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Did I see it wrong or did these donkeys just pull the cart as fast as a motorized car with the sound of engines buzzing in the background?
29 May 2019
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LYRICS - A pair of black faded jeans wrap around my legs as the legs cross over eachother while I sit and watch. A mini spa moment for me, a little sitting on this faded black plastic lawn chair, tucked under a little bit of shade under the hot Sedona sun. The sun seeming to be having a little affair with the earth, their passtion turnign the mesas, the mountains, and bluffs a soft ruddy rouge. For nowhere else in the Arizona desert does the land hold such and immense mysterious power. So I sit. First noticing my toes. Not visually, but from the inside out. Feeling my feet without moving and only moving up my legs once I've felt that urgent throbbing of pulse and energy from my feet then slowly to my knees, relaxing them both with a few deep breaths and then onto my upper legs, hips, waist. With a deep belly breath in, and then slowly out, I relax my chest. The life force floods through my body, into my back, spine and arms. Feeling each inch of my skin, muscles, and bones from the inside, sending energizing breaths and healing my body inch by inch. Now, at my neck, I feel my throat, the air passing through my nose. Conscious of my face, I close my eyes and feel each eye, cheek, temple, ear, jaw one by one. Noticing the energy rise in my face and body, a gentle buzzing sensation, the sound of a faraway lawn mower engine buzzing peacefully on a silent sunny sunday morning. With a renewed aliveness, a stronger presence in my body. I feel as though I fill it up more fully, using all the spaces inside me to fill with aliveness. So I sit and watch, now squarely in the middle of my mini spa break. Some time has passed, the experience of arriving in my body is timeless in the 3-5 minutes that must have lapsed. Proclaiming the physical space that I take up on our earth for myself. And so I sit and watch with little judgements, with little mental chatter and with little anything else at all. A zen monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, once suggested, "Don't just do something, just sit there." Relaxing into that warn, accepting suggestion, I follow Thay with ease. Not doing anything else but sitting and feeling this experience of sitting to the fullest. The fold of my hips, the fold of my knees are delicious to relax into, succumbing to gravity -- our earth's longing to draw us into her, to merge within her. Letting my feet get heavier and heavier, getting so closely intimate with the earth underneath that a half thought arises - Am I growing roots yet? - Am I getting as involved as that tree with our earth, sending shoots out solidly establishing the togetherness? That tree and these legs inspiring one another to never let go of the ground. Feeling grounded and stable, just giving into the temptation of gravity, pleasure coursing through up from the earth and through my legs, and into my spine. Now straight, my spine stirs with a long lost memory. A memory of trust. Trusting the lower half of my body to be So strong, So grounded that it can soar. The memory slowly turns to real experience as my spine straightens, pulling strength and vitality from the earth into my core. Creating space and taking up more space, I take deeper breaths. With a smile, noticing the parallel of that tree's trunks rising solidly towards space, grounded in security that the only truth is that She won't let go, ever. With my spine increasing in length, my chest moves forward and my heart lifts gently with each breath. I feel like soaring, my arm and mind rise to the sky, just as my brother-from-the-same-mother tree over there, raises his arms like branches to the sky. And so, I sit here and do nothing. While the tree just stands there, and does nothing.
26 Aug 2009
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