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Response to a video of some guys drinking ayahuasca in their living room, washing it down with peanut butter and coca-cola and turning on The Simpsons Como no tomar Ayahuasca
31 Aug 2007
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Jacques Mabit, director del centro Takiwasi, habla sobre Ayahuasca, shamanismo, la curiosidad de los occidentales, y nuevos mitos ------- Jacques Mabit, director of the Takiwasi center, discuses Ayahuasca, shamanism, western curiosity, and new myths.
6 Sep 2007
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J.M. Fericgla, anthropologist, author, president of the Society of Applied Ethnopsychology (Sd’EA), and pioneer in the use of Ayahuasca psychotherapy, speaks about entheogens and the ego, and gives a different take on shapeshifting. ------ J.M. Fericgla, antropólogo, presidente de la Sociedad de Etnopsicología Aplicada (Sd’EA), y pionero en el uso de Ayahuasca en psicoterapia, habla sobre enteógenos, el ego, y los espíritus animales. *******www.etnopsico****/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=35
12 Oct 2008
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