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Recognizr, a forthcoming facial recognition app for Android, provides users with an even faster way to Internet stalk.
26 Feb 2010
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This week we look at Klik, the new photo sharing app that recognizes your friends' faces automatically. But how accurate is it? Plus Facebook announces a new way to annoy you... er, help you discover apps.
12 May 2012
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Facial recognition is for surveillance, not for encryption. Dinside How to hack the facial recognition on Galaxy S8 with a picture
26 Nov 2017
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*******www.freezerburns****/ Here's a quick video talking about this week's review: Amy's Light&Lean Spaghetti Italiano. I also talk about this cool ice cream vending machine, the most creative french onion soup I have ever seen, and Salt Lake City.
23 May 2013
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Just a response to Hughsnews last post 'Youtube Experiment- Actors!' Watch it here ***********/watch?v=53KDqC6JZdY Contains some cool facial recognition from *******myheritage**** Its a fun free website. Images featured posted on my website *******mcduffchannel**** Featured You Tubers (Do a search for them and you will find them easy done): Blunty3000 Felicia Day Happyslip hotforwords Hughsnews ijustine Jack Conte The McDuff Channel MrSaftey Nataly Dawn nigahiga pop17 shaycarl spricket24 SupaDupaFlyGirl sxephil thehill88 VenetianPrincess Veronica Belmont whatthebuck Please do Rate*****, Comment and or Subscribe! Later Dayz, -Scott
25 Aug 2008
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Microsoft faces a potential public relations nightmare after reviews of its just-released Kinect suggest it has problems recognizing people of color. First, ABC News explains how the console works. “It’s an add-on to the Xbox 360 console. There’s a camera with has a depth sensor that tracks all your moments in 3D. It has a multi-array microphone. I can see it if you move. If I step out, it will go to a single-player game. You are running the show there, Juju.” But a mere moment after its release to the public, news of the alleged facial recognition problem had spread like wildfire. Consumer Reports began refuting the claims faster than you can say connect four. FERRET: “Yeah with the lights at the dimmest setting, the kinect didn’t recognize anybody of any skin tone.” MANGIS: “So it wasn’t a certain skin tone that it had trouble with? It was an across the board problem?” FERRETI: “Yeah. It didn’t really specify against any particular skin tone. It was mostly based on the lighting conditions in the room.” The lighting may not be the only thing that’s dim. At least Gamespot’s testing resembled something slightly more scientific when it used several lighting scenarios and more than one person of color. Still, the console had trouble connecting the dots. “The system recognized one employee inconsistently, while it was never able to properly identify the other despite repeated calibration attempts. However, Kinect had no problems identifying a third dark-skinned GameSpot employee, recognizing his face after a single calibration.” If lighting issues sound like a familiar scape-goat, it should. PCWorld reports poor lighting could make for strange bedfellows. “Last year, HP suffered a similar blow with its facial-tracking webcams, which wouldn't work properly with black people. At the time, HP blamed the problem on poor foreground lighting.” But not to worry. PCMagazine tested ONE person of color and that SINGLE person gave it a positive review. "Microsoft [says] ‘Kinect works with people of all skin tones.’…Here at PCMag we can corroborate: Our African-American reviewer gave the Kinect a 4-out-of-5-star review and an Editors' Choice award.” Well that settles it. Or does it?
11 Nov 2010
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BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER ANCHOR CHANCE SEALES Google is in the midst of planning an app that would identify a person’s face in a photo, then pull their personal information--like Facebook Flickr, or even a cell phone number. CNN reports Google has had the technology to do this for years--but is still hesitant about privacy issues. It’s not just some quote “start-up” company with nothing to lose... (Video: Google) “Google also is concerned about the legal implications of facial recognition. Even during trials among its own employees, Google has taken steps to ensure testers have explicitly agreed on record to try out the service.” ...and while users have to give Google permission before it can pull such info-- Digital Quest points out that once agreement is given... it could be dangerous. “Imagine a guy takes a picture of a woman in a bar and then he knows her address just because somewhere on the Web there is an association of her address with her photo.” And while the latest buzz is on Google’s most recent announcement--it seems it’s already been done. As Seen on Phone--a website dedicated to mobile news-- says a demo-Android app called Viewdle, may have just beat Google to the punch. “What you’re seeing here is a concept of facial recognition working as the video is being played, so you see the boxes are face to text, the name is a face-recognition, then we take that name, hook it up to a social network and are able to pull down status updates as they’re happening. As you see in the video, the idea is that our algorithms are fast enough to run 100% local to the device.” Other face recognition technologies are being implemented in China right now. NTDTV explains the device can recognize up to 1400 faces and costs around $720. “This is made possible by a device called the "Hanvon Face ID" that was developed in China. The device uses infer-red technology to scan a 3D image of a person's face, these images are then stored on the device's internal chip, so it doesn't have to be connected to an external server.” Google too worried about privacy issues--or is this technology scary? Tell us in our comments section.
5 Apr 2011
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The Apple iPhone X is the new super flagship phone from Apple. It comes with an edge-to-edge screen, Face ID — facial recognition system, which can be used to unlock the phone instead of a passcode — and no home button. The iPhone X comes in two colors: space gray and silver. The iPhone X is priced from $999 with 64GB of storage and there’s an upgraded option with 256GB of storage. Preorders open on October 27th, shipping begins November 3rd.
13 Sep 2017
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Unless you are a professional authentic supermodel as recognized by OTHER pro “real” supermodels, you might not be aware of some of the “official” rules for retaining legit supermodel status. One of them is she can NOT talk - her appearance has to be (more than) enough! Also her name should NOT be used - supermodels have global facial recognition and not name recognition. Here “Good Morning America” presents a supermodel surfer during “Shark Week” who invented and trademarked Shark repellent swimwear, wetsuits, and surfboards. She is recognized as Queen of Surfing by media everywhere and on Surfer magazine forums as ... To keep up with the authentic, legitimate lifestyle of professional supermodels,
15 Nov 2017
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Solving the inefficiencies inherent in using text-based metadata for indexing moving media. - part 1 of 4. - Shawn Gold Director Viewdle
5 Jan 2009
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Solving the inefficiencies inherent in using text-based metadata for indexing moving media. - part 2 of 4. - Shawn Gold Director Viewdle
9 Feb 2009
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Solving the inefficiencies inherent in using text-based metadata for indexing moving media. - part 3 of 4. - Shawn Gold Director Viewdle.
24 May 2008
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