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*******www.elvtelemarketing******/ ELV telemarketing agency works with your business as a part of your business.Reaching out to your customers in a friendly, efficient and effective way to promote your products and services and arrange sales meetings for your teams.
15 Oct 2010
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Santa was very cross. It was Christmas Eve and nothing was going right. The elves were complaining about not getting paid overtime. The reindeer had been drinking all afternoon and the sliegh was broken. Santa was furious. 'I can't believe it!' he yells. 'Ive got to deliver millions of presents all over the world in just a few hours - all of my reindeer are drunk, the elves are on strike and I don't even have a Christmas tree!
12 Nov 2010
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So, technically speaking this is a tribute to one of my friend's DnD characters, Kael, who sort've has a love-hate relationship going on with my character Leta. Guy and Marian really seem to symbolize aspects our characters have, and luckily Guy is somewhat similar in appearance to Kael (and sort've what I end up imagining him looking like when we RP x-x; ). The yellow-ish parts are were I sort've tried to symbolize a scene where there were elves that had been killed by Kael; Leta gets pissed off, and the rest shows sort've like things that happen a short period of time afterward, eventually ending (at least in the video) with her forcing him to completely leave. SO. I thought this song really fit the whole, "I'm trying to get out of this raging-werewolf-loner-guy stage, but we kind've both know I can't." aspect of Kael. Leta doesn't really appreciate anything he does for her (and he does do a lot), and every time they start to get close, she suddenly turns around and completely rejects him and forcing HIM, not her, to be the one to walk away. Side note no one but the guy who plays Kael will understand: I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND A CARRIAGE IN THE ACTUAL SERIES, BUT I DID, SO GO ME BECAUSE IT TOTALLY TIES EVERYTHING TOGETHER. WOO.
17 Nov 2010
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It's that time to get in the holiday spirit and what better way to achieve the joy than by kicking evil elves butts in Kung Fu Santa.
1 Dec 2010
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How the world's #1 brand keeps its Marketing elves on message.
23 Dec 2010
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*******www.gamecopywizard**** - AWESOME! World of Battles: Morningstar features balanced play, taking players to a fierce mythical land where they'll form alliances and engaging in fierce single and multiplayer PvP battles. The nine unique races all play differently, from the savage Barbarians to the treacherous Dark Elves. To win, players maneuver their soldiers with charges, counter-charges, formations, flanking and back attacks, with tactical possibilities for solo players and teams of allies. Victories yield both experience and gold – upgrade fearsome master units with a multitude of weapons, armor, war mounts and magical jewelry. 1. Copy & backup World of Battles: Morningstar DVD with *******www.gamecopywizard**** 2. Fix XBOX 360 Redlights yourself in 1 hour & save money at *******
27 Jun 2011
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Hvad er forskellen egentlig på en elg og en bjørn? Fars evner ud i friluftslivet sættes på prøve, da familien rejser på weekend i Sverige. De skal besøge Annika, Fars kusine, hvis fødselsdag falder sammen med årets midsommerfest. Annika har en naturpark, og Far glæder sig til at vise børnene, hvor han legede som dreng. Onkel Anders griber chancen og trækker i sin gamle spejdertrøje og finder kompasset frem. Lille Per, Mie, Ole og Søs stortrives hos Annika, men de finder snart ud af, at ikke alt er den rene idyl. En bande, anført af skurken Rikart, sviner naturparken til med gamle køleskabe og farligt affald. Annika tør ikke give politiet beviserne, da Rikart truer med at skade hendes gamle far Gubben. Far til fire skaffer beviserne, men snart er Rikart og hans bande på jagt efter familien, og de må flygte ind i naturparkens farlige og vilde område. De må overnatte ved den klippe, hvor Far som dreng gemte sig for en bjørn. En oplevelse Far aldrig har glemt. Bjørnen kommer igen og spiser familiens mad, men så finder far sin indre vildmand frem. Med fornyet styrke tager Lille Per og familien kampen op mod Rikart. En tømmerflåde bygges, så den vilde elv kan forceres og gamle Gubben hjælper med at lokke banden i en fælde . Men vil det lykkes Far til fire at få beviserne frem til politiet?
6 Oct 2011
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The Ultimate Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide This season you can make every gift matter by purchasing presents that spread holiday cheer, not only to your loved ones but also to farmers and workers around the world. Our annual Holiday Gift Guide provides meaningful suggestions for everyone on your list. Sing with us as we take you through the 12 days of a Fair Trade Christmas. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me. . . 12 Pounds of Coffee Nothing says I love you like the gift of coffee. It will keep your special ones warm and awake! Coffee makes a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift and you can give knowing that your present brings hope, education and economic stability to coffee communities around the world. Here are some especially delightful Fair Trade beans that are perfect for this festive season: Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Coffee Sampler, Mr. Espresso Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Café Femenino Asobagri Huehuetenango Blend, Equator Coffee Ecuador El Batan, Fidalgo Bay Yuletide Roast, Pachamama Cooperative Harvest Blend, Grounds for Change Holiday Blend, Allegro Coffee Organic Mexican Zaragoza Select, Organic Red Barn Blend, Hammerhead Coffee Roaster’s Extra Special Blend and Weaver's Holiday Blend. And you can’t go wrong with Thanksgiving Coffee’s Perfect Gift Basket. 11 Tasty Teas For the tea lovers in your life, we have a list of lovely holiday teas that will leave any tea drinker with visions of peppermint leaves and cinnamon sticks dancing in their heads. Indulge a little this holiday season while supporting Fair Trade tea growers who use traditional and sustainable growing techniques that protect the environment. Here are a few suggestions: Choice Rooibos Superfruit (supporting the Jane Goodall Institute), Numi Organic Tea Eco-Friendly Tea Chest, Republic of Tea Cranberry Blood Orange, Rishi Cinnamon Plum, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Polar Berry Holiday Blend, Traditional Medicinals Golden Ginger, Twinings Peppermint Tea, Arbor Cinnamon Black Tea, Art of Tea Caramelized Pear, Infusions of Tea Chocolate Mint Rooibos and Light of Day Vanilla Heaven Tea 10 Chocolate Delights There is never a better time to give the gift of chocolate than during the holiday season, and the gift of Fair Trade Certified chocolate is sure to delight. Make sure to tell the recipient that this special chocolate was grown and harvested in socially responsible ways that help communities to grow and flourish. Look for these delicious chocolate treats: Divine Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar, Sjaaks Winter Wonderfuls, Alter Eco Dark Mint Chocolate, Angell Organic Candy Bars, Green and Black's Hazelnut & Currant, Sweet Riot Ultimate Holiday Cheer Gift Cube, Coco Zen Chocolate Chai Spice Truffles, Kopali Organics Chocolate Covered Coffee beans and Sweet Earth's Hanukkah Gelt. Can’t get enough Fair Trade Certified chocolate? Bake it in a cake with Simply Organic Devil’s Food Cake Mix. 9 Beauty Products December is one of the coldest months of the year, a time when harsh weather conditions are not so nice to our skin and lips. A lotion, scrub, or lip balm made from Fair Trade Certified shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, honey, sugar or plant extracts is a great addition to anyone's daily routine. Everyone’s skin needs a little love, so why not give it with a little added fairness? Look for: Aura Cacia Body Polish, Badger Company Lip Tint and Shimmer, Acure Organics Body Lotion, Coco-Zen Chocolate Body Treats, Dirty Beauty Sugar Scrub, Kumani Shea-cation Travel Set, Savvy Boheme Sugar Scrub, Hand in Hand Soap and Eco-Lips Restore Lip Balm. 8 Fine Ingredients Baking during the holidays is one of the tastiest traditions there is and with Fair Trade ingredients it can also be one of the most fulfilling. Invite friends and family over for a baking party, or put together a gift basket that includes all the ingredients needed to whip up your favorite baked goods. Here are some Fair Trade Certified ingredients that everyone will want to add to their pantry: Wholesome Sweeteners Sugar, GloryBee Honey Squeeze Bear, Casacao Cacao Powder, Guittard Extra Semisweet Chocolate Chips, SunSpire Semisweet Baking Bar, Frontier Cinnamon Sticks, The Spicy Gourmet Ceylon Cloves and Frontier Ginger. 7 Cozy Cottons The only thing better than gifting a great new piece of clothing, is gifting clothing with a unique story. Whether it’s a shirt, scarf, or even a pair of undies, the receiver of your gift will have the joy of knowing that the product was made produced by farmers and factory workers that were treated fairly. Here are a few gift ideas for everyone in the family: HAE Now Baby onesie, Prana Soul Tee, Tompkin’s Point Men's Polo Shirt, Good & Fair V-neck Story Tee, Good & Fair Men’s Boxers, Maggie's Organics Ruched Scarf and Mother Tongues Ubuntu T-Shirt. 6 Power Snacks Stuff those stockings full of Fair Trade Certified snacks and make all the elves in your life giddy with joy. Not only will their sweet tooths be satiated, but they will know that with every bite they are supporting a movement that is benefiting farming communities around the world. Share these fair snacks around the Christmas hearth, and keep a few around for yourself (gift wrapping can be tiring)!: Ben & Jerry’s, Brandstorm Dried Mangos, Lake Champlain Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Pirate’s Booty, Indiana Popcorn, Larabar 5 Fair Libations The holiday season is a great time for trying out new wines and spirits, and there are a lot of great Fair Trade Certified options to choose from. These make great gifts for the adults in your life, from your co-workers to your in-laws and are a great addition to holiday cocktail parties – can you think of a better conversation starter? Sip stylishly and sustainably by serving these Fair Trade spirits and wines that will have you and your loved ones rockin’ around the Christmas tree: Cantora Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon (available at Whole Foods Market), FAIR. Quinoa Vodka, FAIR. Cafe Liqueur , Heritage Link One World Pinotage, Neu Direction Malbec (available at Sam's Club). 4 Fair Trade Grains Fair Trade Certified grains make a special gift for the chef in your life, and they are a unique complement to many homemade dishes with their interesting textures and beautiful colors. Every bite matters when you add Fair Trade quinoa and rice to your holiday menu; you can serve each plate knowing that you are supporting community development efforts in rural communities. Look for these grains when filling your shopping cart: La Yapa Red Royal Quinoa, Alter Eco Purple Jasmine Rice, Alter Eco Rainbow Quinoa and Alter Eco Ruby Red Jasmine Rice. 3 Fruits for Baskets Once the holiday parties have passed, there is nothing better than cleansing the body of all the holiday treats with a healthy and delicious piece of fruit. Fruit baskets make a great gift, and buying Fair Trade Certified fruit ensures that farmers are given opportunities to improve their lives and their communities. Give the gift of health and hope this season by purchasing Fair Trade Certified mangos, bananas and pineapples! 2 Sports Balls Fair Trade Certified sports balls!? Yes indeed - these balls ensure safe working conditions and fair wages for ball stitchers, and they make the perfect gift for any sports enthusiast in your life. Now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to wrap that awesome Fair Trade Sports Football or a Senda Soccer Ball. 1 Gift of Fairness Give a gift that changes the world by improving opportunities for farming families and protecting the environment. Your generous gift is a donation to Fair Trade USA that helps isolated farmers and workers get the training they need to join the global economy on Fair Trade terms. Your gift recipient will receive a beautiful personalized eCard letting them know that you are giving to others in their name and in the true holiday spirit! Start giving today and know your gift is a Gift of Fairness. Don't Forget... You can't go wrong with Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies ice cream for Santa! This delicious flavor, made with Fair Trade Certified sugar, cocoa and vanilla, is all the fun without the crumbs! Watch Ben & Jerry's new documentary series Fair Trade Uganda to learn more about Fair Trade vanilla. May you and your loved ones have Fair Trade holiday season! For more info about Fair Trade and the products available visit www.FairTradeUSA****. FTUS18916
28 Nov 2011
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For Christmas all Santa wants is a break. The chap in the Santa suit has been left feeling that the kids of the world have taken advantage of him and his workforce of elves. Now, he's no more than a disgruntled employer. In a Santa suit. Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress *******www.joke******/ Bad Santa Costume (ref: 63436) *******www.joke******/bad-santa-costume~63436/
8 Dec 2011
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Zombie elves? Further proof that there is indeed a Santa.
10 Dec 2011
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When he cuts the elves' salaries by 80%, Santa finds himself without the extra help he needs to get through the holidays. After a series of disastrous interviews, Santa must make some tough business decisions.
24 Dec 2011
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This Is A Video Of Minions Of Mirth Trinst Sewer Raid With Randell Aka Mr Flakie Recording Aus Hiphop We Like Games Too lol. Come Play *******minionsofmirth**** with us kill dragons fight wizard fly massive zones in awesome graphics really bringing this amazing online world to life Minions Of Mirth Is A Free MmoRpg Be Good, Bad, or downright MEAN in 3 different Realms Play the game as a Follower of Light or join the forces chaos and play for the Minions of Darkness... and if you're truly wicked, become a beast yourself and join the Monster Realm! Choose your favorite type of Adventurer Warriors, Clerics, Wizards, Bards, Rangers and more! Play the game the way that suits you best. Play as any of 12 distinctly different Fantasy Races Choose your character races from any of the 3 Realms... Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Ogres, Humans, even Titans! You can still play without internet in our single player mode Play the game even when you are not connected to the internet! The game is fully playable as a single-user version, with all realms, zones and character races and classes! Original orchestral musical score Minions of Mirth features more than 2 hours of beautifully scored music by composer Ronald van Deurzen. Create your own items in our crafting system Players can train their characters to craft and create new magical items; enchanted armor, charmed weapons, magic potions, and much more! Free to download and play - no monthly fee Minions of Mirth is free, free, free! No hidden fees or subscriptions, no credit card needed to play. Premium Version Available The Premium Version for Minions of Mirth is a low-cost upgrade that allows greater character multi-classing, access to the Prairie Games Premium Servers, and more. Plays on Windows, Mac OSX and most Netbooks Minions of Mirth is truly cross-platform. Our thin client lets players run on Windows computers, Macintosh computers and even on most Netbooks! Minions of Mirth has the most dedicated, incredible players in online gaming. Why do we think so? Because Mirth was designed by its players. Many of the quests, stories and art were made by people who love playing and are still adventuring inside of the lands of Mirth. And since we're an independent developer, not a big conglomerate, we rely on these players... listen to them. What did they tell us they wanted? Easy to create guilds - so anyone can create and maintain a guild, family, friends, work buddies or whoever you want. Easy alliances - for quick adventuring or last minute raids. Easy server hopping - Play any of your characters on any server you have access to, so you can always adventure with your friends or guild mates. In fact, we are part of the Minions of Mirth community! You can often find the Prairie Games staff wandering through Mirth... so if you happen to bump into a Troll named Savage... be respectful. He has the power and authority to drop a dragon on your head. For More Info See MinionsOfMirth.Com If You Need Further Help After Joining This Amazing Site Please See A Number Of Active Fan Blogs *******minionsofmirth.blogspot**** *******minionsofmirth.wordpress**** *******minionsofmirth-waynecm.blogspot**** just to name a few the fan blog and community offer the best help for game related questions if it cant be found in mom forums or you can get answers in there there usually is a fan blog for minions of mirth that will help you real quick :-) i own 2 of them lol So come see us at the fan blogs or go check out Minions OF Mirth you can find this amazing free or 1 time premium features paid upgrade, MMORPG at *******minionsofmirth****
22 Jan 2012
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******* ******* Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Thermostat For Heat Mats Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker ******* Product features 13-hour delay timer; LCD control panel; viewing window; carrying handle Nonstick kneading blade and baking pan; instructions and recipes included Measures 8 by 11 by 12 inches; 1-year warranty An excellent product that produces an excellent product. It has settings for: regular or firm doughs, regular or light crust, quick baking (for rapidly rising doughs), french bread, dough only (if you wish to bake it separately), cookie/pasta dough, cake, and jam. A timer can start it for you for a delayed cycle. This machine is VERY Quiet--I was a little concerned because I live in a high-rise filled with old folks and I like to do stuff like this in the middle of the night. Many bread machines have a problem with the pan attachment doing a lousy job which means that the pan rattles around in the machine and it sounds like a bunch of elves are trapped in there hurling marbles against the sides of the machine--not so with this one. The full-size Zo has a great motor. It's the only option for making 2-pound loaves of whole-wheat bread. It also has the ability to program custom cycles (but no Pause button once a cycle is under way). Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Thermostat For Heat Mats ******* product features Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops Illuminated indicator light; 3-prong ground plug Compatible with all heat mats; optional for Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats There is a little wire with a plastic white tip that hangs from the monitor. I purchased this item to use with a Hydrofarm MT10006 9-by-19-1/2-Inch Seedling Heat Mat. Both are easy to use and are working perfectly. best product i have used in a long time and i have been through quite a few of them and so far this one trumps them all! ive compared this to 120 dollar ones and this thing hands down is the best! wouldn't hesitate to order again!! Push the white part into the soil for temperature reading.(Once temperature is set, do not be alarmed when your heat mat reaches its maximum temperature you set it to then the Heat Mat monitor temperature will go up and down 3 degrees to prevent over heating) Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Thermostat For Heat Mats
1 Apr 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DRAGON AGE ORIGINS for Xbox 360, also for PC and Playstation 3 PS3. Play as a Grey Warden in this massive RPG role playing game for Xbox 360, PS3 and 360. Dragon Age Origins is immense, in depth and rich with detail. As a character of your choosing can you unite the elves, men and dwarves to defeat the Blight and dreaded Archdemon? This dark fantasy epic is described as the spiritual successor to Balder's Gate and packs hours of RPG gameplay as you complete quests, side missions and unravel the story behind your betrayal. This CGR review of Dragon Age Origins has gameplay from Dragon Age Origins showing game play footage of Dragon Age Origins on Xbox 360 (also on PS3 and PC). From Bioware, Edge of Reality and published by EA.
29 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews STORYBOOK WORKSHOP for Nintendo Wii from Konami. This game comes packed with the Logitech USB microphone (same mic that you get with Rock Band 2). Talk into the microphone and read children's stories like Little Red Riding Hood and the Elves and the Shoemaker. The voices that you read automatically change to reflect the characters talking. For instance, when Little Red Riding Hood talks the pitch is shifted up to sound very high, the wolf sounds deep and menacing. Change your voice to sound like a robot and sing Row Row Row Your Boat and other kids songs. Sae your recordings and play them back later, "paint" with your voice and more. This CGR review of Storybook Workshop for Nintendo Wii has gameplay from Story Book Workshop on Wii showing game play in action with the microphone. Game contains 16 classic fairy tales and four sing-along songs.
4 Aug 2012
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Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix from Cateia Games for the iPad. Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix is a point and click adventure game with hidden object gameplay. Mina Lockheart has a dream about her grandmother Kate, so she travels to her family estate to reminisce. This leads to her discovering talking trees, tiny elves and all kind of crazy stuff. She embarks on an adventure filled with lots of pointing and clicking. This video review features video gameplay footage of Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix for the iPad and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
9 Sep 2012
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