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BMW Drifter Fails At Life video clip
20 Oct 2009
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*******DebraMorrison.Biz/iamdebramorrison, *******DebraMorrison.Biz/vaultmuseum, *******DebraMorrison.Biz/royalsociety, Debra Morrison, 651.356.6519, skype: debra.morrison In Order To Become Someone Who Can “Move” a Village of People, You Need Four Intangible Qualities or Traits Fail at ONE of These and YOUR FREEDOM Won't be Won! 1: You can’t have any fear of rejection. People with a fear of rejection don’t run for President of the United States, do street magic, build large communities or build organizations. 2: You can’t have any fear of what people might think of you; you can’t fear what people will walk away thinking of you. People with a fear of how they will be perceived don’t give great speeches, can’t write well, hide at parties and basically fail at life and have to spend 25 years working for people who are NOT afraid of what others will think of them. Get over yourself and into other people. Scardy cats never amount to much. 3: You be afraid of bodily harm. I’m not. This little subtle trait allows people like me to flaunt well, say whatever the flip we want and stun those who can’t and make them pay for the energy and “spine” they wished they had. So there! 4: No F-E-A-R of failure which is a different skill set than not being afraid of rejection. People with a fear of failure are secretly conceited, think they are “God” and want p eople to think they are perfect. You can’t invent the light bulb or work through the chaos of what doesn’t work, in order to locate your first Million, if you are some “fear of failure” wannabe. ** REHEARSE the command of these four global fears of man and you will win your freedom. ** Shake these fears out of you through knowledge that they exist and the daily act of abolishing...
11 Jul 2008
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