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It's nearly impossible to crochet with arthritis. Even if you're not at that point, hand pain and fatigue can stop a project short. It's always best to use ergonomic crochet hooks, to save your hands while crocheting. More details on arthritis and carpal tunnel issues and crochet can be found here: offers ergonomic crochet hooks that allow you to crochet faster and longer than most crochet hooks. And to carry and store your crochet hooks, they come in a cute windowed case that allows you to see your hooks. With so many reviews, Ergo Hooks is quickly becoming the go-to ergonomic crochet hook amongst crochet enthusiasts. Check us out at Make sure to visit us on our social channels: Facebook: (Our FB Page) (A cool FB group)
A deep appreciation for ergonomics is at the core of Humanscale. Ergonomics is the study of how to improve efficiency and comfort in a work place. Correct ergonomic design helps to reduce discomfort at work, which increases job satisfaction, productivity and well-being – and reduces costs to the organization in the long run. All of Humanscale’s work tools were created to be intuitive and adjust effortlessly to the user. We consult with our team of in-house ergonomists on every project to ensure our products are the most comfortable available. Please use the links below to find out more about our Humanscale Consulting Services and read some advice from our experts on how to use ergonomics to create a more comfortable place to work:
14 Jun 2019
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Humanscale's QuickStand is the ultimate sit/stand solution for new and existing workstations. Humanscale created QuickStand to encourage users to integrate movement into their days, which is vital to health.
1 Mar 2019
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Quickstand Eco stand desk
19 Jul 2019
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