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Korea Fire Fighting Corporation, who are the inventor of Nude Fire Extinguisher, Transparent Plastics , established in 2002, for making a new type of fire extinguisher which can automatically suppress the fire occurred at same time that can be manually treated by hands. you can find the concept of this patented internationally fire extinguisher, which can be filled up with Dry Chemicals, Wet Chemicals, even Halon. This Manually operating and also simultaneously & automatically erupting fire extinguishers might be replaced with your existing fire extinguishers nearby around yourself. And also we are maker of the following items 1. Automatically Diffusing Fire Extinguishers(Poly Carbonate Cylinder and Plastics valves equipped) 2. Fire Extinguishers for manual operation 3. Electrical Lamp and Lightings filled with Fire Extinguishers 4. Sign Boards/Display Board/Advertisement Board with electric lumnination filled with fire extinguishers 5. Mist Electrical Lamp for Automobiles filled with Fire Extinguishers 6. Rubber Tyres for Automobiles filled with Dry Chemical and Nitrogen Gas 7. Other purposes for fire extinguishers for such as System Equipment to be used for Twin System (together with AFFF and Dry Chemical) You can easily find our companys blog sites in the world wide webs, such as AngelFire, MySpace, MadeInChina, TagWorld, ConstantContact, MyWay, Tripod, in the name of Korea Fire Fighting Corporation, as well as the Korean Blogs, such as Daum, Naver, Empas, HanaFos, HotMail, MSN, Yahoo, Google, BlogIn, Blog24, BlogNet Live Journal, Blogsource, Word Pad, Xanga, Imeem, World Sentiment, Tagstory****, Photo Bucket, Flckr, Film Loop, Live Digital, Image Shack, Tripod Blogs, Phicture Trail, My Space(More than 20 Groups), Slide****, Flock, Snap Fish and so on;
6 May 2007
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Using a normal Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher I tried to replicate the experiments seen on programmes like brainiac, to see if they really do have the power to rocket me along the ground
22 Sep 2007
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After the failier of experiment 1 I decided that it would be a CRIME to waste what was left of the extinguisher, so I wanted to see if it could instantly chill a warm bottle of coke
22 Sep 2007
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The Olympic Torch Gets Extinguished!, News On Princess Diana's Death & Barack Obama Takes A 9 pt lead! - All That And More In World News. Your World News From Getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News.
14 May 2008
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Have you seen the Unique LED Fire Extinguisher Cigarette Lighters Red? With refillable windproof Lighter, LED lights and fabulous design, the LED Fire Extinguisher Cigarette-Lighters are different from the traditional Lighters...
13 Sep 2008
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On November 2008, the Fire Department of Denpasar City (Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kota Denpasar) offered fire extinguisher training to the people of Kelurahan Dauh Puri and member of Pekambingan Street Vendor (PKL Pekambingan) at the office of Kelurahan Dauh Puri. They were practicing extinguishing fires using gunny sack soaked with water and also dry chemical fire extinguisher. *******www.sapteka****
26 Jan 2009
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Claim your FREE Property Investing Course here: *******www.HMOPropertyRiches**** Always provide a fire blanket and fire extinguisher.
16 Jun 2010
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Neweys Online - Fire safety solutions and products including Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors, Alarm Panels, Fire Extinguishers, Covers and Gaskets. *******www.neweysonline******/2/Fire-Safety Products shown in the video include: * Eski photo luminescent fire exit sign * H Roberts dry powder fire extinguisher * Menvier weatherproof sounder beacon * Newlec break glass call point * Carbon monoxide detector * Conventional 8 zone fire alarm panel * 2 Wire fixed heat detector * Magnetic door release unit * Mains operated ionisation smoke alarm * Xenon beacon.
4 May 2010
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The Royal Danish Library has chosen to provide fire protection with a Sinorix H2O Gas Extinguishing System. In case of fire, valuable books are affected. Smoke detectors trigger the alarm from the alarm center. In the fire control, nitrogen takes the oxygen from the fire. A fine water mist will cool down the books without damaging them. More: *******www.siemens****/sinorix
4 Jul 2011
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Model no : 152 The main objective of the project is to extinguish fire using robot which is remotely controlled through wireless using RF technology. The robot can move through any path whose motion is controlled by a RF transmitter using push buttons interfaced to a microcontroller. When the robot faces a fire then it is made to extinguish the fire with the help of pump motor connected to a water tank mounted on its body. RF transmitter module works as a remote to control the motion of the robot either to move it forward or backward and the motion of the water pipe up and down of the robot through which it throws water to extinguish the fire. On the robot RF receiver module is placed that receives commands from the transmitter based on encoder and decoder interfaced a microcontroller that delivers output accordingly for the motors via motor driver IC. For more info visit *******www.efxkits****; *******www.facebook****/edgefx
26 Mar 2012
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*******antiquefireextinguisher****- Most of these classes of fire extinguisher work separately but there are those that will require combination of one or more classes.Make sure you are aware of that before attempting anything strange.For More Details Visit Our Website *******antiquefireextinguisher****
26 Jun 2013
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Not just the fire that tortured him but the way these men extinguished the fire that could kill him
28 Jun 2018
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Fire Protection MD Since 1978, Westminster Fire Extinguisher has performed installation, service, inspection & repair of fire alarms & security systems for protection & safety of homes & businesses in & near Hanover, Harrisburg & York PA, Washington DC & Frederick & Baltimore MD. Call Westminster Fire at 888-722-7705. Westminster Fire Extinguisher 150 Airport Dr #10 Westminster, MD 21157 (410) 848-3044
19 Aug 2018
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Arguing Extinguishes the Light of Faith
28 Mar 2019
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just have alook
25 Jun 2006
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Here's a new fire fighting device for oil field fires.
21 Nov 2006
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