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English Conversation: Hotel Recommendations Listen to the conversation, then read the explanation of the words and phrases. Amanda: “I’m looking for a budget hotel in Orlando. Have you ever stayed at the Comfort Hotel?” Joe: “Yes… I wouldn’t recommend it.” Amanda: “Why not?” Joe: “Granted, it’s cheap, but the place is filthy, the beds are uncomfortable, there’s no A/C, the breakfast is pretty skimpy… and the staff couldn’t care less about the guests.” Amanda: “Oh. I guess you get what you pay for. How long did you stay there?” Joe: “Just one night, when my flight was canceled due to bad weather. It’s bearable if you just need a place to crash, but you definitely don’t want to book a vacation there. Unless you enjoy sharing your room with cockroaches.” Amanda: “Hmm, I’ll pass. Hopefully I can find a decent place that won’t cost a fortune.” CONVERSATION NOTES: Amanda is looking for a budget hotel – this means a hotel that is inexpensive – it doesn’t cost very much money. When she asks Joe about the Comfort Hotel, Joe gives her a list of negative points about it. Joe begins by saying “Granted, it’s cheap…” the word “granted” in this situation means “I acknowledge that” – you can use it to recognize a fact before presenting some counterpoints (facts on the opposite side). Joe says the hotel is filthy – that means “extremely dirty and disgusting.” Also, the beds are uncomfortable and there’s no A/C – air conditioning. The breakfast is skimpy – that means there is less food than there should be; the quantity of food is inadequate. Finally, the hotel staff “couldn’t care less” about the guests – that means the people who work at the hotel don’t care at all about the people who are staying there. Amanda uses the phrase “you get what you pay for.” This expression means “If you don’t pay much money for something, then it is probably of bad quality.” If you pay more, then you are more likely to get something that is high-quality. Joe only spent one night at the C
16 Feb 2018
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8 Mar 2019
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WELCOME TO Altaf For English learners 1 Mera peecha chor do Get off my back 2 Apne tor tareeke sahi karo Mend your ways. (Idiom) Mend (one's) ways 3 Apne ghusse pe qabu rakho Control your temper! or Don't lose your temper! 4 Mazaq ke ilawa, ye baat sach hai Joking apart Joking aside Joking apart, this is true! Or Or bhotse log ye words bhi use karte hai Joke apart Jokes apart leken ye words grammatically correct nahi hai or nahi ye words aap ko kisi online bari dictionary me milega Ye words bas kisi ne bole honge or ye words famous hogaye hai or agar aap ko ye words kisi dictionary me mile tu mujhe comments karke zaroor batayenga thek hai 5 Allah sab theek kar de ga Allah/God will set things right set (something) right 6 Tum dharein mar kar rote ho You cry like rain 7 Bas tumhari yehi museebat hai That’s you all over 8 Yaar hosla rakh Buddy, give it a rest (Informal) 9 Kya faida hai? What’s the use? 10 Meri billi, mujhey myaun My Foot, My Tutor Wo mujhse kabhi kabhi milne ata hai He comes to see me now and then He comes to se me Infrequently He comes to se me occasionally He comes to se me sometimes Mujhe is mamle main kuch bi nahi pata I don't know anything in this matter I know nothing in this matter I am quite in the dark about this matter Main ne aap ko ek martaba bata deya hai is mamle main aap ki madad nahi karonga I have told you once for all that I will not help you in this matter Bori urat marne ke karib thi The old woman was at the point of death Usse paso ki kammi ki waja se apni perhai khatam karni parhi He had to dis conti nue his studies for want of money Ali shehar ke bech main rehta hai Ali lives in the heart of the city
31 Aug 2019
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18 Jan 2019
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