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Hance’s European has served European car owners for service and repair in the Dallas, TX area since 1995.
Speech by Diana Wallis (ALDE-ADLE) on : European Union Solidarity Fund [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original] Wallis_080310_214328_obog_en
15 Mar 2008
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K. Heinz Duthel, Independent Candidate for European Union Presidency. Independent! Democrat! Social! H. Duthel *******www.europeanpresidency****
1 May 2008
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Heinz Duthel - Apocalypse know inside the European Union
5 Aug 2008
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Supporters and critics of the European Union- and Britain?s membership- meet to discuss their differing issues, and points of view, at the London?s Foreign Press Association centre.
22 May 2009
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The European Union - Mr Rawat
30 May 2009
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Iceland, with its population of just 320,000 people has traditionally been fiercely independent. But many Icelanders have moved to the EU, including Jonas JOHANSSON and his family here in Brussels. 00.26 Jonas JOHANSSON, Icelander living in Brussels, in English: "This is what I would call a typical Monday dish in Iceland, especially after recession; I would call it recession soup. It's made of various leftovers from last week and weekend; we have potatoes, leaks, celery and lots of garlic of course and chilli."   00.43 When Jonas and his family moved to Brussels, he didn't imagine for a second that Iceland would one day join the EU. Icelanders have always been EU sceptics - but last July when the banks collapsed attitudes changed. Iceland has now started the process of negotiating an accession treaty to join the EU, and could well become the 28th member state of the Union. They might even adopt the euro as their currency. But how much of this was down to the economic crisis?   01.21 Thórólfur MATTHÍASSON, Economist, in English: "Before the collapse this was a question that was discussed but not discussed… After the collapse economists saw it as the only way to securing we didn’t have a second collapse. We have been trying to have our own currency for 80 years and it has been a failed experiment, so now the experiment with the Icelandic krona is over in my view."   01.55 According to the Icelandic Finance Minister however, adopting the euro isn't necessarily the answer.   02.00 Steingrímur J. SIGFÚSSON, Finance Minister of Iceland, in English: "Having our own currency and the flexibility it gives us is very important and it is proving itself now where the krona has devalued and it is giving the export industries a strong advantage, which they are making very good use of, and this applies to the fisheries industry, to the competitiveness of our business and even to tourism which has been flourishing in the midst of the crisis, so there are really two sides to the krona."   02.33 The Vice President of the European Parliament says that it isn't merely a question of economy, but of core values.   02.39 MEP Diana WALLIS (ALDE, UK), in English: "Clearly the financial and economic crisis has been the immediate trigger but that is not to say that Iceland hasn't had a European vocation for many years and very close ties with Europe. It's only now that we've seen a majority of the political parties in Iceland ready to make the leap."   02.53 But the country's ruling coalition remains divided over the benefits of EU membership for Iceland. The prime minister and the Social Democrats have always campaigned for joining the EU, but their Left-Green coalition partners are traditionally against EU membership.   03.10 Össur SKARPHÉÐINSSON, Foreign Affairs Minister of Iceland, in English: "Experience shows that it will increase employment, it will increase foreign investment but we’ve also had a very bitter experience with our currency and we feel it very difficult to have a micro currency that is completely independent in a globalised world."   03.27 Steingrímur J. SIGFÚSSON, Finance Minister of Iceland, in English: "There are major concerns relating to basic industries in Iceland such as the fishing industry; the common fisheries policy is not very popular. Iceland has made good advantage of being able to safeguard its interest in fisheries both in being able to control sustainable fisheries, negotiating its right on its own behalf and so forth."   03.57 Exports of fish products account for 40% of Iceland’s foreign trade revenues. It is Iceland's largest and most profitable industry and fishermen are unlikely to relinquish control of it without a fight. 04.09 Sigurdur SVERRISSON, Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners, in English: "Our federation has maintained for many years that by joining the European Union we would definitely loose control over one of our most important resources. And furthermore, the legislative powers would shift from Iceland to Brussels. Once you've lost control you can't tell what's...
7 Dec 2009
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BOOK REVIEW OLIVER ON FREE MOVEMENT OF GOODS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION Fifth Edition General Editor, Peter Oliver Hart Publishing ISBN: 978-1-84113-810-7 www.hartpub****** A CLASSIC WORK OF REFERENCE ON EUROPEAN LAW -- NOW COMPLETELY UP TO DATE FOR THE 5th EDITION An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers Be you practitioner or academic, if you are involved in either teaching, or advising clients on European law, you need Peter Oliver’s classic work, which, since the first edition was published, has come to be regarded as one of the leading works of reference in this field. Here, in 15 chapters and just over 500 pages, you’ll find answers to virtually any questions you may have about -- in the author’s words -- ’the foundations of free movement of goods in the European Union’. The book focuses on case law rather than legislation. The author, Peter Oliver -- who singlehandedly wrote the first three editions – is now ably assisted by a team of no less than six expert contributors -- although overall editorial control remains with Peter Oliver. Since the previous edition was published in 2003, a number of important changes have occurred in the European sphere, most notably the Treaty of Lisbon, which came into force on 1st December 2009 when the ‘EC’ merged into the EU. This, fifth edition therefore contains a considerable amount of new material. As pointed out in the preface, over one hundred judgments have been delivered on Article 34 TFEU (ex Article 28 EC). As for new cases, the author identifies the most important ones as C-110/05 Commission v Italy and C-142/05 (‘trailers’) Mickelsson (‘jet skis’), each of which relate to restrictions imposed on the use of goods. This is a careful and thorough work of reference of over 500 pages, lucidly structured for ease of use, with Tables of Cases, European Treaties, Other Conventions and Treaties, plus a Table of European Legislation, List of National Regulatory and Legislative Acts, There is a detailed index and three Annexes, which include extracts from leading judgments and a selected bibliography. Carrying the weight of authority and a towering reputation as the definitive work of reference in this subject, it’s the latest edition of this book and will help you provide your clients with the most up to date advice and informed representation in this complex area. The law addressed is at 31January 2010 and remains a classic work of reference for European Law today.
3 Oct 2010
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: McGraw-Hill to Build Largest, Privately-Owned Solar Power Plant; BT, IKEA, Google, + 70 Other Global Companies Petition European Union to Reduce CO2 Emissions Levels This CSR Minute is brought to you by Media Impact. Empowering communities worldwide to inspire enduring change through creative storytelling. For more information visit: *******mediaimpact****/ Watch this and other CSR Minute podcasts: *******3blmedia****/3bltv
21 Jun 2011
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Vodafone Foundation Launches European Union Smart Accessibility Awards. This CSR Minute is brought to you by Media Impact. Empowering communities worldwide to inspire enduring change through creative storytelling. For more information visit: *******mediaimpact****/ Watch this and other CSR Minute podcasts: *******3blmedia****/3bltv
23 Jun 2011
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: European Union Holds Launch Conference of Smart Cities and Communities Initiative. This CSR Minute is brought to you by Media Impact. Empowering communities worldwide to inspire enduring change through creative storytelling. For more information visit: *******mediaimpact****/ Watch this and other CSR Minute podcasts: *******3blmedia****/3bltv
1 Jul 2011
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Bank of America Releases First-Ever CSR Report; European Union Proposes New Sustainable Fisheries Policy. Watch this and other CSR Minute podcasts: *******3blmedia****/3bltv
19 Jul 2011
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Dear Sir / Madam,  Two Hungarian Catholic NGO’s analyzes of the Orban regime (Hungary, European Union): The Orban regime is not a Christian Democrat, but heretical hermetic gnostic. Gnosticism has already infiltrated the relatively more significant layer of the Hungarian society, which has been integrated into almost every area of life. Maximum the government can be dismissed, but the fidesz-gnosis is not, and if the regime remains as a background backup, the whole story will restart sooner or later. Our efforts alone are not sufficient. Hungary needs help because it will not be solved by itself. We are afraid that if the process can not be stopped, Hungary will be lost not only for Christianity, but also for Europe and for the cultural world as well. Only publicity can help Hungary, please help our work. Yours faithfully, Two Hungarian Catholic NGOs: Magyar Földért Közhasznú Egyesület (NGO) Regina Patrona Hungariae Közhasznú Egyesület (NGO)
15 May 2018
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