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Using the premier energy-healing technique EFT ... (more) Added: March 26, 2008 Using the premier energy-healing technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Dr. Phillip Mountrose (*******www.gettingthru****) shares with you an easy-to-do, powerful technique he and his wife created: The Miracle Reframe™ with EFT. Use this fast and effective little process on improving anything in your life: finances, relationships, health, you name it. It's always time for a miracle
9 Apr 2008
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Learn All About Emo Culture and Lifestyle www.emoworldtv**** "What is an Emo." Emo is short for emotional and emotive and originated from the punk rock scene in Washington DC in the Mid 80's. The term Emo is also synonymous with such phrases as "No one understands me," and "with all the pain and suffering in the world what is the point of even living!?!" Emo's are also known for wearing tight jeans, straight black hair with long bangs swooped over one or both eyes, tight T-shirts with rock bands or designs on them, canvas sneakers, skate shoes, thick black horn-rimmed glasses, and studded belt buckles. The term emo, has been associated with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angsty It is also associated with depression, self-injury, and suicide. This is eddie the emo for emoworldtv**** saying so long and reminding you to hug an Emo.
18 Apr 2008
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Learn All About Emo Lifestyle And Culture www.emoworldtv**** I’m Eddie Rivera here to teach you, how to act emo. Not only do you have to dress the part, you must also act the part. In order to be considered emo, you must be very emotional. Any emotion will do, but the most common emotions are melancholy, moodiness and heartache. You must get as specific as possible in your mannerisms. For example never eat a whole bag of M&Ms. Pick a color and eat ONLY those ones. It also helps to create a dark and depressing mantra such as “no one gets me” I’m totally alone on this planet,” and “whats the point? were all going to die anyway.” Create and repeat 100 to 1000 times a day. Now get out in the scene and act Emo! I’m Eddie and you’re watching emoworldtv****
13 May 2008
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You have seen the hit Dancing with the Stars, but National Lampoon Lemmings is breaking the mold on this new series called "Dancing with the Scars". People with severe emotional problems compete to win. This week features depression, heroine addiction, and sex addicts. America votes and determines who gets to go to the recovery center. To see the whole show go to www.maniaTV****
2 Oct 2009
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see our clients reaction when they see their waterfall for the first time. very emotional!
3 Jun 2008
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My studio project as part of my Bachelor of IT (multimedia) at Monash. Roughly 331 development hours, unfortunately not all of the hours are documented, potentially up to 400 hours, crammed into 12 weeks! (6 weeks production) This is completely rendered in HD, so eventually I'll be able to release it for BlueRay as part of my show reel! Any questions feel free to drop me a line, cheers, Anthony Parker (Visual Emotive studios)
1 Mar 2010
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these two fat ten year olds were pissed, and started fighting, and the other one was emotionally hurt and started to cry (we think). they are both fat n short, its funny.
17 Jun 2008
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*******www.firstwivesworld**** Here’s the bad news: The emotions you’ll experience when trying to function in a blended family range from frustration to serious frustration. The good news is that these feelings are normal, temporary, and even manageable…if you check out this segment with relationship expert Dr. Dale Atkins.
17 Jun 2008
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The video of the acoustic instrumental song naming the first solo album of Turkish rock guitarist and producer Serdar Oztop. The song is deeply emotional and offers warm melodies in style of traditional Turkish music. ---------- Haluk Levent, Barış Akarsu, Bulutsuzlul Özlemi gibi birçok sanatçı ve grupla çalışmış olan gitarist - prodüktör Serdar ÖztoP'un 10 enstrümantal parçadan oluşan ilk solo albümüne adını veren parçanın videosu.
23 Jun 2008
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*******vitalcoaching****/wakeupyourpower.htm Find the right mind posture! - Mind mudras - Mind sets - A set or thoughts, emotions and feelings associated with a given live situation - Patterns that do not match reality - Match your vision with reality
20 Dec 2011
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very emotional and sentimental recitation by Sheikh Tawfeeq Al-Sayeg
15 Jul 2008
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*******www.mercola****/forms/subscribe.htm?bid=4&aid=CD22&opt= Learn how to stop and prevent a headache naturally. *******endcancer****/ how, stop, prevent, get, rid, headache, natural, remedy, naturally, migraine, cervicogenic, inflammation, eft, emotional, freedom, technique, mercola, null, matthias rath, doctor, medicine, alternative matthew loop chiropractor chiropractic
29 Sep 2008
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Did you know giraffes were very emotional creatures? LOL
20 Jul 2008
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a very emotional recitation of surat al naba' ....amazing
16 Sep 2009
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*******www.menopausethenaturalway****/ Emotional wellness and healthy living with homeopathy, holistic therapies and herbs for menopause. You can say no to drugs when you get real relief from menopause the natural way using our 12 steps self help system. Learn More at: *******www.menopausethenaturalway****/
8 Aug 2008
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Baseball can inspire some passionate emotions.
29 Aug 2008
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