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Espectexclculo creado, dirigido y producido por Yllana. Producciones Yllana ataca de nuevo. Directo a los sentidos a travs de un humor visual, sin complejos y repleto de acciupn. El objetivo es claro: divertirnos nosotros y divertir al pordmblico. Spingo es un espectculo pensado bajo una enica premisa: moverse. Al ritmo de la mejor mica, botar, saltar y rebotar. Energshya positiva que conecta con el espectador desde el primer guiplusmno, y convierte el escenario en un espacio inssuplito donde todas las direcciones son posibles. Otra vez sin palabras, Spingo recrea un mundo mdegico, cargado de humor negro y corrosivo y de un erotismo desenfadado impregnado en cada uno de los diferentes nordmmeros y que utiliza el baile como medio expresivo al servicio de la comedia. La quinta produccisupn de Yllana se afronta con la habitual frescura y descaro que caracteriza la compaplusmnshya. Spingo tiene una vitalidad contagiosa que consigue un caos completamente ordenado. Yllana production attacks once again. Through the visual humour, without insecurities and full of action it goes right to the senses. The objective is clear: to entertain ourselves and to entertain the audience. Spingo is a show with a main aim: to move your body. To the rhythm of music you must bounce, jump and rebound. The positive energy connects with the audience from the start and it turns the stage into a place where anything can happen. Again, without words, Spingo creates a magical world, full of corrosive black comedy, and an easy going eroticism in all of its acts. Its a comedy expressed through the medium of dance. The fifth Yllana production nurtures its usual freshness and cheek that is part of the essence of the company. Spingo has a contagious vitality that manages a completely organised chaos.
30 Jan 2007
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we had to entertain ourselves somehow during the 20 hour car ride home from florida!
12 Jun 2007
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this is how we entertain ourselves
20 Mar 2008
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We found other ways to entertain ourselves in DisneyWorld
14 Jan 2010
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8 Mar 2010
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WSI World - Online Marketing, Local Internet Marketing, Web Advertising, Online Promotions & Web Marketing Strategies from WSI. Online marketing or internet marketing is the buzzword today. Our world has become "digitized". Digital media has changed our lives dramatically, all the way from how we spend our time and money, to how we communicate and entertain ourselves to even how we seek and receive information. We have shifted our offline consumer behaviours to online, using search engines and social networks to help us decide who and what we want to buy. This is a video on how we have all become digital consumers in one way or another through what we call - digitization.
4 Jun 2012
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The crew leaves Darwin, Australia and sails over 600NM to the Spice Islands in Indonesia! During the 5 day sail we entertain ourselves with fishing, showering, and general lazing around. We arrived in Banda Neira in the early morning hours to a sweet view of the volcanic peaks. If you want to see the complete video kindly visit our Youtube Channel:- sailing sv delos
6 Mar 2019
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