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Get an FREE Coca Cola because a failure in Coca Cola vending machine. Not the 4-2-3-1 method!. This is just for information purpose only, but it actually works! Music from norway, bi laata. Composed by me; HoaXed.
17 Feb 2007
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Last few moments before my cat passed away because of kidney failure. It better not have been that damn cat food. 1. No im not a sick person I just never had any vids of her while she was alive because i took it for granted 2. Wanted to show how serious kidney failure can be and for people to cherish there pets because one day they will be gone even when u least suspect it. 3. This will be good evidence that my cat was sick if it was bad cat food that gave her the kidney failure 4. she wasnt harmed or anything the camera was actually on zoom and was not right in her face
23 Mar 2007
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I made this video in Video Art class at Normandale Community College. It's about someone trying to succeed at telling a story about failure, but ultimately fails in doing so. Also add comments and ratings so I can get some feedback. Thanks!
15 Apr 2007
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*******www.aviationvids**** Home video of yet another in a long series of Airbus nosegear extension failures. Here's the story, from contributor Peter Metz: "This shows FG flight 709, bound from Kabul to Dubai, which left the Kabul Airport with 261 passengers on board. After departure the pilot had a problem with the front wheel gear and could not retract it. Instead of proceeding to Dubai Airport (flight time 2:30 minutes), with all relevant security measures he decided to land back at Kabul Airport." "Capt. Abdul Rahman asked the tower to investigate the problem. Kabul Airport sent an ICRC plane to investigate the problem from beneath the aircraft. After the problem was located, the captain released most of all the full tanks of kerosene and made a final approach at Kabul Airport. At this time there were still about 30,000 mines lying around beside the apron." "After the plane came off the runway nothing happened, and the fire brigades went to rescue the aircraft and passengers. The plane came to stand about 50 meters beside the runway without any problems. All passengers escaped the aircraft safely. Capt. Rahman got out of the plane, had a cigarette smoke, and took all the passengers to Dubai in a second plane approximately an hour later. ISAF than pulled the plane from beside the apron, stretched the wheel straight, and pulled it to the maintenance department."
23 Jun 2007
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Bush car failure in Rome (Italia)
23 Jun 2007
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Dr. Benzinger from secondopinion**** with health information on heart failure.
24 Jul 2007
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This is a double blind study demonstrating in a black and white manner the efficacy of stem cells for correcting certain aspects of heart failure
17 Aug 2007
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Dr. Patrick Cohn, co-founder of The Ultimate Sports Parent (www.youthsportspsychology****) discusses how fear of failure and perfectionism in young athletes can stifle their performance and thus success in sports. Learn the complexities between fear of failure and perfectionism from the top sports psychology expert in the country. (more)
22 Apr 2008
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You're not a Failure until you give up.
1 Feb 2008
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Have you learned how to fail as an entrepreneur? Failure is all about getting back up on the horse and trying again. That's how you're defined in business.
11 Feb 2008
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5 MILLION AMERICANS SUFFER FROM HEART FAILURE, AN OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD CONDITION THAT WARRANTS MORE ATTENTION New Education Program, Fight Against Heart Failure, raises awareness of common symptoms and helps heart failure patients and their caregivers learn the Four Ways Every Day to manage the condition to stay healthy and out of the hospital Heart failure affects over 5 million Americans and causes or contributes to more than 300,000 deaths per year. Heart failure is a chronic, progressive, often misunderstood condition in which a weakened or damaged heart cannot pump blood through the body as well as it should. Many people with heart failure do not know that they have it. In fact, heart failure often goes unnoticed for so long that patients find themselves gasping for breath in the emergency room before they are diagnosed. It is important to recognize the common symptoms of heart failure and to get treatment immediately. In addition, preventing heart failure is critical. Certain risk factors, such as hypertension, can weaken the heart and lead to heart failure. If people lead a healthy, active life beginning at a young age, they often can avoid these risk factors and prevent getting heart failure.
15 Feb 2008
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Blue Angel Failure
24 Feb 2008
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