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Exaust flames from an old car.. ;))
30 Dec 2006
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2007 GT mustang revs up its engine
9 Oct 2007
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2 Nov 2007
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just installed my muffler and new pipe on the honda and the g 35 just got a new intake system
17 Feb 2008
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nice method to get your body warmed up for the gym or if you just want to loosen up some stress from other people .
23 May 2011
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Nissan 550z limited nismo edition
13 Jun 2009
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race hook norton for sale:landrover racing if i had land I would have a mix of this and davidsfarm :) listen to the music from the tailpipe, sounds great Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Nov 2009
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Powerfull car Gallardo Speed Record
19 Sep 2010
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This is a compilation of Worst mechanics mistakes and Mechanic businesses worst nightmares. Thank god We here at Blue Frog Auto have not done any of these things and will never do any of these things. Not for anyone or to any one for any amount of money. We value our customers and would never hire someone with so little experiance. We hire aonly ASE Certified mechanics.These mistakes should never happen and here at BlueFrogAutoatt**** they never will. Thanks for watching
10 Jan 2012
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Exaust system full power amazing car.
19 Jul 2006
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0-60mph in 9 seconds 0-160km in 30 seconds I love my truck it is one of a kind with tail light covers custom made and a billet grill 2 1/2 inch exaust all the way from the header. If you want more pics of my truck you can see them in hear as well.
21 May 2007
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Pre-exaustion is a classic technique for body building, but does it really hold much promise? www.thefitrebel****, fitness that's against the grain.
17 Feb 2010
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11 Mar 2011
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Call Arun +919560214267. The objective of Ansal API is to create energy efficient, water efficient, comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly buildings and homes. Born out of this strong desire for eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable living, the Esencia community offers you well designed homes with the very best of amenities. The Esencia township has been registered as the pilot project for rating under GRIHA* (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment), in India. Helping us in this endeavor is ADaRSH (Association for Development and Research of Sustainable Habitats), which is an independent, registered society constituted by the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) and TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute). It is responsible for the implementation of GRIHA across India as well related training and research and development activities to strengthen GRIHA technically as well as administratively. Plots & Villas Esencia has been envisaged and designed to create a balance between modern and environmentally conscious living. A micro green environment, the Esencia township boasts of all the luxuries and amenities to sweep you off your feet - a self contained unit with everything you ever need, or imagine. Esencia also has something for everyone with living options ranging from fully furnished well designed villa's to plots where you can build your dream house just the way you want it. ADaRSH shall advice the individual plot owners on the best methods to make their home eco friendly and energy efficient. They will provide advice on the right materials to be used for construction, what methods to use for water and energy conservation and so on. A Villa within the township of Esencia will be your opportunity to have a private oasis of peace and green in the concrete jungle of Gurgaon. Each Villa at Esencia provides you with a luxurious yet eco-friendly lifestyle and your children with a bright, green future. Sovereign Floors › Overview Esencia has a lifestyle for everyone who wants to be a part of this Green evolution. All the apartments within the mid segment Sovereign Floors and the large duplex Royal Floors shall incorporate the recommendations from ADaRSH and will have been rated under GRIHA. For those who are looking for an independent floor apartments, the homes at Alba South is just what the doctor ordered. With a heavy emphasis on green living and use of renewable sources of energy, the enviable facilities and the various green zones, Esencia is the right place to bring up your children. Rest assured, you shall be residing in the greenest apartments in the NCR. Named after a beautifully sculptured ornamental tree with narrow elongated green leaves found abundantly in this part of the township, Alba with its abundant greenery is ideal for your dream home. You can chose from a wide variety of housing options from Soveriegn Floor Homes measuring 210 sqm to Plots measuring from 210 to 250 sqm. Along with the abundance of green spaces like Hyde Park, Eco Grove and Tranquil Grove , Alba is also equipped with important amenities like a Creche, Nursery School and Primary school along with place allocated for a religious building. Happy Living! Why Green? 1. Esencia is the pilot project adopted for Green Rating by GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) for integrated townships. 2. STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) for re-use of Waste water in horticulture, Flushing etc. The sewerage system will be based on conventional water carriage system, in which soil and domestic waste generated by individual buildings/toilets will be collected into a collection chamber, through soil and waste piping system. The collection chamber from all units shall be connected to the nearest manhole on the external sewer line planned along the periphery of the building and as per site conditions. It is proposed that the domestic Sewage Treatment Plant for recycling so that the treated effluent can be recycled for Toilet flushing, Landscaping. Surplus treated effluent can be disposed in Municipal sewer line as per local site conditions. 3. Water conservation using Rain Water Harvesting and treatment and re-use of rain Water. Due to urbanization of the land and sharp growth in population and thus increase in water demand for various uses, the fresh water is becoming scarce in most regions of the area. In certain areas due to almost total dependency on the underground water, the wells and bore wells are getting deeper and deeper. Also due to increase in paved surface/roof areas, the amount of natural/percolation of rainfall is reducing very drastically. Therefore, it has become very necessary to harvest the rain water as maximum as possible. Rainwater harvesting is essentially an old technology, which is gaining popularity in an new way. Out of the various techniques adopted in India, and approved of by the Central Ground Water Authority, the following are the three main classes of rainwater harvesting systems: a) System that collect direct roof runoff for storage and then reusing for various purposes. b) Systems that use in-field or adjoining surface catchments to collect run-off and then impounded for irrigation, horticultural, recreational & domestic purposes, after treatment. c) Systems that utilize the rainwater run-off from various surfaces including Terrace and Roads and green areas etc. for re-charging of the underground aquifer, through various measures. In this system, the catchments from roof/terrace areas are further segregated for direct recharging of aquifer through filter media. The Catchments from surfaces of road/paved/park/lawns etc. is segregated and then taken to underground, through de sitting chamber/oil and grease separator etc. 4. Treated Bore Well Water as Water Supply to every plot. The Proposed water supply scheme to cater to the public and domestic water requirement of the project consists of sourcing water from public supply into a common collection facility known as Raw Water Sump. The Raw Water Sump will be constructed in RCC. The Water from this sump shall be treated in the water treatment plant consisting of filtration, softening, and chlorination units, depends upon the quality of water. The treated water shall be stored in treated domestic water sump. The water from this sump will be pumped to overhead tank and from there water will be supplied thru gravity. 5. Solar-based hot water systems. Minimum 30% hot water requirement of all buildings built by Ansal will be provided thru solar based hot water system. 6. Solar-based Street Lighting. Minimum 30% of street lights used in the development will be of solar based which may also help to earn carbon credits under Clean Development Mechanism. 7. Green and Eco-friendly Street Furniture. All street furniture's will be made out of recyclable material, materials having low embodied energy, non hazards material. 8. Garbage and Solid Waste Collection, Garbage and Sorting Bins through out the township. The wastes that are generated from the day to day activities which are in solid form are categorized as solid wastes. Solid wastes of different types include dry refuse of house and street sweepings, broken furniture, crockery, kitchen wastes, waste automobile parts, discarded parts of electronic wastes & other day to day house hold wastes. The solid waste generated from the proposed development is in the form of organic and inorganic form. The solid wastes generated are segregated at its point of generation, collected and stored at a common designated place and Organic solid waste will be treated in an organic converter and the product will used as manure for Landscape or used as fuel. 9. Proper Diversion of Wastes and Anti-Dumping Policy. To implement the above point "escencia" will have an anti dumping policy to insist all inhabitants must segregate and dispose waste at the collection points only. The wastes of different types are properly collected, segregated and sent for recycling, refurbishment minimizing or negating dumping to landfills. 10. Captive power generation Power generation using BIO-GAS generated from garbage and bio degradable waste. 11. Reduction in Energy Consumed by Utilities such as Water Pumping Stations, Treatment Plants, Street lighting- Hence, lower Maintenance Costs. All pumps at pumping stations, STPs, street lighting shall be low energy consuming, efficient systems so as to reduce common area loads. 12. Minimum Renewable energy compliance for the township total power requirement under GRIHA Traffic signals powered by solar energy. 13. Renewable Energy based Traffic Signals within the township. Traffic signals powered by solar energy. 14. Use of low embodied energy materials and construction technologies. The total amount of energy required to manufacture a product should be as little as possible. This includes considering resource excavation and extraction from the Earth, use of manmade materials in production, and complexity of manufacture. The simpler the process, the less harm done to the environment. Vast amounts of energy are used in the production of building products. One product's "embodied energy," sometimes involves a complex series of processes that contribute heavily to the pollution of our environment, the depletion of nature resources and the degredation of the Earth. 15. EPI* of new residences, new Commercial building, new Institutional building, new healthcare buildings to be proposed as per BEE guidelines. EPI stands for Energy Performance Index. All buildings to be controlled by Ansals shall follow the EPI norms as specified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. 16. Water conserving parks and gardens. Start with the soil in the landscape and garden. Improving the quality of the soil by adding organic matter like compost will enable the soil to soak in and retain moisture. Make the landscape design eco-friendly by designing it to conserve water naturally. Plant taller shrubs and trees to provide windbreaks and afternoon shade to the landscape plantings and garden sp less soil moisture will be lost through evaporation. Group plantings according to their water need when designing a landscape. Thos that require the most water should be planted near each other to utilize any water run-off. 17. Warer Efficent Landscaping - Drought Resistant species, Drip Irrigation. A comprehensive landscaping is planned to provide a better green environment. The main area for landscape / plantation is the on the boundaires, park and open space. On the entire development about 11.8 acre of land is carved out for green spaces. Selection of the plant species will be done on the basis of their adaptability to the existing geographical contitions and the vegetation composition of the region. During the landscape emphasis shall be given on selection of plant species like nitrogen fixing species, species of ornamental values, species of very fast growth with good canopy cover etc. The species will be fast growing and provide optimum penetrability. The species that will be wind-firm and deep rooted. The species that dorm a dense canopy. As far as possible, the species will be indigenous and locally available. Species that are tolerant to air pollutants like SPM, SO2 & NOx will be preferred. Trees with high foliage density, leaves with larger leaf area and hairy on both the surfaces. Ability to withstand conditions like inundation and drought. Soil improving plants (Nitrogen fixing, rapidly decomposable leaf litter). Sustainable green cover with minimal maintenance. 18. Trees and Landscaping with large shading area so as to minimize HEAT ISLANDS. The temperature of urban areas are more when compare to the suburbs. This is due to the re radiation of heat from the buildings, road and foot paths. This effect is called urban heat island. Trees and landscaping with large crown or shading areas would be used and exposed surface of lower absorption would be used so that there is not much temperature difference in surroundings owing to different absorption and reflection properties. This would help maintain constant temperature and reduce heat islands. 19. Annual Water and Energy Audits. Annual energy and water audits are planned so as to check whether all installed systems are working as efficiently as designed. 20. Construction activity pollution prevention During Construction, prevention of soil erosion by wind or water so as to minimize dust generation during construction. 21. Pedestrian Infrastructure facilities to enable pedestrians to walk comfortably. The entire community is connected by a green corridor in such a way that the inhabitants can walk across from one end to another. These corridors will be planted with avenue plantation to create an environment which encourages pedestrian movement. wider side walks street furniture like benches , trash receptacles will be provided at strategic points well lit pathways to encourage usage in night all pedestrian ways will be provided with curb ramps to enable physically challenged to pass thru. 22. Public Transport A well planned public transport connectivity is in place to reduce No of PCU in the community. 23. Avalability of non motorized facilities. A well planned cycle track is integrated along the 24m and 18m road 24. Road Safety Road Safety signs and signals will be spread throughout the township to enforce disciplined traffic movement and pedestrian comfort. 25. Availability of parking Spaces Planned road side parking lots are planned along the internal roads 26. Integrated land use transport system The community is provided with bus stops, taxi stand, cycle track, etc to achieve efficient transport facilities. 27. Measure of Pollution levels (annual mean concentration of SO2, NO2, SPM and RPM, Noise levels in residential and non residential areas) (macro level). Air, Noise and Water pollution levels would be checked throughout the township and if they seem to exceed, corrective measures would be taken. 28. Measurement and improving of Average Indoor air quality (micro level) Measuring and improving indoor air quality of public buildings done by Ansal in the township so as to ensure good and healthier standards of living 29. Measurement and improving per capita carbon emissions The avg. carbon footprint per person of the township would be calculated and corrected if beyond defined limits. 30. Reduction in transportation within the township with easy access to convenience stores and other basic amenities from every plot To ensure that convenience outlets are at walking distance for the entire township so as to minimize use of vehicles. Sovereign Floors › Amenities Part of a secure gated community and with a 100% power backup, Alba has been planned to make your life as comfortable as it can be. With educational and medical facilities within walking distance and convinience stores and even a milk booth a stones throw away from your home you will not have to go far for anything. However aside from your comfort the need for good healthy living has also been kept in mind when we designed the Jogging tracks and abundant green spaceswith green and eco friendly furniture around your homes. Conservaton will now start at home with the township paving the way for solar based street lights , hot water systems and an organised waste management system. The homes at Alba will not just be your dream home, they will also be Green homes. Sovereign Floors › Live Green. Live Different! Imagine living in the Garden of Eden. Being surrounded by the bounties of nature that cocoon you in its beauty. Imagine living in a self contained oasis, where you're a part of a beautiful palette of colours, textures and sounds. Where you experience a sense of peace and contentment, secure in the knowledge that you're a part of something special. Alba will be an enclave within an enclave, a microcosm of the green township of Esencia with homes as beautiful inside as the view outside. Alba shall have beautifully designed airy, sunlit apartments with each having a modular kitchen, a chimney with exaust and sensor controlled lighting in every living room. Each apartment will also have geysers and exausts along with a 6KVA power backup. All the electronics in the apartments shall be governed by BEE ratings and are designed to conserve the maximum energy possible. To ensure conservationof energy we have also provisioned for a master switch at the exit of each apartment. The homes at Alba, secure as they will be within the gated township of esencia will also have their own security video phones as an added safety measure. Every home at Alba shall also have their own independent mail box. A part of a pilot project to be rated under GRIHA, the homes at Alba also adhere to the recommendations of ADaRSH.
14 Aug 2011
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Here with the final word is Hollywood's Courteney Malkovitch: 'I wouldn't be where I am today without home solar power system.' [3] [1] Lance Bandaner - Adventurous Spirit - 1993 See-Saw Publishing [2] Shandy - Ice Cold - 1994 Pitter Patter Publishing [3] Everything you always wanted to know about home solar power system, but were afraid to ask. - Issue 287 - QKS Publishing
27 Nov 2011
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20 Jan 2012
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