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An emerging centre to make this world a smaller place through the English Language. British English Academy active in teaching, research, and publication in English. It has been successful in enriching and inspiring English Vocabulary and Knowledge since the commencement
12 Sep 2018
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Learn spoken English in the usual way is hard! And fluent English conversation is even harder. British English Academy way to learn English conversation is different discover a new, fun way to learn how to speak English that is simple, fast and works.
25 Sep 2018
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Welcome to Altaf for English learners Hum aksar kuch is tarhake sentences bolte hai, sunte hai or kabhi kabhar likhte bhi hai jese ke 1. Jaha tak mera taluq hai wo larka mujhe sahi lagta hai 2. Jaha tak mere bhai ka taluq hai main usse tumhari team main nahi khelne donga 3. Jaha tak hamara taluq hai hum world tour ke kharche bardast nahi kar sakhte 4. Jaha tak mera taluq hai main is shadi main nahi jaunga 5. Jaha tak Ammir ka taluq hai wo ab tumse dobara nahi mile ga Ap ne dekha in sab sentences main jaha tak phir kese ka taluq. ye common hai Or jab hum istarha ke Urdu sentences English main translate karte hai tu hum is structure ko follow karte howe translate karte hai As far as + Sub + is/am/are/was/were + concerned + any sentence Tu chale ab kuch sentences banate hai or in sentences ko translate karte hai 1. Jaha tak mera taluq hai mujhe wo larka Sahi lag raha hai As far as I am concerned that boy seems nice/good 2. Jaha tak mere bhai ka taluq hai main usse tumhari team main nahi khelne donga As far as my brother is concerned I will never let him play into yout team 3. Jaha tak hamara taluq hai hum world tour ke kharche bardast nahi kar sakhte As far as We are concerned we can not afford expences of world tour 4. Jaha tak mera taluq hai main is shadi main nahi jaunga As far as I am concerned, I will never go in this wedding 5. Jaha tak Ammir ka taluq hai wo ab tumse dobara nahi mile ga As far as Ammir is concerned, He will never meet you again 6. Jaha tak hamari family ka taluq hai tu hum apna vote Imran khan ko denge As far as our family is concerned, we will give our votes for imran khan Ap chahe to in sentences ko past main bhi bana sakhte hai jese ke Jaha tak hamari family ka taluq tha hamne apne votes Imran khan ko diye As far as our family was concerned, we gave our votes for Imran khan
19 Aug 2019
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WELCOME TO Altaf For English learners 1 Mera peecha chor do Get off my back 2 Apne tor tareeke sahi karo Mend your ways. (Idiom) Mend (one's) ways 3 Apne ghusse pe qabu rakho Control your temper! or Don't lose your temper! 4 Mazaq ke ilawa, ye baat sach hai Joking apart Joking aside Joking apart, this is true! Or Or bhotse log ye words bhi use karte hai Joke apart Jokes apart leken ye words grammatically correct nahi hai or nahi ye words aap ko kisi online bari dictionary me milega Ye words bas kisi ne bole honge or ye words famous hogaye hai or agar aap ko ye words kisi dictionary me mile tu mujhe comments karke zaroor batayenga thek hai 5 Allah sab theek kar de ga Allah/God will set things right set (something) right 6 Tum dharein mar kar rote ho You cry like rain 7 Bas tumhari yehi museebat hai That’s you all over 8 Yaar hosla rakh Buddy, give it a rest (Informal) 9 Kya faida hai? What’s the use? 10 Meri billi, mujhey myaun My Foot, My Tutor Wo mujhse kabhi kabhi milne ata hai He comes to see me now and then He comes to se me Infrequently He comes to se me occasionally He comes to se me sometimes Mujhe is mamle main kuch bi nahi pata I don't know anything in this matter I know nothing in this matter I am quite in the dark about this matter Main ne aap ko ek martaba bata deya hai is mamle main aap ki madad nahi karonga I have told you once for all that I will not help you in this matter Bori urat marne ke karib thi The old woman was at the point of death Usse paso ki kammi ki waja se apni perhai khatam karni parhi He had to dis conti nue his studies for want of money Ali shehar ke bech main rehta hai Ali lives in the heart of the city
31 Aug 2019
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Rapid Delivery of Usa - English Speaking Targeted visitors to your website or online business opportunity. Free affiliate program and partners program with 50% revenue share. Over 1000+ sites served. Packages start as low as $3 bucks.
8 Sep 2009
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Actor Manolo Cardona is set to make his network television debut this summer on the USA Network drama Covert Affiars. Known for his roles in films like El Cartel, and Violet y The Mule alongside Sharon Stone, Cardona joins the fourth season cast. His character is said to be a Colombian guerrillero named Teo Braga. Working alongside Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham, this will mark the first time the Colombian joins an English speaking drama series.
3 Apr 2013
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Take Franchisee of one of the most reputed English Language Institutes BAFEL (British Academy for English Language) and become a professional and No. 1 English Speaking Institute provider.
7 Apr 2017
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View the most popular Church in Tokyo. Interdenominational, English Speaking, Beautiful Church building, Many ministries, Fabulous people, Terrific Pastors in the Heart of Tokyo. A must for Christians traveling through Tokyo Japan. Presented by New Yorker Daniel Reton & Australian Natali Living & Vlogging from Tokyo, Japan
14 Jun 2018
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Pune Training Institute ranks in top English Speaking Courses in karve nagar Pune , It also has presence in karvenagar , narhe, katraj, kothrud. Best English Speaking Classes, English Speaking Courses in karve nagar Pune, english speaking course in karve nagar pune
16 Jun 2018
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Get yourself enrolled in Asian School of English to learn English in daily life. Learn English speaking within a year to improve your communicative English.
18 Jul 2018
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The knowledge Academy is best HR Training, Digital Marketing, English Speaking Institute in Nagpur. We provide Corporate HR Training in Nagpur, HR Courses, Digital Marketing courses and English Speaking and personality development classes in Nagpur. The Knowledge Academy has the strong base of Management with experienced and certified trainer having industrial knowledge in their respective fields.
21 Sep 2018
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Enter the world of British English Academy and enjoy a premium quality English speaking experience designed to fit your special requirements. British English Academy is determined to make English learning more accessible through their institutes across Delhi.
4 Oct 2018
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