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October is Family History Month and the value of knowing your family history starts at a young age. Decades of research from Emory University proves that children who know more about their family have higher self-esteem, are more resilient and have better scholastic performance. Understanding your family’s past, including the triumphs and struggles they experienced, provides crucial context about who you are and where you came from. We talked to Director of Research at AncestryDNA, Jennifer Utley, who shared the steps to start learning about your family history, from family tree building to researching historical records and taking an AncestryDNA test.
9 Oct 2019
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Father’s Day is such a special moment for the whole family to come together and spend quality time with one another – and those are moments dad will cherish. What better way for dad to connect with his loved ones than learning about his family’s story. Author, Bruce Feiler shares how important family storytelling is and how AncestryDNA is the perfect, meaningful gift for your father or grandfather to help him discover just how unique he is and explore his family’s roots.
14 Jun 2019
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Michelle Herrara Mulligan recounts how her family would weave colorful & detailed stories that were at times bizarre into everyday conversations and how this has influenced her approach to storytelling as an author.
29 Sep 2009
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