over who’s responsible. Chevron tells the BBC -- Ecuador absolved the company of responsibility in 1998. Chevron says PetroEcuador is to blame, the state-run company which took over after they left. For now, the lawyer for the Ecuadorians describes the court ruling as "a triumph of justice over Chevron's crime and economic power". (BBC) Villagers who filed the original lawsuit tell France 24, they are pleased but were hoping for a larger fine. “We are very happy. We’re inspired to continue with the fight. However, yes, we express our disappointment in regards to the figure that the judge has given in his ruling. We believe that the $8 billion that the judge has ruled do not meet our expectations based on tests and facts.” But will the South American plaintiffs ever see the $8.6 billion? A Forbes blogger doubts it, saying the court’s decision is essentially unenforceable. “The judge ... who ordered Chevron to pay the second-largest environmental penalty in history doesn’t have any way to enforce it. Chevron left the country in the early 1990’s and has negligible assets there.” The best hope for collecting on the fine is asking U.S. courts to enforce the ruling. But in the New York Times a George Washington University law professor says that’s unlikely to happen. “It might as well be Monopoly money, given all the respect that Chevron will show it ... There is a legal regime for enforcing foreign judgments but there is a lot of discretion for U.S. judges to suspend the enforcement of foreign judgments.” And the fight will continue as both sides have already said they will appeal. Get Newsy in your Newsfeed, 'Like' Newsy on Facebook Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
19 Feb 2011
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Funny Commercial
15 Oct 2008
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25 Jan 2010
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How this extraordinary singer, Jose Augusto,uses his mouth to reproduce the sound of flute... Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 May 2010
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*******Roses-to-You**** - A quick view of one of the best farms in Ecuador, showing how roses grow, the field, the cold room, then how our boxes are packed, when they are taking to the airpot and finally one of our customers holding one of our boxes.
18 Mar 2011
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Head to Ecuador to concur the Cotopaxi volcano
8 Apr 2013
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Coast Guard Video: The Coast Guard offloaded more than 40,000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $500 million from cutter Sherman here April 23, 2007, seized by the crew in three busts near Central America in February and March. The offload will include approximately 38,000 pounds of cocaine seized in the largest cocaine bust in maritime history. The Ecuadorian-flagged fishing vessel Don Juan K was approached in the Pacific Ocean Feb. 19 off the coast of Mexico while allegedly offloading cocaine into "go-fast" (cigarette-style boat) boats. The fishing vessel's crew apparently set fire to Don Juan K in an attempt to destroy the evidence and flee in the go-fasts. Sherman's crew stopped the go-fasts and recovered about 900 pounds of cocaine as Don Juan K sank. The 14 crew members are being processed for further legal action. The 330-foot Panamanian-flagged motor vessel Gatun was interdicted in the Pacific Ocean Mar. 18 off the coast of Panama while heading north toward the United States. Sherman's crew stopped and boarded the vessel and found 765 bales of cocaine weighing approximately 38,000 pounds in two shipping containers. Gatun was escorted back to Panama and its 14 crew members processed for further legal action. Sherman's crew stopped and boarded a small stateless go-fast in the Pacific Ocean Mar. 25 off the coast of Panama following a short chase, in which, the go-fast attempted to flee at a high rate of speed. Approximately 2000 pounds of cocaine was found aboard the go-fast and its four crew members were processed for further legal action. The Coast Guard works in close coordination with Joint Interagency Task Force South, U.S. Attorney's office, Panama Express South, DEA, FBI, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Customs and Border Protection, as well as the Departments of Justice, State and Homeland Security on counter drug operations in the Pacific Ocean near Central and South America. These drug smuggling routes are some of the most active, yielding roughly 70% of the cocaine seized annually by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has kept about two million pounds of cocaine from reaching America's streets since 1973.
18 Sep 2011
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Visit *******www.yummydvd**** or *******stores.ebay****/Yummy-DVD-Home-Entertainment to purchase. Host Norm Vidal explores the Indian villages and open-air markets of the Andes Mountains. He travels on the roof of a train through the Ecuadorian interior and finds himself looking down the barrel of a combat soldier's machine gun during the middle of a military coup while hitch-hiking the rugged and dangerous Panama highway. Don't Forget Your Passport is your ticket to an adventurous worldwide tour, hosted by a group of energetic and curious world travelers from around the globe. Awesome cinematography provides the backdrop for those spur-of-the-moment, intriguing, crazy yet absolutely real situations that only the most intrepid travellers find themselves in. Living with the cave-dwelling Berber tribes of North Tunisia, hiking through the polar cap villages of Greenland, or being caught in the middle of a street brawl in Guatemala: Don't Forget Your Passportis fearless and fun! Yet it's always good to know that at the end of the day, serenity is just a stone's throw away - in a rainbow-patched waterfall, deep in the steamy jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia. Ahhhh, heaven. Don't Forget Your Passport is a continuing journey into the fascinating cultures and stunning landscapes that make up our ever-changing planet.
3 Jul 2008
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30 Dec 2008
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9 Aug 2008
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ʻJusticia Nowʼ is a documentary about ChevronTexaco's toxic legacy in the Northern Ecuadorian region of the Amazon rainforest - and a courageous group of people called Los Afectados (The Affected Ones) who are seeking justice for the ensuing cancer, sickness and death in the largest environmental class action lawsuit in history.
15 Oct 2008
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In an Ecuadorian mountain ( South America), chickens and hens are prepared in firewood. This food is one of the favorite dishes of the country and one of the most delicious meals.
25 Sep 2009
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