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Demonstration of haircuts and workshops of professional educator Bradley Rehkop of Rehkop Barbershop & Shoeshine.
26 Sep 2007
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We live in a world where technological innovation and global competition are increasing at a pace never before seen. As the 2007 school year boots up, educators and parents are finding that laptops, e-mail and Internet connections are fast becoming the chalkboards and No. 2 pencils of the 21st century. In fact, 44% of students use computers and 77% use the Internet to complete school assignments.
27 Sep 2007
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At the third annual meeting of the CGI, CNN's Anderson Cooper moderates a dramatic discussion on the global education crisis. Watch former UN Special Envoy Steven Lewis and others describe the dire challenges faced by the millions of children denied the most basic knowledge, and explain how poverty, HIV/AIDS, and school fees bar access to classroom.
15 Oct 2007
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Caroline discusses the importance of education and self improvement to being happy. If your not learning, growing and doing things, you won't be happy can be depressed. People feel happier when they continue education or do some type of self improvement.
19 Oct 2007
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Seduce family education beautiful and alluring unique skill
27 Oct 2007
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NCLB Works!, made up of a broad coalition of business, education, community and civil rights groups working in support of efforts to strengthen and reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act, applaud the recipients of the 2007 Dispelling the Myth awards for achieving exceptional success in educating low-income students and students of color to high academic levels. This year's recipients were: P.S./M.S. 124 Osmond A. Church School in Queens, N.Y. Lockhart Junior High School in Lockhart, Tex. North Star Academy Charter School in Newark, N.J. Keith L. Ware Elementary School in Fort Riley, Kan.
14 Nov 2007
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Senator Tom Harkin discusses Education.
8 Jan 2008
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13 Jan 2008
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(1-16-08) Julie teach you long time. New Oriental Education & Tech. Group Inc. (EDU).
16 Jan 2008
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Barbara Lambert CEO Denver Board of Realtors discusses the response from infomation and education provided for realtors in the industry.
28 Jan 2008
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eBeanstalk carries an extensive selection of educational & learning toys for babies, infants & toddlers. We also offer developmental toys & gifts from over 75 manufacturers for keeping up with your child's development.
7 Apr 2009
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eBeanstalk carries an extensive selection of educational & learning toys for babies, infants & toddlers. We also offer developmental toys & gifts from over 75 manufacturers for keeping up with your child's development.
17 Sep 2009
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