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Emily Brass Band at the Pine Tavern in Floyd April 20 2008
3 May 2008
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Emily Brass Band
5 May 2008
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Why did the chicken cross the road? Timeless question... not so timeless answer. Feel free to remix and post as a response! Topics: emily dickinson chicken chick joke humor funny laugh cheesy random clean
15 May 2008
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Happy Birthday Emily!!! Courtesy of BENJOK "The Gatekeeper"
23 May 2008
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Famous etiquette coach Emily Post presents and narrates this film on how to behave properly at a dinner party. The film starts out with Mrs. Post in her garden in Edgartown, Massachusetts, wearing a floral dress, pearls, white gloves, and hat, talking about how most people feel unsure of their table manners at a dinner party. Having touched upon social anxiety, the film then moves quickly into genuine Emily Post etiquette. At a formal dinner party Post instructs diners on how to eat awkward foods like soup (sip straight from the bowl), spaghetti, asparagus, and sticky desserts. These tricky dishes can be quite a challenge to proper dinner etiquette. Post shows the audience which utensils to use for each course, how to deal with “unwanted morsels,” and how to carve dinner entrees. Some examples of bad manners are also shown in an effort to keep the intended male audience from persisting in any bad habits they might already have. Classic Emily Post quotes punctuate this florid film about dinner party etiquette.
29 May 2008
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My name is emilylauren and I work as Breach Analyst at Comodo Security Solutions. I love to be updated with new technologies and know the better ways to handle virus and malwares.
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9 Feb 2009
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Behind the scenes of Miley & Emily's TEEN photo shoot!
16 Jun 2008
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Emily and I doing the soulja boi dance. :]
9 May 2009
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READ! Music Video of If I Didn't Have You by Mitchel Musso & Emily Osment from DisneyMania6. Click 'Watch in High Quality' If you rip it and put it on your own YouTube please credit Loliver.2ya****! (c)2008 Walt Disney Records, All Right Reserved. Loliver.2ya**** does not claim ownership of video. Ripped by Laur for www.loliver.2ya**** & www***lorfulfriends.2ya**** in the highest quality she could.
30 Apr 2009
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Picture video dedicated to the beautiful Emily Deschanel. Made for fun not profit, all pics can be found on the internet. Song: She's got a way by billy joel all copyrights belong to the recording artist. edited by bones4everlives
3 Jun 2010
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Emily fox's world rocord video
26 Sep 2008
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Help me figure out how to open this link...please! Here's Dylan's email to me: Dear Emily, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dylan Winters, we met in July at the first Bask University Orientation session. I doubt you remember me, you were in high demand as I recall. Im sure you realize, just as I did, that college is our first time to truly realize who we are. We separate the lies were told as children from the truths we find in ourselves. I was lucky enough to find truth in myself from my very first days here. Others, well, they have not been so lucky. Only very rarely are we able to speak complete truth, often after long nights drinking, hence the phrase, "In vino, veritas." In wine, truth. Have you found truth, Emily? Have you found your "Veritas?" Maybe you have, you seem comfortable in your own skin. I cannot say the same for your roommate, however. I will tell you my hardest truth: Im in love with Meg. I realize my methods may appear crazy, but let me tell you in complete honesty Im not crazy. Indeed, I am the only one telling the truth, and I intend to show you my truth, my own personal Veritas. I only hope that you can look through this and find an answer for yourself. Megs lies are not only hurting her, but those around her. This Nick guy is only setting himself up for a harder fall when he finds out what his own Veritas is. There will be consequences for lies, I can only hope that theyre exposed sooner rather than later. However, as I found long ago and Im sure Meg is finding out now; truth can be hard to acquire, harder to hold on to, and nearly impossible to show to others. I find it not a little ironic that in Roman mythology Veritas was a goddess. It was believed she hid in a holy well because she was so elusive. Ive taken a drink from that well, Emily, and Im hoping you open this link and drink deeply from it, too. *******www.tinyurl****/baskintruth Perhaps afterwards we can both fully appreciate "In Vino Veritas." Truthfully yours, Dylan Winters *** Hit me up on: Baskbook *******tinyurl****/4xht9a Facebook *******tinyurl****/3lwolw Myspace *******www.myspace****/emilyashbybask
6 Nov 2008
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