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Ergonomic Designer helps you in increase profits and advances your company’s goals, by creating better ergonomic products and environments for your customers. We designed seating for FalconJet Corp, John Deere Co & Hyster Co. Henry Dreyfuss Associates was at the forefront of the Human Factors and Ergonomic engineering movement. Contact Bryan Dressler at 206-855-9638 and get the perfect ergonomic product or environment for your needs.
19 Apr 2011
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Wrist Assured Gloves are ergonomically designed to ease wrist strain and improve your comfort by relieving joint pain, nerve compression and stress on the soft tissues of the wrist during weight bearing exercises so common in yoga and Pilates.
4 Aug 2009
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*******www.spacify****/vendor-vUff.html The designs excel in the lightness and clean contemporary looks of the office vitality creating free interpretation of the space by the user. A creative energy integrates the aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and sustainability of this compelling Italian office furniture of Italian quality. Materials and finishes are applied to please the human senses in harmony with nature. It is even more pleasing to know that every material and production stage is approached with the environment in mind, and award winning designs are not only eco-friendly but workplace friendly as well.
12 Jul 2011
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Invented by Swim Coach James Davis and Chief Engineer Paul Dowd, the DrySwim Trainer is the first truly ergonomically designed exercise machine for swimmers. The patented design of the DrySwim Trainer conforms to the proper body position and therefore a foundation to train properly and exercise correctly using the correct technique necessary to pace smoothly without exerting unneeded energy.
17 Jul 2007
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On your desk, advanced laser technology gives you precise tracking and instant response. In the air, innovative Freespace motion sensing transforms hand motions into natural, responsive cursor controls. Internal Gyroscopes translate your hand movements into mouse actions on the screen. A perfect ergonomic design makes this mouse comfortable under your hand as well as in it. Sit back and listen to music, browse photos, or surf the Web from your desk or across the room.
7 Sep 2007
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It's nearly impossible to crochet with arthritis. Even if you're not at that point, hand pain and fatigue can stop a project short. It's always best to use ergonomic crochet hooks, to save your hands while crocheting. More details on arthritis and carpal tunnel issues and crochet can be found here: offers ergonomic crochet hooks that allow you to crochet faster and longer than most crochet hooks. And to carry and store your crochet hooks, they come in a cute windowed case that allows you to see your hooks. With so many reviews, Ergo Hooks is quickly becoming the go-to ergonomic crochet hook amongst crochet enthusiasts. Check us out at Make sure to visit us on our social channels: Facebook: (Our FB Page) (A cool FB group)
The Creative Wireless Headphones CB8100 makes the perfect companion for music listening. Driven by powerful 50mm drivers, listen to every audio spectrum with greater clarity. Feel the comfort from the ergonomically designed ear cups and premium cushions and enjoy luxurious comfort during extended periods of wear. Choose from wired or wireless use with the dual mode operation without sacrificing audio quality. Designed with you in mind, the folding headband makes it compact-sized for storage and travel.
5 Oct 2007
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The Razer DeathAdder, when placed in the right hands, will send enemies scurrying for cover. Its pinpoint accuracy and lightning fast speed are undoubtedly the finest in the art of fragging. The right-handed ergonomic design with rubber-coated buttons provide slip-resistant grip and improved comfort during intensive game play. Powered by Razer Precision, the new 3G infrared sensor on the Razer DeathAdder lets you move 2.25 times faster when compared to a standard 800 dpi optical sensor. Before the enemy sees you, he's already dead.
11 Oct 2007
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*******www.deluxecomfort****/countour-pillow-order.html The Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow is the answer to obtaining great night sleep. Enjoy all of the health benefits you will receive from sleeping correctly on this wonderful orthopedic pillow. No more stiff neck. This contour pillow is a contemporary cervical pillow that fits the natural contour of your head and neck supporting you while you sleep giving you relief from neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain. This memory foam contour pillow is an ergonomically designed neck pillow support that holds your neck in the proper position while you sleep, cradling your head, neck, and shoulders with cozy cloud-like comfort. It comes with a free, super soft fiberfill cover for added health benefits and offers a hypoallergenic smooth, soft and cool surface for you to sleep upon. This pillow cover is hypoallergenic and helps you to breathe safely, fantastic for people who suffer from allergies and other breathing problems (i.e. asthma, snoring, sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea.)
13 Dec 2007
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Light, Quiet and Sophisticated: Aero-TV Checks Out The Clarity Aloft Headset How Come Something This Light and Small Work So Well??? For the last few weeks, you may have read us extolling the virtues of a headset that was the target of our first-ever News-Spy Award program... the TSO'd Clarity Aloft headset by Aloft Technologies. This didn't happen by accident... we were so impressed by eh diminutive dimensions and the outstanding performance that it seemed like a worthwhile award -- and it was -- just ask Sandi Shoffner, who won the first of our News-Spy contributor awards and is enjoying her new headset as we write this! The newest TSO'd product by Aloft Technologies, the "Pro" version of the Clarity Aloft headset does what we thought wasn't going to be all that easy to do... improve on a great product. Redesigned and fully TSO approved, this headset combines the technical superiority of the original with even lighter materials (and how they do that without pumping it full of helium, we do not know... grin) and ergonomic design. To get right to the point, folks, this thing weighs an ounce and a half... and nothing that light (outside of a Florida borne mosquito) can possibly be all that uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the thing we like best about these headsets is that once they're on, you really do forget they're there... which can make for an interesting exit if you don't think to remove when exiting your aircraft. Grin. The secret to the noise attenuation properties of the headset is their employment of patented Comply Canal Tips, composed of soft viscoelastic foam, the same foam tips used in advanced hearing aids. More than simple earplugs, these foam tips provide full spectrum noise reduction: 35-45dB of attenuation. This advanced technology has been lab tested to prove that viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) is superior to active noise reduction (ANR), especially in the speech frequencies, precisely where clarity of sound and hearing protection is most needed for aviation communications. The noise-canceling microphone used in the Clarity Aloft Headset is a high fidelity noise canceling Electret Condenser microphone with performance optimized for speech frequencies in extremely high noise environments. Stage performers and musicians use this same microphone because they must insist on the highest level of sound reproduction. All in all, it's a light, useful, QUIET, comfortable, affordable and highly wearable headset... one of the best we've ever tried... but enough of the narrative... check out the Aero-TV product feature for yourself! FMI: www.clarityaloft****
23 Feb 2008
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*******autogofast****/search.php?q=Clari+Tweeze&c=0 The new Clari Tweeze has a unique ergonomic design & is suitable for left & right h&ed use. These magnifying & illuminating tweezers ensure precision eyebrow styling! Precise, accurate & easy to use tweezers This tweezers has 2 magnification lens for precision There is a built in LED light for bright & clear light. It is a specially designed shape for accuracy Carry pouch,Batteries Plus free bonus eyebrow shaper
16 May 2008
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*******autogofast****/search.php?q=Pro+Ceramic+Peeler&c=0 Introducing the pro peeling tool with a stay-sharp ceramic blade! Pro Ceramic Peeler's revolutionary design makes peeling easier, safer & faster than ever before! With an ergonomic h&le, it's contoured to fit your hand. The long-life ceramic blade will NEVER stain or rust! It glides effortlessly through even the toughest fruit & veg & the rotating head means whether you're left or right h&ed, it's easy to peel at any angle! Rotating head for precision peeling Ceramic blade will never stain or rust Ergonomic design for comfortable use Fast, easy, convenient & hygienic
17 May 2008
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Fine Care manufactures high quality micropipettes and accessories for use in Clinical, Research and Industrial Laboratories under the brand name "ACCUMAX". With in a short time, ACCUMAX has become a well know brand name in liquid handling industry. Fine Care is ISO 9001-2000 certified by TUV-Germany. All the Fine Care products are CE certified. Accumax micropipettes are ergonomically designed and manufactured from high performance materials to offer resilience required from pipettes subjected to regular usage for accurate and precise liquid dispensing. Our dedication, continuous development and improvement gives you more innovative products with quality performance. Alongwith our service support you would find us as your ideal OEM partner. Fine Care Biosystems will strive to deliver complete satisfaction as per your needs at all times. Today Fine Care is a proud exporter to more than 85 countries. Fine Care is O.E.M. for more than 18 majors Pipette brand
20 May 2008
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