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crazy encounter of me and my friend trolling around online on her meet me account and we run into this sicko who trying to shove sex at us using his supposid 11 inch penis to leverage the encounter lol so me being thuroughly turned on by this decide to give him a taste of his own medicine in very hilarious fashion :)
8 Feb 2013
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Tonight, on That's Bizarre, Steven Rhodes is a graphic artist and retro illustrator, best known for his offbeat reimagining, of children’s activity books, from the 70s and 80s. When I first saw one of his t-shirt designs, I became a fan. His illustrations are unforgettable. You can buy his shirts at THREADLESS, HOT TOPIC, SPENCERS and Society6. To me, Steven is one the best t-shirt artist I've ever seen. So without further ado, let's get started. The Funny T-Shirts of Artist Steven Rhodes - Tribute: 1. The Advanced Pyrokinesis t-shirt 2. The Tag, You're It! t-shirt 3. The Sleep is my God, Bed is my Church blanket 4. The Voodoo Rituals for Beginners t-shirt 5. The My Favourite Nursery Rhymes t-shirt 6. The Death Metal Sing-Along t-shirt is beyond bizarre 7. The My Imaginary Friends Think I'm Cool t-shirt 8. The My New Family t-shirt is zany and fantastic 9. The Let's Play Catch t-shirt is amazing 10. The Your Changing Body t-shirt 11. The Merry Christmas My First Flamethrower t-shirt 12. The How to Exit Your Body t-shirt is eerie and otherworldly 13. The Let's Find a Cure for STUPID PEOPLE t-shirt is phenomenal 14. The Let's Call the Exorcist t-shirt 15. The Afternoon Snack t-shirt is super hot ╚═► Voice Over/Narrator: DHS ╚═► The "royalty-free" music is Synergy by Geographer and it's found at the YouTube Audio Library
18 Aug 2019
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Tonight, on That's Bizarre, the Strange Cryptid Patches on Etsy, that will make any jean jacket look amazing. Many are still hunting for Bigfoot, the Mothman, the Jersey Devil and UFOs. Let's check out these bizarre cryptid patches on Etsy, right now! Strange Cryptid Patches on Etsy: 1. The Cryptozoology Tracking Society Bigfoot Moon Celestial Forest by MaidenVoyageClothing 2. The Mothman Symbol Glow in the Dark Patch by MaidenVoyageClothing 3. The Jersey Devil Patch by MaidenVoyageClothing 4. The Alien Abduction Safety Cryptozoology Patch by MaidenVoyageClothing 5. The LOCH NESS Monster Patch by MaidenVoyageClothing 6. The Flatwoods Monster Patch by MaidenVoyageClothing ╚═► Voice Over/Narrator: DHS ╚═► The "royalty-free" music is "Case Files 1" by COAG Music
18 Aug 2019
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Tonight, on That's Bizarre, UFO Hunting Equipment You Can Buy Online. Are you ready to check out what's going on at Area 51? Thousands of people are, but do you have the right equipment to track down a UFO? For years people have caught UFOs on their cameras. As you look at these pictures, some are old and some are more recent, but imagine what you could do with better equipment. There's nothing like being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment. UFO Hunting Equipment You Can Buy Online: 1. The SpaceProbe 130ST Telescope is on UFOStop 2. The EVP Band Wrist Recorder is on UFOStop 3. The Full Spectrum POV Camcorder is on UFOStop 4. The Scenix 7x50 Night Vision Binoculars is on UFOStop 5. The FLIR Thermal Cam TG165 is on UFOStop 6. The K2 Deluxe With Sound Alert is on UFOStop ╚═► Voice Over/Narrator: DHS ╚═► The "royalty-free" music is "Apex - Futuristic Background Music" by COAG Music
18 Aug 2019
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Tonight on That's Bizarre, Beautiful Fairies To Buy On Etsy. Fairies are a fun way to add some new life to your backyard or flower garden. Let's check out these mystifying and magical fairies, right now! Beautiful Fairies To Buy On Etsy: 1. The resin made sitting fairy is by TheLittleHedgerow 2. The Ooak Butterfly Fairy Xandra by MidDreamers 3. The Ooak Butterfly fairy Zahirah by MidDreamers 4. The Fantasy Fairy Wedding Cake Topper by aromalite 5. The Fairy Earrings by UniqueTrinkets4u 6. The Wood Laser Cut Craft Flower Fairies by porkchopshow 7. The Large Daydreaming Fairy Pink Lotus Flower by myfaerygardens ╚═► Voice Over/Narrator: DHS ╚═► The "royalty-free" music is Licorice Song by Endless love and it's found at the YouTube Audio Library
18 Aug 2019
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Tonight, on That's Bizarre, Kraken Gifts and Merchandise You Can Buy on Etsy. Are you ready to release the Kraken? I know I am, so let's learn a little about the Kraken, right now! Kraken Gifts and Merchandise You Can Buy on Etsy: 1. The Kraken Ring by This ring is the unique and original design by UniqueHistoryShop 2. The Bathroom Kraken Decor by MadameBricolagePress 3. The Cthulhu Kraken by Wintercroft 4. The Daughter of the Kraken Ringer T-shirt by MischiefMadeMe 5. The Octopus and Kraken Glassware Set by NexusGlass 6. The Octopus and Kraken hat by EternalLightShop 7. The Mecha Kraken Statue with a Steampunk Brass Finish by Dellamorteco 8. The Octopus and Kraken Men's Necktie by SlothwingTies ╚═► Voice Over/Narrator: DHS ╚═► The "royalty-free" music is Prometheus by COAG Music
18 Aug 2019
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You know those moments where you are both proud of your child and embarassed beyond belief? This is one of them.
13 Jun 2006
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Embarassing, but... effective ;)
24 May 2006
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Embarassing situations for the LAPD where celebs didn't get charged neither for crashing into a truck drunk nor for waving around with weed in front of the police...Well it's worth beeing a celeb nowadays...
28 May 2006
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You know how they say that if you mix Diet Coke with Mentos is causes an explosion? These guys made an entire show out of it that would not embarass the folks at the Bellagio in Vegas.
27 Jun 2006
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if this gets a higher rating, ill post more videos of this dumb girl. otherwise, this will be her last embarassment i guess. the vid is of a teenage blonde girl has gross swollen puss pockets in her throat and shows them to the camera. theyre kind of hard to see, but the teasing power of post-editing is classic
16 Jan 2007
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Full day of drinking leads to some embarassing boxing
16 May 2007
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This was our project for history class... it was so embarassing
29 May 2007
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In the process of driving around my best friend and I decided to randomly shop around and ended up buying bathing suites, taking random pics in the changing rooms, and videotaping ourselfs dancing in them. We're VERY Random and LOVE to have a good time. At the end of the video you see her Mom coming home, how embarassing. lol who cares, hopefully you get a good laugh out of this!! VOTE for ME!!! <333
11 Jun 2007
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ohhh your really gonna have a laugh wathcin this one...This video is what VH1 is gonna put on my "before they were stars" special. I sent this video to MTV for the show "Becoming" your suppose to pick an artist that you wanted to imitate there video..i never got, but shit is embarassing ...hope you enjoy....and to think I was only 16 shaking my hips like that!!! and remember you seen it here first!
15 Jun 2007
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Here is my scary story and my most embarassing story.. enjoy! VOTE N COMMENT! x0x0Amy
22 Jun 2007
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