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Virgilio Garcia talks about the Eucharist in the life of Catholics.
14 Oct 2007
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Excerpt from Fr. Tim Hepburn at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress '08. To order this presentations, please visit *******www.myecns****/aec08.
21 Jul 2008
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Excerpt from "Following the footprints of God" Steve Ray at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress. To order this and other presentations, please visit *******www.myecns****/aec08.html.
23 Jul 2008
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Excerpt from "Our family life and the Eucharist" Dr. Helen Alvare speaks at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress '08. To order this presentation, please visit *******www.myecns****/aec08.html
21 Jul 2008
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Excerpt from "Mother Theresa and Me" Most Rev. William G. Curlin speaks at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress '08. To order this presentation, please visit *******www.myecns****/aec08.html
21 Jul 2008
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Looking for a way to make a Eucharistic Holy Hour? Sr. Julia can recommend the "Best Catholic Books" for you! Sr. Julia is living her vocation as a Daughter of St. Paul. Find out more! www.daughtersofstpaul****
24 Jul 2008
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Episcopal Priest, Matthew Moretz, presents a piece on the meaning of the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, with a little help from two friends. This is part of the series "Father Matthew Presents the Sacraments" which is almost finished! "Father Matthew Presents" as a whole is a series on Episcopal Church life and teaching produced by the Curate at Christ's Church in Rye, New York.
23 Sep 2008
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Ave Maria! St. Paul writes of the Eucharist twice. Both times he’s clear that we partake of the Body and Blood of Christ. Ave Maria!
14 Jul 2009
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Ave Maria! There are literally hundreds of verified Eucharistic Miracles testifying to Christ's Real Presence! Today we'll look at a miracle which took place in Bolsena, Italy. Ave Maria!
16 Dec 2008
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A Catholic who had not prepared himself to receive the Eucharist went ahead. The gound trembled and the Eucharist began to bleed. The priest took the Eucharist from the man's mouth. Today there are many not prepared to receive the Eucharist like this Catholic nobleman. Those include those who support abortion and do not also realize that the Eucharist is Real Flesh and Blood of Jesus. It is Jesus present with us as he was on earth some 2000 years ago.
6 Sep 2009
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JoAnne Von Zwehl, a busy mom and artist, shares with us how Eucharistic Adoration has made a difference in her life.
30 Aug 2010
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Ave Maria! The writings of the Fathers are our bridge to the beginning. What they wrote is what the Apostles taught. There's no question that the True Presence was a part of the Deposit of Faith! Ave Maria!
8 Jan 2009
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Ave Maria! Today we begin a new Eucharistic series of No Apologies! The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus is still on Earth in the Eucharist. This is founded on Scripture, the Church Fathers, and 2000 years of historical evidence! Ave Maria!
27 Sep 2008
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Ave Maria! Today we take a look at two more Old Testament foreshadows of the Eucharist: the cakes given to the Prophet Elijah and the Priestly- King Melchizedek. Ave Maria!
16 Jan 2009
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Ave Maria! We begin at our Scriptural foundations for belief in the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is prefigured in the Old Testament! Today we take a look at three of these Old Testament types. Ave Maria!
12 Oct 2008
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