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I love hanging out in the metacafe, because it allows me to share those funny moments in life that words don't do justice with all my friends. I am a terrible story teller, but I can do this! I love sports, food, cocktails, cigars, animals and swimming.
Ethan Schuyler was the military's number one assassin. Trained since birth to be a killing machine, Ethan did the one thing he was never allowed to - love. Ethan met and fell in love with CIA agent Zoe Clairmont on one of his missions. On that mission, Ethan stored a secret video tape telling everyone his life and what he has done because of his fear that the military will find not only Zoe, but something else he had hid through his travels. After being completely "debriefed" of his memory, Ethan is traveling the country trying to find out who he really was and if his life is anything more than being a pawn for the higher ups.
28 Aug 2007
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Watch Ethan's first ever live band performance. He played Casiopea's Asayake with the WCC band in Singapore.
2 Sep 2007
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Ethan with Aunt Julie being silly
7 Apr 2008
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Ethan Peck - Tennessee Movie Red Carpet - Tribeca
23 Jun 2008
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Reality bites! Well... not for Survivor sweethearts and winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca! Chris chats it up with our new fave super couple. Hear exclusive behind the scenes tales of how they survived & won the biggest reality game show ever and get a sneak peek into what they're up to now! Survivors ready?!
2 Aug 2008
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Ethan is enjoying his first birthday cake.... maybe a bit tooooo much ;) lol...
11 Jul 2010
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Ethan after a few days at home
22 Nov 2008
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Warren join Ethan Canin at the W hotel in Seattle for Words & Wine, where they discuss reality reflecting fiction, the real truth of politics, and why writing is more difficult than medicine. *******wwww.kimricketts**** *******www.thewarrenreport****
25 Nov 2008
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Baby Ethan
28 Feb 2009
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"My name is Ethan Stuart Collins and I was born on the 16th December 2007 in St Mary's hospital Manchester and I have lived in hospital ever since. I have spent one night at home but because I am poorly I have to live in Booth Hall hospital, but I also visit Birmingham Children's hospital too because this is where I will have my liver and bowel transplant when they find me a donor! If you have a heart the please Don't leave with out a coment, rating, share,subcribe,do something. visit www.ethanproject******* Please Comment and Rate My Video
5 Aug 2009
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Check out this crazy skater.. Ethan Fitzpatrick
31 Mar 2009
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June 2009 Social Media Seattle event interviews produced by Tim Reha, hosted by Ethan Yarborough, Allyis.Twitter: ethany , timreha , smcseattleWebsites:*******www.allyis****/*******www.timreha***********www.smcseattle****
7 Jul 2009
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