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On this edition of the EFF update, we tell you about uStream, You Choose Not Them, Flunked, Radio Free Washington, Port of Seattle and the WEA
6 Jan 2009
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EFF is a local political group from South Africa who are protesting here to the H&M ad featuring a black child wearing a sweatshirt with the inscription, “coolest monkey in the jungle”.
16 Jan 2018
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Interview with Jason Schultz at the Electronic Frontier Foundation on using the DMCA to inhibit internet speech. Landmark Education DMCA usage and a users response to DMCA notices is discussed. Interview attribution: www.cirne**** (permission given) For more information, do an internet search for - Why did Landmark Education leave France?. The French program that examined the Landmark Forum was titled: Voyage au pays des nouveaux gourous.
14 Sep 2007
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Great cover of Take on me
27 Nov 2007
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Meet Jena, she's the apple of my eyesockets. In Jonathan Richman we trust.. (True/False is a bit of a nod to my dear friend and one of the most insane and uniquely funny people on this site: ***********/raegoesdown)
19 Apr 2008
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one of my own favorite compositions to chill out to
25 Apr 2010
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a short song about a cat on a couch
25 Apr 2010
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an original tune for when you're flying around in a small airplane over bavaria
25 Apr 2010
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a drum and bass track
27 Feb 2011
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On today's episode of Film State, we celebrate our 100th episode! Ryan names his 100 favorite films in less than 1 minute, we clean up the movies & you tell us what your favorite film is!
8 May 2012
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tjonguh jonguh, ze blijven me maar pushen, effe kwaad maken dan zijn ze ook weer blij
9 Nov 2009
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EFF EWE- The Movie Rated R-13. (PARENTAL ADVISORY- Must be 18 and must not give a fuck to view this cinematic magic!) A NON APOLOGETIC film that blatently states EXACTLY what it the FUCK it says. This film gives MORE color to this MOST colorful and multipurpose word. Examine if you will the way the FUCKIN word is used in the rhyme scheme instead of concentrating on why he says FUCK during the whole song and you will gain a better appreciation for the FUCKIN word. Side Effects: After viewing this film it has been reported to relieve stress, eliminate headaches due to giving a fuck, lower blood pressure and lower your chances of succumbing to ailments. With recommended daily usage this product can be a cure all. U.S.D.A. Approved. EFF EWE- The Movie Starring your friendly neighborhood fuck up REED RYCHARDZ as THE FLIE. Also starring: BIG ELPEE as BIG ELPEE on Production. Movie Director/Producer: Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk as Sir Swiftus Wolfgang Sighard Sauromon Funkellwerk on music co-production. Cameo appearance by JMAL THE SCHOLAR as JMAL THE SCHOLAR: REED RYCHARDZ friend.
31 Jul 2010
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