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Is it dangerous for you??? - Impressive Electromagnetic Field in subway train
25 Dec 2006
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net -''' GROUP III ELECTROMAGNETIC-AC Oscillating electromagnetic fields Filmed 1991-1996, 11 of 15 methods of levitating an object known to the author John Iwaszko, edited from the video Antigravity the reality made in 1996. The antigravity method shown in this edit, was introduced and was referred to as Magnetic Pulse Propulsion which has now been reclassified by the author as Electromagnetic AC Group IIIB ii) Electrodynamic Suspension (EDS)-Induced currents/Eddy currents- Oscillating electromagnetic Fields- DC Pulse, AC (LF, & HF) The 12th Method of antigravity is achieved in a very similar way to that of the previous method 11 but instead of mechanically inducing Relative motion between conductors and magnets, relative motion is induced by time varying currents of electricity generally referred to as alternating currents or AC. The simple experiment showed that if we raise a magnet away from a conducting loop of wire, the movement of the magnet generates a current through the loop in this direction that it opposes the change of the Magnetic field in the upward direction then the coil will produce a magnetic field in the opposing direction attracting the magnet. If we reverse the situation and push the magnet towards the coil the current will reverse in the loop and the magnetic field repelling the magnet. This is shown here demonstrating that a magnet can push a ring of non ferrous metal such as aluminum away by relative motion and that the effect is also reduced when the ring is open circuit. We can use this general principle to create levitation or negative gravity that generally pushes conductors away but can also be made stable by various means other than pivoting or tethering which we will now discuss.
10 Apr 2010
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/productinfo.html After years of controversy, a new study confirms that exposure to electromagnetic fields doubles leukaemia risks. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports. The radiation emitted by power cables, pylons and electrical appliances in the home may be causing cancer in two children in Britain every year, according to new epidemiological evidence. The study, commissioned by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) concluded that one in 200 British children are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation in the home and that this could be doubling their risk of leukaemia. Dispute over the possible links between electromagnetic fields and cancer goes back to the 1970s in the United States and before. A series of laboratory and epidemiological investigations worldwide came up with contradictory and inconclusive findings. But the argument has dramatically shifted in favour of there being a causal link with the publication in March 2002 of the long-awaited report by a team of scientists headed by Richard Doll of the Cancer Studies Unit at Oxford. Doll is renowned for his role in proving that smoking is the principal cause of lung cancer. The danger occurs with exposures to electromagnetic fields of 0.4 microTeslas (or 4 milliGauss) and greater, levels that the NRPB says one in 200 children in Britain - and many abroad - receive in their houses. For comparison, the earth’s magnetic field is about 50 microTeslas. The earth’s field, which includes other natural frequencies, has been with us since life began. And many organisms are adapted to it. Birds, for example, use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate long distances in their annual migration. Since the discovery of electricity and the invention of radar in the 1930s, human beings have been saturating our everyday environment with a spectrum of artificial electromagnetic radiations (see Box 1), the harmful effects of which have become increasingly apparent. *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
13 Oct 2012
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/productinfo.html Once we’ve cleaned up the air, will we need to clean up the airwaves as well? Mat Stein, author of When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency, thinks it’s a possibility. You’ve heard the rumors that cell phones cause cancer. You’ve seen those folks on the street holding their cell phones away from their head as though their phone’s cancer is contagious. But where did these rumors get started? Are they based in any fact? If there is truth to the myth, will electromagnetic fields be the next battle in the war on pollution? Will we be talking about electro-friendly devices in the future the way we talk about carbon-friendly products now? In the following excerpt, Mat Stein tells the story of Robert Kane, an early cellular telephone researcher who was convinced that the cell phone gave him the brain tumor that ultimately took his life. The following is from When Technology Fails by Mat Stein: In 1993, Motorola scientist and engineer Robert Kane, Ph.D., made headlines when he sued Motorola, claiming that while developing Motorola’s early cellular telephones, he burned the skin on his head and his brain with strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the radio frequency (RF) range and that this damage caused a brain seizure in 1992 that was subsequently diagnosed as caused by a brain tumor. Kane said that while performing the cell phone antenna tests in 1984, he noticed a hot, burning feeling above his right ear immediately adjacent to the cell phone. Afterward, his skin developed a “wetness” and a dermatitis type of itchy skin condition that lasted for months. During this period of time, Kane’s ear also oozed excessive wax and fluids. During the trial, Dr. Samuel Milham and Dr. Jan Leestma testified that these conditions were typical of burns and that, in their expert medical opinion, it was these burns that caused the tumor to grow in Kane’s brain. Even though the earlier skin and ear conditions were medically documented, and the tumor was of an unusual type and was located at precisely the location directly beneath the location of the skin condition, Kane and his wife lost their court battle. We all know who had the deep pockets in this case—Motorola (State of Illinois, Circuit Court of Cook County, 2002). Kane went on to write a book exposing the cellular industry’s suppression of scientific evidence linking the EMF/RF of cell phones, cell towers, and various other wireless devices to a wide variety of health dangers, including the increased likelihood of developing leukemia, tumors, and other cancers. His book, Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, was published in 2001 and is reported to be an excellent source of information on this subject. Unfortunately, after numerous operations, Kane succumbed to his cancer in 2005, and his book has gone out of print. Fearing public backlash due to concerns over cellular telephone radiation, the industry organization called the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) organized its own research effort, headed by George Carlo, Ph.D., an expert in risk assessment and epidemiology. It was a $25 million program. The CTIA expected Dr. Carlo to vindicate the cellular industry and confirm prior research showing that these types of devices were in fact safe. Dr. Carlo was a longtime industry favorite “gun for hire” who had previously performed pro-tobacco work as a “medical expert” for the Philip Morris Company and similar “damage control” publicity on dioxin for the Chlorine Institute. For the first few years of their study, Dr. Carlo was the darling of the industry, as their preliminary results were indicating that prior concerns had been blown out of proportion. But their relationship ended, and industry funding was pulled, when even Dr. Carlo’s program began confirming what other scientific studies had found: that there were significant health concerns surrounding cell phone EMF and that elevated incidences of cancers, tumors, and other serious health problems were cropping up at far lower EMF exposures than what government standards have specified as “safe levels.” *******www.emfnews****/products.html *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
15 Jan 2013
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Cellphone radiation cell phone towers cell phones dangerous wireless radiation air filled wireless tube headset cell phone health issues emf health cell phone. Elf radiating devices cell phone cancer electromagnetic spectrum lowest radiation phones electronic device cordless phones brain tumors radiation from cell. Radiation cancer power lines cell phone antenna electrical radiation protection electromagnetic radiation shielding cordless phones brain cancer radiation. Cell phone risks cell phone tower radiation phones radiofrequency emissions cell phone health cell phone radiation reduction cell tower radiation magnetic. Cell phone solution book cellular towers cell phone radiation test cell phone dangers cell tower land radiation shield cell phone frequencies mobile phone. Electromagnetic fields telecommunication towers qlink bracelet mobile phone radiation cell phones and health risks cell phone masts cell phone dangers health. Japan, Tokyo City, Cote d'Ivoire, Yamoussoukro, Shepparton, Victoria, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bayswater, Victoria, Micronesia, Palikir, As Sur, United Arab Emirates, As Sur, UAE, Switzerland, Lithgow, Australia, Lithgow, Australia, Joondalup, Victoria Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Hobart Burnie, Tasmania, Charters Towers, Queensland, Tonga, Nuku'alofa, Faroe Islands, Alabama, USA, Ash Sha'm, United Arab Emirates, Ash Sha'm, UAE, Corona, California, Swaziland, Mbabane, Taiwan, Santa Rosa, California, Nigeria, Abuja, Sydney *******www.emfnews****/store/ *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
22 May 2013
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The PEMF device utilized for the Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) are electrical instruments to create a magnetic field that can impact the determination of a human body. Each magnetic pulse created by PEMF Therapy animates a minor electrical flag in the cells of the body. This outcome in incitement of the repair procedure.
10 Mar 2018
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Risks of cell phones wireless radiation cell phone radiation harmful radiation from cell phones cell phone protection products cell phone radiation cellphone. Emf electromagnetic frequencies cell towers electromagnetic frequencies wireless radiation pendants reviews cell phone health risks 2010 cordless phones brain. Cell phone radiation danger protect against electromagnetic radiation cell phone radiation protection electromagnetic spectrum emr safety bluetooth emf. Antenna,cellular phones cell phone health cell phone, safe cell phones radiation shielding devices cell phone radiation cell phone health effects cell phone. Minimize cell phone radiation electromagnetic radiation monitor cell phon mobile phone health risk dangers of cell phones cell phone health cell phone dangers. Radiofrequency radiation elf radiating devices risks of cell phones multiple environmental sensitivity syndrome power lines cell phone towers cell phone danger. Bulgaria, Morocco, Rabat, Portland, Oregon, Liberia, Monrovia, Russia, Moscow, Germany, Berlin, Al Fulayyah, United Arab Emirates, Al Fulayyah, UAE, Finland, Helsinki, New Zealand, Pembroke Pines, Florida, United Kingdom, London, Burma, Sweden, Stockholm, Marshall Henderson, Nevada, France, Paris, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vientiane, Sila, United Arab Emirates, Sila, UAE, Campbelltown, Australia, Cockburn, Victoria, Concord, California, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, UAE, Aurora, Colorado, Poland, Pembroke Pines *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
5 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Cordless phones safe cell phone masts telecommunication towers cell phone powerful emf protection radiofrequency emissions radiofrequency emissions qlink. Electromagnetic radiation protection radiofrequency emissions emr exposure cell towers cell phone frequencies cell phon mobile phone health risk. Dangers of cell towers cell phone dangers pendants reviews electromagnetic electrical radiation cell phone radiation health risks cell phone tower health risks. Cell phone health problems cell phone frequencies lowest radiation cell phones microwave radiation health risks of cell phone towers air filled wireless tube. Cell phone tower radiation cell tower radiation depression cell phone brain cancer emf cell phone radiation bluetooth cell tower radiation dangers of cordless. Powerful emf protection power lines cell wireless cell phone dangers wifi radiation protection radiation cellphone dangers microwave radiation protection dect. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, UAE, Fairfield, California, Anchorage, Alaska, Detroit, Michigan, Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain, Gilbert, Arizona, Rochester, Minnesota, Belgium, Brussels, Bolivia, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain, Iceland, Monaco, Monaco, Kalgoorlie, Victoria, Bahamas, Nassau, Russia, Moscow, Croatia, Cape Verde, Praia, Comoros, Moroni (on Grande Comoro), Sao Tome and Principe, San Diego, California, Tunisia, Tunis, Chile, Santiago, Logan City, Queensland, Vanuatu, Port Vila, Nauru, Joliet, Illinois, Slovenia, Lujblijana *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
5 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Powerful emf protection cell phon mobile phone health risk radiofrequency emissions multiple environmental sensitivity syndrome dangers of cell phones. Wireless internet networks bluetube headset are cell phones dangerous elf radiating devices safest cell phones electromagnetic radiation cell tower radiation. Cell phone radiation shield qlink wifi headset cordless phones electromagnetic radiation blocking cell phone radiation lowest radiation cell phone cell phone. Radiation protection cell phone health cell phone radiation facts electromagnetic radiation pollution cell phone protection cell phones and health cell tower. Cell phone radiation exposure cell phone radiation health risks cellular phone radiation electrical hypersensitivity electromagnetic frequencies cordless. Radiation safety tips cell phone radiation bluetooth cell phone radiation studies wifi cell phone masts radiofrequency cell phone shiledls emf pendant cell. West Jordan, Utah, New Zealand, Swan, Victoria, Serbia, Belgrade, Lebanon, Beirut, Albania, Tirana, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Korea, (South), Seoul, City, Malta, Valletta, Turks and Caicos Islands, Portugal, Lisbon, Honduras, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Corona, California Finland, Helsinki, Mackay, Queensland, Kenya, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Kingston, Denver, Colorado, Al Hulaylah, United Arab Emirates, Al Hulaylah, UAE, Albania, Tirana, Ukraine, Kiev, Paraguay, Asuncion, Denver, Colorado, Modesto, California, Turks and Caicos Islands *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
8 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Cell phone radiation shield radiation detectors cell phones cause cancer cell phones and health cell phone air-tube headset electromagnetic frequencies emf. Biopro technology wireless capital radiofrequency emissions emf are cell phones dangerous wireless phone radiation to avoid cell phone radiation airtube. Emf radiation from cell phones cell phones dangerous qlink golf emr exposure wireless phones risks of cell phones cancer cell radiofrequency radiation. Safest cell phones wireless capital emf radiation cell phone cancer emf headset bluetooth emf emissions cell phone masts radiation cordless phones brain tumors. Microwave radiation protection cell tower cell phone radiation test cell phones health cell phone radiation exposure electromagnetic radiation protection. Wireless internet networks cell phone towers radiation cell phones emf radiation effects electromagnetic energy cell phone brain tumor cell phone radiation. Bulgaria, Morocco, Rabat, Portland, Oregon, Liberia, Monrovia, Russia, Moscow, Germany, Berlin, Al Fulayyah, United Arab Emirates, Al Fulayyah, UAE, Finland, Helsinki, New Zealand, Pembroke Pines, Florida, United Kingdom, London, Burma, Sweden, Stockholm, Marshall Henderson, Nevada, France, Paris, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vientiane, Sila, United Arab Emirates, Sila, UAE, Campbelltown, Australia, Cockburn, Victoria, Concord, California, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, UAE, Aurora, Colorado, Poland, Pembroke Pines *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
10 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Radiation danger cell phones dangerous cell phone radiation exposure mobile phone radiation microwave transmitter microwave radiation detection cell phone. Cell phone radiation exposure cell phone radiation danger powerful emf protection cell phone cancer safer headset technology emf protection appliances protect. Electromagnetic energy multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome health risks of cell phone towers cordless phone radiaton multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome. El Monte, California, Al Ghabah, United Arab Emirates, Al Ghabah, UAE, Lebanon, Beirut, Mozambique, Maputo, Uruguay, Montevideo, Chad, N'Djamena, New Orleans, Louisiana, Andorra, Andorra la Vella, Tempe, Arizona, France, Paris, Switzerland, Bern, Belgium, Brussels, Paraguay, Norway, Illinois, USA, Guatemala, Guatemala City, North Dakota, USA, Corona, California, Namibia, Windhoek, Vancouver, Washington, Indonesia *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
16 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews**** *******www.emfnews****/store/home-radiation-protection.html Cell phones radiation electromagnetic radiation radiation safety emf radiation cell phone radiation protection wireless radiation protection cell phone health. Emf mobile phone radiation protection health risks of cell phone towers health risks of cell phone use electrohypersensitivity mobile phone radiation cell. Radiation safety tips cell phone health risk wireless towers emf neutralizer radiation safety risks of cell phones cell phon mobile phone health risk. Tripoli, Syria, Damascus, Samoa, Apia, Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), Melbourne Ararat, Victoria, Kazakhstan, Astana, Chile, Mesquite, Texas, Clearwater, Florida, Orange, California, Bangladesh, Elizabeth, New Jersey, Lexington, Kentucky, Hungary, Budapest, Kenya, Nairobi, Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Orange, California, Sweden, Stockholm, Paraguay, Asuncion, Italy, Rome, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Botswana, Gaborone, Albania, Tirana, Virgin Islands, *******www.emfnews****/store *******www.emfnews****/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html
17 Jun 2013
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