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possibly the next rebeca black...
22 Jun 2011
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Download file here: *******everfastlink****/silvas275/Engine The Minibosses music video for the song CASTLEVANIA III: Dracula's Curse for the 8-bit NES. Covered by The Minibosses (Nintendo cover band)
5 Aug 2011
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My Chemical Romance performing Helena live acoustic at 98.7FM..
12 Aug 2011
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My Chemical Romance singing Cancer live at 98.7FM
11 Aug 2011
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rtist: Lucie Niemelä album: Doses release: forthcoming on ZeitART Records (LC-24984) artist website: www.lucieniemela**** Bio: Lucie Niemelä is a Czech singer-songwriter living in Finland. She is known for her emotional performances, straightforward lyrics and adventurous melodies. Lucie (born 1985) grew up in the Czech Republic in a rough industrial neighbourhood. She got her piano when she was eight and began composing at the age of 11. She moved to Finland in 2004 to study Finnish language and culture. Soon she met great musicians and was able to play her songs that had waited in a drawer for years. Her first music project was lounge newjazz band Tune Toaster in 2006-2009. After moving to Helsinki Lucie started collaborating with Jaakko Laitinen ja Väärä raha. Beginning of 2012 Lucie´s first album doses will be released on the german record label ZeitART Records www.reitart-music****
13 Aug 2011
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Check out YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECK in their new music video "The Briliance."
25 Aug 2011
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ang pagtaas ng tuition fee kadalasan mas madami ang ahihirapan kesa sa nagiginhawaan. ang dating away pulitika ay tuluyang minana ng kasalukuyang administrasyon at patuloy na lumalago ang kaguluhang mula pa noon. makialam sana ang mga kabataan wag tayong sumunod sa mga dikta ng mga diktador na sa puso nila pera ang nagingibabaw
1 Sep 2011
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Hi there. I just fall in love with this song at the first time i heard. And i decided to cover it. Here we go. *i'm changing the lyrics a bit. Coz it just slip from my lips, and i think it's alright.****/rigle69 www.facebook****/ristriputri intro : C x2 verse 1: C Its raining today, the blinds are shut. C Its always the same. Bb I tried all the games that they play, C but they made me insane. C Life on TV its random, C it means nothing to me. Bb Im writing down what I cannot see C wanna wake up in a dream. Chorus: C Oh, oh. Am Theyre telling me its beautiful. F I believe them, but will I ever know C the world behind my wall. C Oh, oh. Am The sun will shine like never before. F One day I will be ready to go, C see the world behind my wall. verse 2: C Trains in the sky are travelling C through fragments of time. Bb Theyre taking me to parts of my mind C Am that no one can find. C Im ready to fall. G F Am Im ready to crawl on my knees to know it all. C Im ready to heal. G Im ready to feel. Reff (F C Am) See the world behind my wall x3 C Im ready to fall. G F Am Im ready to crawl on my knees to (make) it all. C Im ready to heal. G Im ready to feel. Reff.
9 Nov 2011
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Dance Music
9 Mar 2012
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HitFix's Katit Hasty talked with All-American Rejects lead vocalist and bassist Tyson Ritter at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The artist explains more about their new album 'Kids in the Street' and their variety of fans.
25 Mar 2012
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alen romance with thrice
10 Jul 2012
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Stupeflix**** helped me make this Comic Strip Picture video easily and free!! :D It's so amazing lol
29 Jul 2012
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"Molly Ringwald Is Dead" is a video featuring the new song from Love Supine. It opens in the middle of a gathering of trees, as a mysterious sound heralds in the lead vocalist who is fading into view in the distance. The colors are almost black and white with a very washed out effect. In contrast, the rock band's down beat and the power chord of guitars bring this song to life. The singer is fascinated that the 80's teen star Molly Ringwald has opinions and thoughts that he didn't expect from her. The tempo is danceable, and the vocal style a bit like Fred Schneider of B52. The lead singer and guitar are the only players in the video, so there are effective cuts to the scene in synch with the music. "Molly Ringwald is Dead", has a dark humor to it, and should be perfect for Halloween. *******lovesupine****
20 Nov 2012
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This Is A GREAT yet FUNNY tutoreal on how to scream PLEAS WATCH TILL THE END to get the actual tutorial i get into the history and etc
6 Apr 2013
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11 Oct 2016
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PLEASE READ: I don't think Tana is lying about her stalker existing. I don't hate Tana, I still watch her videos & have since she was at 400k subs. I'm only skeptical about this specific story she told. Why do I care? Because it grabbed my attention, & I kept finding out more & more details that didn't make sense. By uploading this, I wanted conversation to be started about what you think is happening. Unfortunately 80% of my comments are unnecessary insults that have nothing to do with the content of my video. I'm exhausted trying to defend myself to people who aren't listening to what I'm saying anyways.
1 Mar 2017
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