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A small animation about the differences of Cyprus and Europe :
24 May 2006
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Best moments of this amazing magician. A few unbelievable tricks he performed in europe...
18 Jun 2006
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Danube Delta Romania. One of the most beatiful places in Europe.
1 Sep 2006
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What is endless europe ? Who is behind it? What's the Story?
22 Oct 2006
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contestants of miss europe
5 Dec 2006
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In our Lisbon, Portugal, Travel Video PostCard we hear the mournful music of Lisbon, Fado. This Travel Video PostCard of Lisbon, Portugal, gives you the emotional tales of Fado singers lost loves. This is a Portugal Travel Video that gives you the soul of Lisbon the capital of Portugal. Lisbon is romantic, sexy and mysterious. But the Travel Video PostCard shows a Lisbon thats classy with contemporary museums and modern buildings side by side with Baroque cathedrals and boutique specialty shops. Come with us as the Travel Video PostCard to Portugal and Lisbon winds through The Al Fama district, the old romantic heart of Lisbon. Our Lisbon Travel Video PostCard walks the winding streets and twists and turns around old churches, crumbling castles and passionate lovers in archways. See the river banks lined with fishing boats in the Lisbon Travel Video PostCard. Experience in the Video Postcard the fresh fruit and vendors on the riverbanks. You`ll see in the Lisbon Travel Video PostCard a Portugal that offers a terrific dollar value, and a real cultural experience. And you`ll see in the Lisbon Travel Video just how different Lisbon and Portugal are from the rest of homogenized Europe. After you`ve experienced Lisbon and Portugal with us and the Travel Video PostCard.
8 Feb 2007
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Here I want to show you how the longest pier in Europe looks. It's located in Poland and counts over 511m !
19 Feb 2007
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I have caught this video who describes some reality untold about our situation in Europe. J'ai trouvé cette vidéo qui décrit notre réalité en Europe.
23 May 2007
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from europe to asia
31 May 2007
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This remarkable Broadcast Film goes inside AFN EUROPE Headquarters Studios with bandleader Jon Hammond at Hammond organ and speaking about Musikmesse with Army Specialist Nikki Kiers on March 14, 1996. *Special Guest Star: Tony Lakatos (tenor sax) Engineered by Joe Berger, Barry Finnerty (gtr), Andreas Neubauer (drms) playing Jon Hammond composition "Head Phone" *Camera: Frank Poehl. Special thanks: Hammond Suzuki Deutschland, Sennheiser and AFN EUROPE, The Power Network! c)2007 JON HAMMOND Intl., Inc. *******www.HammondCast****
5 Aug 2007
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Fernando Alonso tribute after win in GP Europe -2007
24 Jul 2007
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Eurostar, the high speed passenger train will soon be making history as the High Speed 1 project nears it's completion. From November 14th 2007, Eurostar will move home from London Waterloo to London St. Pancras and will open a new station at Ebbsfleet, Kent. In addition to Eurostar's new homes we will also be using the high speed line to connect with the channel tunnel and Europe at speeds of 186MPH, the fastest train service in the UK. Welcome to High Speed Europe!
31 Jul 2007
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