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The "Jabardasth" Katharnak Comedy Show is a popular Telugu TV comedy show, rated "excellent" among Telugu, broadcast on ETV channel, in Telugu States, India. The show was first telecast on ETV on 7 February 2013, featuring popular Telugu film industry actor and producer Nagendra Babu and Telugu film actress and politician Roja. Episode concept: The concept was primarily, a competition between six different teams, later on it became between five teams who on a weekly basis compete with each other by performing a comedy skit. At the end of the show all teams will be scored out of 10 points by judges Nagababu and Roja. Finally winner will be announced and rewarded with a 10,000 rupee cash prize and poster of the week will be decided based on the skit performed by the winner. In addition to the comedy skits, all team leaders were used to tell a joke and would be rewarded with a 10,000 rupee cash prize for the best joke of the day. But later on it was removed from the show.
Murat Nalça,Yiğit Taş,Erhan Tunç,Mutlu Dıramalı Şarap İçerkene Etv Denk Gelir , Uzun Uğraşlar Sonucu ETV ye Ulaşılır Ve Kırmızı Gülün Alı Var Adlı Eser İstenir...
20 Feb 2009
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Das Fitnessstudio ETV - Studio in Hamburg - Eimsbüttel. Bewerten Sie Geschäfte, Restaurants, Handwerker und Freizeiteinrichtungen. Und holen Sie sich einen von mehreren Hundert attraktiven Gutscheinen! Machen Sie mit! GRATIS! Besuchen Sie uns auf *******
5 May 2009
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TV (« Emprendimientos de Tecnologias para la Vida ») a été fondée en 2006 et cherche à développer, fabriquer et diffuser des solutions technologiques améliorant les conditions de vie des personnes à « la Base de la Pyramide ». Actuellement, le principal produit développé par ETV est la « Bomba de Soga » qui pompe de l’eau potable. L’objectif d’ETV est multiple: premièrement, ils veulent utiliser le potentiel des innovations technologiques en les adressant aux communautés les plus pauvres ; ensuite, ETV fournit du travail à des jeunes de la Fondation Gente Nueva et enfin, les revenus générés par la vente de le
13 Aug 2009
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ETV interviews Frank Furness on his best selling book - Walking with Tigers - *******www.walkingwithtigers**** and *******www.frankfurness****
7 Aug 2009
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Gujarat has its own kaleidoscope of distinctive tastes and traditions and ETV Gujarati visit *******www.gollmall****/
19 Sep 2009
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ETV Gujrati is an Indian television network that broadcasts in Gujrati and is owned by Media baron VISIT *******www.badartv****
7 Dec 2009
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ETV Star Mahila Jan 6th part2
8 Jan 2010
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******* ETV Kannada's "Bande Baratava Kala" is a serial about two families. One urban family and one rural family. Both of them face family problems and realize that all happy families are alike and unhappy in their own ways.
21 Jan 2010
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******* ETV Marathi's "Super Dancer" is a dance talent hunt show for children at the age of 6-14 years. Kids are selected through auditions from all parts of Maharashtra.
22 Jan 2010
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AWB interview VIDEO - etv NEWS
9 Apr 2010
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ବନ୍ଦେ ଉତ୍କଳ ଜନନୀ ଚାରୁହାସମୟୀ ଚାରୁ ଭାଷମୟୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। ପୂତ-ପୟୋଧି-ବିଧୋତ-ଶରୀରା, ତାଳତମାଲ-ସୁଶୋଭିତ-ତୀରା, ଶୁଭ୍ରତଟିନୀକୂଳ-ଶୀକର-ସମୀରା ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। ଧନ ବନଭୂମି ରାଜିତ ଅଙ୍ଗେ, ନୀଳ ଭୂଧରମାଳା ସାଜେ ତବରଙ୍ଗେ, କଳ କଳ ମୁଖରିତ ଚାରୁ ବିହଙ୍ଗେ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। ସୁନ୍ଦରଶାଳି-ସୁଶୋଭିତ-କ୍ଷେତ୍ରା, ଜ୍ଞାନବିଜ୍ଞାନ-ପ୍ରଦର୍ଶିତ-ନେତ୍ରା, ଯୋଗୀଋଷିଗଣ-ଊଟଜ-ପବିତ୍ରା ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। ସୁନ୍ଦର ମନ୍ଦିର ମଣ୍ଡିତ-ଦେଶା, ଚାରୁକଳାବଳି-ଶୋଭିତ-ବେଶା, ପୁଣ୍ୟ ତୀର୍ଥଚୟ-ପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ-ପ୍ରଦେଶା ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। ଉତ୍କଳ ସୁରବର-ଦର୍ପିତ-ଗେହା, ଅରିକୂଳ-ଶୋଣିତ-ଚର୍ଚ୍ଚିତ-ଦେହା, ବିଶ୍ବଭୂମଣ୍ଡଳ-କୃତବର-ସ୍ନେହା ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। କବିକୁଳମୌଳି ସୁନନ୍ଦନ-ବନ୍ଦ୍ୟା, ଭୁବନବିଘୋଷିତ-କୀର୍ତ୍ତିଅନିନ୍ଦ୍ୟା, ଧନ୍ୟେ, ପୁଣ୍ୟେ, ଚିରଶରଣ୍ୟେ ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ, ଜନନୀ। -- କାନ୍ତକବି ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀକାନ୍ତ ମହାପାତ୍ର Vande Utkala Janani Bande Utkal Janani BANDE UTKALA JANANI CHARU HASMAYI CHARU BHASAMAYI JANANI, JANANI, JANANI PUTA-PAYODHI-BIDHYOTA-SHARIRA TALATAMALA-SUSOBHITA-TIRA SHUBHRA TATINIKULA-SHIKARA-SHAMIRA JANANI, JANANI, JANANI GHANA BANA BHUMI RAJITAANGE NILA BHUDH ARAMALA SAJE TARANGE KALAKALA MUKHRITA CHARU BIHANGE JANANI, JANANI, JANANI SUNDARASHALI-SUSOBHITA-KSHETRA GNYANA BIGNYANA-PRADARSHITA-NETRA JOGI RUSHIGANA UTAJA-PABITRA JANANI, JANANI, JANANI SUNDARA MANDIRA MANDITA-DESHA CHARU KALABALI-SHOBHITA-BESHA PUNYA TIRTHACHAYA-PURNA PRADESHA JANANI, JANANI, JANANI UTKALA SURABARA-DARPITA-GEHA ARIKULA-SHONITA-CHARCHITA-DEHA BISWA BHUMANDALA-KRUTABAR-SNEHA JANANI, JANANI, JANANI KABIKULAMOULI SUNANDANA-BANDYA BHUBANA BIGHOSHITA-KIRTI ANINDYA DHANYE, PUNYE, CHIRA SHARANYE JANANI, JANANI, JANANI Rendering in English Glory to thee, Mother Utkal I adore Thee, O'Mother Utkal How loving are Thy smile and voice ! O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! Bath'd art Thou by the sacred Sea, Thy shores adorned with trees tall and green, Balmy befogged breeze blowing by beauteous streams, O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! Thy body bedecked with dense woodlands, Arrayed with verdant hills plaited like waves, Thy sky ringing with choirs of singing birds, O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! How charming are Thy rich fields of corn ! Thou art Eye to knowledge and science Sacred Abode to saints and seers, O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! Thy land bejewelled with splendid shrines, Richly dress'd art Thou in varied arts, Thy limbs studded with sacred sites, O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! Thou Home to the valiant heroes of Utkal, Thy frame crimsoned with enemies' blood, Prime Darling of the whole universe, O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! Greeted by Thy great sons, the crowning bards, Thy untarnished glory proclaimed all around, Blessed art Thou, the Holy, the Unfalling Abode, I adore Thee, O'Mother, Mother, Mother ! Bande Utkal Janani Derived from ETV-Oriya ,Edited and uploaded Deepak Basti , Automobile Engg , Saudiarab,Riyadh.
14 Apr 2011
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Akhtar Wamiq - ETV Urdu Mushaira
27 Apr 2011
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etv bengala controversial with shaan khan live watch www.theshaankhan****
11 Feb 2013
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*******www.chapmanleonard****/tracking_vehicles/etv.html Electric Tracking Vehicles is easy to drive at speed over bumps and uneven terrain. Camera can be mounted on top and other side of ETV. It is to drive at speed over bumps and uneven terrain. Also work easy with Top, Side and Rear Mounted Cameras using ETV.
2 Apr 2013
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