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Elliott Wave chart analysis for the EURUSD week ending Friday 6th November, 2009.
7 Nov 2009
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Elliott Wave chart analysis for the EURUSD on Tuesday 10th November, 2009.
10 Nov 2009
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Elliott Wave chart analysis for the EURUSD for Thursday 26th November, 2009.
26 Nov 2009
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Oil is down roughly 13 percent since October, and the EIA reports that petroleum product consumption is at its lowest since July. Elliott Gue of The Energy Letter and The Energy Strategist joins Clean Skies News for a closer look at how these numbers are affected by storage capacity and how gas production will proceed in the coming year.
11 Dec 2009
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15 Dec 2009
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******* Elliott Wave chart analysis for the EURUSD for Thursday 7th Jan, 2010.
7 Jan 2010
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******* Elliott Wave chart analysis for the GBPUSD for Thursday 7th January, 2010.
7 Jan 2010
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Energy strategist Elliott Gue discusses oil and natural gas inventory reports and possible weather-related disruptions in gulf energy production this weekend.
15 Jan 2010
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Kinsey Schofield - PMC - Episode 7 w/Missy Elliott Promo. As seen internationally on the E! Channel.
8 Feb 2010
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[[*******forextradingseminar**** There are 2 things that happen when a trader begins learning the principles of Elliott Wave. First there is a new fascination and a sense of awe to discover that financial markets are always forming patterns of trends followed by corrections. [[***********/watch?v=EdO082viZlk&feature=plcp]]
12 Apr 2010
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Local surfers were out in numbers today at their favourite spot near Bundaberg. The Elliott River flows to the ocean creating channels perfect for wind and kite surfing. Enjoy this little video.
26 Apr 2010
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*******ratewindow**** Mark Warner talks to Susan Elliott Rink (*******newreality****) about creating a new reality through realization and relaxation. One 20 minute session is equivalent to 2-3 hours of deep, restful sleep.
14 May 2010
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