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A young entrepreneur on a journey to be the best. Subscribe to the channel for Affiliate Marketing ,entrepreneurship, and motivational content! On my channel where I try to help others get to that next level in career and life.
Artistic Entrepreneurship & Technology 101: Dr. E's 2005 Introduction *******artsentreprneurship**** *******herosjourneyentrepreneurship**** Rock On Artistic Entrepreneurs!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Elliot McGucken launched Artistic Entrepreneurship & Technology 101 at UNC Chapel Hill in the spring of 2006. Here is a video he produced in 2005 for the first class. The Triangle Business Journal reported on Dr. E's New Class: Arts Entrepreneurship & Technology 101 on 9/12/2005: *******triangle****journals****/triangle/stories/2005/09/12/tidbits1.html?page=2 "What do you get when you combine an interest in the arts with an interest in entrepreneurial ventures and an interest in cutting-edge technology? Dr. Elliot McGucken at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says the result is someone he calls an artistic entrepreneur. Thus, he's received a grant from the Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative to launch a class called Artistic Entrepreneurship. Known as "Dr. E" to his students, McGucken teaches physics and programming and has published a poetry book, a novel, a collection of essays, several scientific articles and - huh? - poetry in The Wall Street Journal. Since 1995, he's run an online site called jollyroger**** that pays homage to the "Great Books" and serves as a forum for those who worship excellence in literature. "It'd be great to build a couple hip artistic ventures in our own backyard," McGucken tells Biz. "Why let New York and L.A. have all the fun?"
31 Jan 2008
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Dr. E Presenting Arts Entrepreneurship & Technology SXSW in Austin, Texas
29 Jan 2008
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Dr. Elliot McGucken on Arts Entrepreneurship & Technology & Hero's Journey Entrepreneurship *******artsentrepreneurship**** *******herosjourneyentrepreneurship**** *******herosjourneyfellowship**** *******herosjourneylabs**** The DTH reports at *******www.dailytarheel****/media/storage/paper885/news/2005/10/05/University/Course.To.Combine.Entrepreneurship.And.Arts-1366605.shtml : Students who always have dreamed of seeing their name on the silver screen, attributed to a famous work of art or associated with a famous symphony can start attaining these goals next semester. Regardless of the focus of interest, Elliot McGucken, professor of physics and programming, said these dreams can become a reality through the course Artistic Entrepreneurship and Technology 101. The course, which will be offered during the spring 2006 semester, was made possible through the Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative Innovations Fund. This $11 million effort, funded in part by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, seeks to incorporate entrepreneurship education into all aspects of campus life - creating the knowledge to launch ventures of all kinds. The course will be open to 40 students who have "a prerequisite in passion," McGucken said. Students are required to submit an essay describing their ambitions to demonstrate their enthusiasm. For more information visit artsentrepreneurship****. The CEI sponsorship allows students to work alongside movie producers and record dealers to realize their potential within an ever-changing industry. "What was once offered only in New York or Los Angeles is now available right here in Chapel Hill," McGucken said. The basis of the class is organized around an independent project. Programers, artists, musicians, writers and designers will collaborate to create an entrepreneurial plan from which their dreams can flourish. Vision progresses into a business plan, which creates the possibility of expression for each talent within the group, McGucken said. The background details exist in the development, promotion and distribution of a venture, which requires the exploration of many facets of a particular industry. It is important that the members of the group come together to function as a unit, McGucken said. Students will be required to post a blog charting their progress and providing article resources from trade journals to other members of the class. By studying the careers of several famous artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs, students will see how others created a venue in which to launch a career. The diligent student will leave the class with a tangible product of his or her dream as pursued during the semester, whether it be a record label or an art portfolio. McGucken's personal entrepreneurial career began nearly 10 years ago with the establishment of jollyroger****, a Web site that is dedicated to classic literature. Today McGucken manages more than 30 Web sites aimed at providing an outlet for independent artists and creators. He also has published four books including two novels and a poetry collection. McGucken said the class will serve as a great way for ambitious students to pursue their goals. "The course gives an opportunity for one to follow his dream." --from *******www.dailytarheel****/media/storage/paper885/news/2005/10/05/University/Course.To.Combine.Entrepreneurship.And.Arts-1366605.shtml
29 Jan 2008
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Announces Last Call for Nominations for More than $30,000 in Prizes for Teen Entrepreneurs The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) announced the last call for nominations for the 2008 Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Award Program. Guardian will grant a total of $30,000 to 15 teen business owners and entrepreneurs. Nominations will be accepted through February 29, 2008. Teachers, parents, and community members are encouraged to nominate accomplished young female entrepreneurs between the ages of 12 and 18. Adults can nominate girls — daughters, nieces, neighbors or students — by submitting a 750-word essay endorsing accomplished young female entrepreneurs. Nominees must also write a 250-word personal statement on entrepreneurship, leadership, financial independence, or giving back to the community.
30 Jan 2008
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Enviu; innovators in sustainability, visited DOB Foundation Headquarters for a session about issue-driven entrepreneurship (solving environmental and social issues applying entrepreneurial principles. Fon van der Velden, facilitated the session.
15 Mar 2008
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*******www.manojsharma****/services-for-you/the-entrepreneurship-challenge/ The Entrepreneurship Challenge by Manoj Sharma The Entrepreneurship Challenge is a holistically designed, intensely focused, practical and advanced, 7-session socio-economic venture creation initiative. It is designed to educate, develop and coach top entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial performance in a systematic, best-practices, sustainable development way. It also offers the opportunity of up to $100,000 in seed money and access to more.
22 Oct 2008
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HK PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Challenge-Global Competition 2009 *******
4 Oct 2011
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Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson was elected in part because voters believed that he could be a dynamic leader who would be a stronger advocate for bringing business and jobs to the region than his predecessor. The capitol city’s celebrity mayor appears intent on fostering just such a pro-business climate in Sacramento, and, as part of this vision, he has agreed to serve as the emcee for an event titled “The Liquidity Event” in Sacramento on January 15, 2009. Proceeds from the event will benefit the following business development and entrepreneurship organizations: the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (www.SARTA****); Entrepreneurs’ Organization (www.EOSacramento****); and The Entrepreneurs’ Foundation (www.EFCR****). “The purpose of this event is to celebrate local entrepreneurial success stories in the Sacramento region,” said JD Stack, CEO of SARTA. “The firms being celebrated at this event can serve as role models for other local entrepreneurs.” Celebration of Entrepreneurs and Startup Business Success Stories The event will celebrate the recent successful acquisitions of local startup companies MaxPreps (acquired by CBS) & Lipomics (acquired by Tethys Bioscience of Emeryville.) Two local CEOs will also be honored for their contributions to the business community in our region: Ron Mittlestaedt, CEO of Waste Connections and John Finegan, CEO of Beck Ag. Keynote Speaker 49er Football Legend and Venture Capitalist Steve Young The guest speaker for the event, Steve Young, managing director of H&G Capital Partners, will speak about his experiences in the football trenches as well as the business ones. The event will take place on January 15, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency, 5:30-7:30pm, tickets are $75 You Can Register Here Now! (or cut and paste into your browser the link: *******www.sarta****/go/sarta/news-events/events/the-liquidity-event/)
1 Jan 2009
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NUS Entrepreneurship Week 2009. Videography by TalkDodo****
30 Jan 2009
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Ben Young, serial entreprneur, blogger & author speaks on Gen C & Entrepreneurship. See more at *******www.jakepearce****
13 Apr 2009
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What started out as a journey of 10 cities with the mission of spreading entrepreneurship in the country, had to finish at none other than our home camp-IIT Kharagpur All of the EACs witnessed a massive turnout of enthusiastic students in the respective cities, who got inspired by the moving lectures delivered by the speakers. Through EAD, India learned about entrepreneurship, students got to hear real time entrepreneurs who have made big in their respective fields and are changing the destiny of the nation in their own way. The imprints that this initiative has left will definitely inspire more and more nascent minds to take the path of entrepreneurship, the path less travelled by.
26 Oct 2009
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Business Coach and International Best-selling Author William R. Patterson shares insights on generating passive income and achieving financial independence using various entrepreneurship and wealth building vehicles including direct sales and real estate. For more information on BARON Wealth and Business Coaching, visit *******www.baronseries****/business_coaching.htm. For $497 in free business and wealth building gifts, visit *******www.baronseries****/myfreegifts.htm
11 Oct 2010
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René Carayol, entrepreneur and BBCs Pay Off Your Mortgage In Two Years presenter, speaks about his experiences of business and how starting and running a successful business is possible for anyone with the right preparation, support and belief. René shares his thoughts on the business potential in the South East - the interview with Business Link took place for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009. This video clip has been produced by Business Link to encourage people to think about starting their own business. Business Link can not be held responsible for videos on third party sites.
10 Feb 2010
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