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Emo’s are sooooo popular even the celebrities trying to be emo. Find out if your favorite celeb is emo coming right up! Check Out More www.emoworldtv****
12 Apr 2008
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Kill the fuckin'emos !!!
17 Apr 2008
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This is...well...uh...a commercial about a made up emo rock band.
9 Feb 2009
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Learn All About Emo Culture www.emoworldtv**** "How to meet other Emo's online." Step 1 You will need to drop the pornstar6969 screen name and go for something a little more dark and depressing. Check out the emo screen name generator at *******iam.bmezine****/emo.exe for your new and improved screen name. For example Eddie converts to Darkening Star. Now go to MakeOutClub**** for an online utopia where you can meet fellow Emo boys and Emo girls. Next you have to learn how to type Emo. For example the sentance I am so sad. Tear. Becomes I period am period so period sad period period tear period. The extra periods punctuate all the sadness that exists in the world. That's all I have for now I'm so depressed I can't even think straight. So long.
18 Apr 2008
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Learn All About Emo Culture and Lifestyle www.emoworldtv**** "What is an Emo." Emo is short for emotional and emotive and originated from the punk rock scene in Washington DC in the Mid 80's. The term Emo is also synonymous with such phrases as "No one understands me," and "with all the pain and suffering in the world what is the point of even living!?!" Emo's are also known for wearing tight jeans, straight black hair with long bangs swooped over one or both eyes, tight T-shirts with rock bands or designs on them, canvas sneakers, skate shoes, thick black horn-rimmed glasses, and studded belt buckles. The term emo, has been associated with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angsty It is also associated with depression, self-injury, and suicide. This is eddie the emo for emoworldtv**** saying so long and reminding you to hug an Emo.
18 Apr 2008
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Learn All About Emo Lifestyle And Culture www.emoworldtv**** I’m Eddie an Emo, and today I will be discussing “How to dress Emo.” The Emo look can vary depending on where you live and the genre of Emo you are going for. For example the Indie Emo look is a bit different from the nerdy emo look. The indie emo look - (best for girls and guys 14-20) # Dyed-black short hair with bangs short and cut straight across the forehead. Spikey in the back. Light blonde hair on girls often works too. # Piercings. The more the better. # Jewelry. The more the better. Beads, etc. # Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eye glasses. # Tight, fadded shirts with random slogans. It should look like it could have been bought at a thrift store but you didn't (but you really did). It takes a while to master that one. # Messenger bag covered in patches and pins (that you actually bought at shows). # Tight pants, sometimes cuffed once or twice but never more! # Converse or other canvas typeshoes. The nerdy emo look - (best for girls under 17 and guys over 21) # Short hair. Style it messy, but not spikey. # Horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eye glasses (this works for all three types). # Thin, tight, solid dark color v-neck sweaters. I call them Grandpa sweaters. # Band shirts. # Messenger bag covered in patches and pins (that you bought at Hot Topic but you tell everyone you got them at shows). # Dickies work pants. Blue, black or grey only! # Argyle socks. # Black converse shoes. Still clueless well just try and dress like me. Also to be a real emo you will need to be skinny. Try a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to keep off the excess weight. Until next time, this is your favorite Emo Eddie for emoworldtv****
16 Jun 2009
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Learn All About Emo Lifestyle And Culture www.emoworldtv**** I’m Eddie Rivera here to teach you, how to act emo. Not only do you have to dress the part, you must also act the part. In order to be considered emo, you must be very emotional. Any emotion will do, but the most common emotions are melancholy, moodiness and heartache. You must get as specific as possible in your mannerisms. For example never eat a whole bag of M&Ms. Pick a color and eat ONLY those ones. It also helps to create a dark and depressing mantra such as “no one gets me” I’m totally alone on this planet,” and “whats the point? were all going to die anyway.” Create and repeat 100 to 1000 times a day. Now get out in the scene and act Emo! I’m Eddie and you’re watching emoworldtv****
13 May 2008
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Learn All About Emo Living And Lifestyle www.emoworldtv**** Eddy here to help you discover your inner emo. If any of the following statements apply to you then you might just be an Emo. If you cry at a concert and you’re not the only one. You might just be an emo. If your MySpace page has more blog entries than friends you might just be an emo. If you are currently wearing more eyeliner then all four members of My Chemical Romance combined you might just be an emo. If everyday is the worst day of your life than you might just be an emo. If you’re a dude and your girlfriend cannot fit into your jeans you might just be an emo. If you have been beat up or bullied by Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers. You might just be an emo. When you get pulled over by a cop and your excuse is, Sorry, I couldn’t see the stop sign, eyeliner was in my eye. You might just be an emo. If you are over the age of 12 and cry when a contestant is voted off American Idol you might just be an emo. If you think you just might be an Emo it’s ok, I understand and feel your pain. The world is a lonely and scary place full of hurt and suffering. I’m off to go blog about my feelings on Myspace, until next time, I’m Eddie Rivera for emowordtv****
11 Dec 2009
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Emo Style - All these thing i hate
22 Apr 2008
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After we drank 2 botles rakia we became emos.. :D
28 Apr 2008
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The Emo Kid Song-Adam and Andrew
11 Sep 2008
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Liam Young in the emo task on Big Brother Celebrity Hijack 2008.
30 Jul 2008
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THE method to be a EMO ! by Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi
27 Jul 2008
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Google's Street View cameras are a voyeur's dream, emo culture is under threat, and we check out a redonk car mod for Batman-crazy fans. Today also begind the 7 Days Without Plastic project, and the FU of the Week is served by Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret, a website where people mail in their secrets on anonymous postcards. For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
15 Aug 2008
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created by harwin, harren, harkean... a compilation of emo pics...enjoy the movie and the para sau yan...
13 Oct 2008
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mostly for emo's because of the way this slide is most people won't like this but IF YOU HATE EMO FEELINGS(FEELING WORTHLESS AND STUFF LIKE THAT)DON'T WATCH!!!!!!!! NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED
23 Aug 2008
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