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Exfuze is Taking the Health industry by Storm! Over 300+ athletes are promoting this product worldwide. This is a must listen to 5 minute overview call @ 877-434-1015
*******www.TheHomeBusinessExecutive****/?s1= eXfuze Bert McClure 210.857.7271 The eXfuze agenda: eXfuze uses only the parts of the fruits that are viable and necessary; discarding the unusable portions in favor of adding ingredients that will be beneficially nutritious in a product that is competitively priced. So how are you going to build your eXfuze business? You need these business success tips. At eXfuze we know that marketing is the key to all our distributor's success, Discover how this revolutionary marketing system will allow real duplication in your team that will allow you to be a top income earner in this ground floor opportunity. This video will explain to you why our eXfuze training and marketing will keep you from having “home meetings” and passing out business cards which is the “out dated” way of doing business. In this video you will hear about these methods, and how you can master them for your eXfuze business and be a top income earner. eXfuze
5 Mar 2009
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27 Apr 2009
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*******www.Guide2MarketingSuccess****/?s1=Exfuze ExFuze is another in a long line of network marketing companies that serve a market that apparently loves healthy, pricey, juice! Each company that promotes juice products claim that their juice has the most "muscle." What inquiring minds want to know is how viable ExFuze is as an mlm opportunity. This article will answer that question. The company founders are a pair of brothers; Rick and Don Cotton. Rick is a dynamic speaker with many years of network marketing experience, and Don is a operations whiz. Don is formerly an executive with Microsoft, and winner of several achievement awards. Team "exFuze" also consists of Lawrence Taylor and Eric Dickerson, two N.F.L. legends. So it would seem that the company is in good management hands. ExFuze juice is the company's featured product. The juice is almost a "all-star team" of super fruit juices! While other companies feature one juice type as a signature product, ExFuze juice combines the top 7 super fruit juices!Among the juices included are Acai berry,Noni Fruit,Goji Berry,Mangosteen, among others. The juices combine to make ExFuze a nutrient dense juggernaut! It is packed with anti-oxidants, omega complex fatty acids, enzymes,vitamins, amino acids and a "partidge in a pear tree!" Reports and testimonials for the juice are as plentiful as the nutrient profile. The juice is pricey, though. It goes for 45.00 retail for a 25 oz bottle! Distributors can buy it at wholesale, 30.00 a bottle, and keep the retail profit of 15.00. Interestingly enough, it costs nothing to be a distributor. For simply filling out an application, the company will also provide you with a replicated website. ExFuze's compensation plan is a classic binary plan. A good plan in that it only requires two "sign-ups" to start earning money. Not so good in that it is a definite "juggling" act in keeping both legs of the plan active and earning. In a binary, commissions are always determined by the earnings of the weaker leg. The company also has many "fast start" bonuses, geared to help distributors make money fast. In conclusion, ExFuze suffers from the "one product" syndrome. Network marketing companies featuring one product generally don't last. The current situation in mlm makes the situation more challenging, as there is much competiton among companies featuring super juices. Regardless of the mlm company you align yourself with, it is imperative that you learn the new model of attraction marketing. Renegade University is a FREE members only site that trains students in Internet attraction marketing. Mike Klingler's step-by-step video tutorials provide excellent training in video marketing, article marketing, email marketing, and network within the Web 2.0 communities. Check out Renegade University NOW!
18 Jun 2009
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Exfuze is Taking the Health industry by Storm! Over 300+ athletes are promoting this product worldwide. This is a must listen to 5 minute overview call 877-434-1015 www.liquidsupplement****
9 Jul 2009
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******* Is eXfuze A Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam All Together? Read My Post To Find Out More
10 Dec 2009
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