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The Global Reporting Initiative has released a sustainability report that outlines the organization’s performance, achievements, and goals. GRI produces the Sustainability Reporting Framework that sets out the principles and indicators that can be used to measure and report economic, environmental, and social performance. GRI has followed its own Guidelines to produce its report, which covers 2009-2010. Among the highlights: a diverse workplace with staff from more than 20 countries; the use of public transport and bicycles by staff to travel to work; and a decrease in emissions from staff air travel by 13 percent. UPS has flown a special charter flight loaded with 50 metric tons of food from Cologne, Germany to Nairobi, Kenya. The food shipment will assist the World Food Programme in its famine relief efforts in the Horn of Africa. Last week’s special flight was the UPS response to an urgent appeal by UNICEF, CARE, and the WFP for emergency supplies. For more information on these and other stories, go to thecsrminute****
23 Aug 2011
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An old soothsayer prophesies disaster for the City of Prenellium if its citizens fail to hold the moon festival. The ancient magic formula reads thus: “When the three moons in harvest full in sacred triangle stand; then dance the dance and pay their due lest tragedy stalk the land…” When Dance the Moons is the first (and hopefully not the last) of a series that chronicles the magical demesne of Prenellium. Greplog the old soothsayer knows that nothing should stand in the way of the City of Prenellium celebrating the ancient holiday and its all-important ritual. If the dance is not danced, Greplog had seen rivers of blood, famine, disease, and death… Can Greplog’s vision save Prenellium from a destructive year?
17 Oct 2011
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UNICEF Deputy Representative in Somalia Hannan Sulieman talks about working in the best interests of Somali children amidst drought, famine and conflict.
26 Nov 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Gratitude on World Teachers' Day with a Special Tribute to Supreme Master Ching Hai. Episode: 1847, Air Date: 5 October 2011. Established by the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) 17 years ago, World Teachers’ Day invites us to appreciate all the teachers in our lives. Ms. Jenny Chacón Fernández is a teacher at Maria Auxiliadora School in Costa Rica. After a full day of teaching class and interacting with students, her job is far from over. I feel proud to be a teacher because I like so much to cultivate my students’ minds. We see how this society is in these days. What I want the most for my students is that they have a future. In order that they believe that they are able to succeed. In order that they don´t fall into drugs, vandalism, delinquency. My philosophy in teaching is to educate with love, with values. Bio, which means life. Bio is life. And diversity, right? Diversity of life. That is what we have in our country. We have to… Take care of it. Yeah, what for? So they won’t become extinct. I thank God that I´m a teacher. I feel proud. But I ask God that He open my heart every day in order to be able to learn more from them (students), and understand them. We love our teacher! No matter in which country, teachers build our lifelong moral principles while equipping us with skills and motivation. Let’s now go to Formosa (Taiwan) and Lishan High School in Taipei. We have set a few standards for the students to reach. For example, first, I want them to be able to think. Second, I want them to be creative. Third, living well. I hope they (students) can become people who can often reflect on themselves and be responsible to themselves. Then they can contribute to themselves in the future. Contribute to their families. Contribute to the society. Contribute to this world, and this universe. This is what I hope for my students. Children have energy, like seeds. So we hope to guide them to the direction of goodness. Sometimes, I share my thoughts with the students to consider that sometimes it happens that we cut our fingers accidentally when we are using a knife. We will feel sore for a few days. But for a living being as animals, we would kill them brutally just for the nutrition supplement, or fulfilling the desire of our taste. To guide the students to think about the meat diet from the compassionate point of view I think it's a starting point. So if we can forgo the meat because we don't want others to kill for us, we would be able to establish more empathy and a more compassionate relationship with the people around us and become more caring to others. I hope that they not only learn knowledge, but also grow spiritually, which is the more important aspect. Teacher, you worked very hard during the past year. Please continue to help me. I’m very thankful to you! I love you and Happy Teachers’ Day! Even through adulthood, we meet other teachers in life’s journey. On a broad scale, progress in civilization could be credited to those who came before – the teachers. I mean there are many, many teachers along the way. Martial arts teachers guided me through my martial arts career. But in regards to raw food was probably Dr. Doug Graham, one of biggest inspirations for me. He has developed the 80/10/10 diet. And that’s just really cutting off all the bad things and just living on nature’s beauty. Thank you very much for teaching me, so I can actually pass it on even further. The human race is forever indebted to the great, ultimate teachers of humanity, namely, the enlightened spiritual Masters who have helped to elevate the world. I’m going to talk about my spiritual Master, who is Jesus. What touched me the most in his teaching, it’s the love of the neighbor, love of each other. And everything he said, if we can put into practice the wisdom, I believe that we will live in a happy world, of peace, of tranquility. Supreme Master Ching Hai is an enlightened Master of our times who tirelessly works to save the planet and raise humanity’s consciousness. She imparts to her students, our Association members, the Quan Yin Method of meditation. I was a pastor for ten years or more, and during that time, I was lacking something in me. This emptiness inside me got me into searching for the truth. I had a dream where I saw Master, and afterwards on the internet. And the teachings have really transformed me. I am a changed and a totally happy man in all aspects of life. Yes! I want to thank Master from the bottom of my heart for all the good things she has done for me! On World Teachers’ Day, members of our Association wish to express their experiences and gratitude to beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. In my daily life, I feel Master’s presence, and as I learn and live according to Master’s teachings, I feel I’m not alone anymore and I never feel lonely. A teacher surely is concerned with each individual student. Master has countless disciples, but how can she take care of all of them one by one? I can’t imagine how infinite Master’s capacity is, and her teachings. Thank you, Master! I love you. As she works invisibly with each willing individual, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s spiritual guidance helps to awaken the true, wise and loving Self inside, dispelling the darkness from all corners of the heart. One of the things that I found very beneficial from Master Ching Hai was that she said to us that we can meditate anytime during the day. Whereas before I used to feel frustrated or annoyed that I was not doing anything at work if there were no customers at the shop that I work at, now I can just go inward. I feel like I’m not wasting my life at any point any time in my life. And that probably comes across to the customers as well when they do come in. I’m obviously a lot more settled, calm, peaceful, happy and nice to the customers. Because we meditate in the morning before going to work, and meditate after coming home from work, then in the evening before going to bed. Therefore, it is like having a shower every day to clean ourselves, to make our soul clean so that we could feel more calm and have less of a worldly, competitive attitude, but rather feel very happy. Also, Master’s teachings also encourage people to be vegan, meaning no animal products should be used. These are very good precepts because when our spirit is not coming in contact with any animal products, we will have a much lighter meditation, and our daily life will be so much more smoother, filled with peace and joy. And everywhere we go, we will bring happiness to others. That’s why I’d like people to know about this method, that this method is very precious and very good for everyone to practice. And I am forever grateful to Master for giving me this method. My sweet Master, My sweet Master, Master Ching Hai. I thank you with all my heart. How can I tell the feelings in my heart? I thank you, my sweet Master. After the initiation, I came to realize that the bright light that I have found inside was actually Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai has been with me since I was young. When I attended a retreat, I talked to Master about “blessings.” I explained to Master that wherever I go, I would receive so much blessing from everything around me. When I started to see the world with love, I could feel the blessing power coming from the trees, from the rivers, from the sun, from the stars, even grass. After talking (about this) to Supreme Master Ching Hai, she lovingly said, “Congratulations, sister!” which I did not understand the meaning at the time. Until the New Year (2011) when there was the live conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Master talked about the blessing on humans from everything around us. I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for giving me the opportunity to learn and to know my own inner Buddha. Sometimes I’ll be struggling with something in life and then I’ll have a meditation and it’ll just come to me. The lesson will be solved during meditation. When I meditate, I experience Light. Spiritual Light, inner Light and it’s very powerful, very beautiful. Because it carries wisdom with it. It comes from a higher source, and it brings you up to that source. The inner Sound and Light is really the true teaching of Supreme Master Ching Hai. Master Ching Hai, you’re doing so much for everyone. And so I just want to say thank you for everything, because that’s the only way that I can cover it all. And I love you very much. Recently, I worked with the food preparation team for “The Real Love” musical event. While working, I pondered the question, what is “the real love” and how can I put it into action in daily life. And I truly realized that it’s the organic vegan diet. Because we have many problems in the world, such as famine, food shortage, many unidentified diseases, and wars. And the fundamental solution to them is the organic vegan diet, just as many experts and studies indicate. Therefore, Master put forth the organic vegan diet as a concrete means to put the real love into action, and I think of this very often. I wish Master health always and wish the golden age will be realized quickly and that we’ll live in that age together. Thank you! In May 1999, during her European lecture tour across 18 countries, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a humanitarian trip to Armenia, where she met with dignitaries, made personal visits to orphanages and other sites, and donated at least US$250,000 toward various causes. Immediately after the lecture, Supreme Master Ching Hai left to visit earthquake stricken regions. I and a few other Association members who were visiting Armenia met Supreme Master Ching Hai and together we visited nursing homes and orphanages where we witnessed expressions of her grand unconditional love. I have seen how wholeheartedly she was hugging elderly people, giving them hope and personally presenting each of them with gifts. I have witnessed how Master lovingly treated children in orphanages and talked to them, giving each child a present. In turn, the children were dancing, singing and reciting poetry for our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. I have never in my life seen such a boundless expression of love and I was emotional the entire time. I remember one of the officials accompanying Supreme Master conveyed to us, “I do not know what is happening with me, it has only been three days since I’ve met this fabulous lady and I’ve felt totally transformed, I speak with everyone with an abundance of love. Believe me I am very coarsely spoken, both at home and with my employees, but since meeting Supreme Master Ching Hai I speak with everyone only lovingly and everyone is very pleasantly surprised, so am I.” On this occasion of Teachers’ Day I would like to say Happy Teachers’ Day to our Beloved Teacher and wish her great health, strength, energy, and all of the infinite blessings of the universe. Actually all of us have to be teachers. For the children’s sake and for them to learn from us, and for us to learn from the sages of old and new about the ideal lifestyle for humankind, so that we can pass it on to our children, we can draw from the exemplary lives of the sages who practiced the compassionate way of life. We are the children of God, no? So to go back to be the children of God again, it’s so easy. The two things to do: physical and spiritual. Physical: clean ourselves by turning back to the compassionate lifestyle, God-like lifestyle, Heaven-like lifestyle. No harming, no killing others. Secondly, spiritual. We have to find that Guide, the Guide that knows, the friend or teacher, whatever you call him or her, a Guide, who has already been enlightened, who already sees the Light. You are that Light. You are that God quality. And there’s also the Music of the spheres. You can hear forever and it will soothe your troubles, heal your bodies, enlighten your souls, make you closer and closer to God. On this World Teacher’s Day, we join in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai, a Teacher for the world who not only offers true knowledge of the universe but also affects our hearts profoundly with your love and compassion. Blessed are we to learn from you. We most sincerely wish you an abundance of joy, youthfulness and divine strength so that your beautiful dream of peace for all will soon come true. To the noble teachers in all fields of life, our appreciation for your bringing about an ever brighter future through the lives you so caringly touch. May the Providence bless you as you continue your most honorable work. Kind viewers, it was a pleasure having your company today. Now, please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television for Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, after Noteworthy News. Blessed be your courageous and selfless heart.
21 Dec 2011
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Consider the inventions of the last 200 years: electricity, airplanes, cars, telephones, agricultural and medical technology, computers, amazing advances in housing, communication and transportation. Throughout history the vast majority of workers have been farmers. Farmers until recent times were unable to produce enough food to keep their families alive and a large proportion of children never reached adulthood. The invention of the mechanical reaper and other farm machinery has enabled an average United States farmer to feed over 125 people. The ancient enemies of mankind, famine and early death, have been almost completely eliminated in countries that have adopted capitalism. As capitalism has been adding to mankind's wealth and freeing humanity from the threat of starvation, capitalists and the capitalistic system have been relentlessly vilified by academics, journalists and politicians. Instead of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings of capitalism, the system is hysterically and irrationally condemned and its achievements ignored or attributed to historical chance. Instead of advocating capitalism and the free enterprise system, the United States proclaims to the world that democracy is our great political achievement and the principle for which we are willing to go to war.
3 Jan 2012
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – GOOD PEOPLE GOOD WORKS Oxfam International: A Confederation of Humanitarians. Episode: 1872, Air Date: 30 October 2011. Greetings, considerate viewers, and welcome to Good People, Good Works on Supreme Master Television. This week’s program features Oxfam International, a global charitable alliance of 15 non-profit organizations working in 98 countries that conducts emergency and long-term projects to aid the disadvantaged and enhance social justice. The name “Oxfam” stems from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, a non-governmental group formed in 1942 by social activists and academics in Oxford, UK, whose objective was to relieve famine in Greece during wartime. Oxfam’s operations and missions can generally be categorized into three areas: long-term sustainable development projects, advocacy campaigns on important issues and humanitarian relief work. Development Projects The development projects, which are the heart of Oxfam’s work, find innovative, lasting ways to improve the lives of those in need. One of the organization’s success stories involves the introduction of a new cultivating technique that improves crop yields, called the System of Rice Intensification or SRI, in the African Sahel, Southeast Asia and India. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), for example, Oxfam has been working with local partners to help small-scale rice farmers mitigate climate change and enhance food security through SRI farming methods. Advocacy Campaigns One of the most powerful, effective Oxfam initiatives is its Celebrity Ambassador project. Through the support of many public figures and international celebrities, Oxfam has helped better lives in developing nations around the world. Renowned English TV and radio personality Zoe Ball, the first ever female host of the BBC Radio1 breakfast show, is a celebrity ambassador for Oxfam Great Britain. In 2009, when Ms. Ball was expecting her second child, she and 20 other pregnant women joined a campaign begun by Oxfam and other partners, such as Save The Children, Action Aid, the Trades Union Congress and Unison to urge the British government to provide free healthcare services to vulnerable women and children in developing countries. The campaign was highly successful as then Prime Minister of Great Britain, His Excellency Gordon Brown, announced that the UK, along with other nations, would fund free healthcare services in six developing nations, including Sierra Leone. According to 2008 statistics, only 10% of births in this West African nation took place in a clinic or hospital. In the first month of the program’s implementation, the number of patients treated in prenatal clinics in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown increased by seven-fold and 179% more children were being seen in health centers. Oxfam’s Press Officer, Sarah Dransfield, who also worked on the project, met a young Sierra Leonean mother who benefited from the charity care. The 19 year old named Marian, whose delivery was paid for by the program, said of her newborn baby, “He is a sign of great hope for my country.” Humanitarian Relief Work As natural disasters and other crises continue to cause widespread suffering around the world, Oxfam is dedicating a large portion of its resources to assisting people affected by these catastrophes, especially climate refugees, by supporting search and rescue operations and providing food, clean water, sanitation and shelter. Since July 2010, Oxfam International and its partners have helped 2.4-million people affected by floods in Pakistan. The group is also currently responding to humanitarian emergencies in Palestine, Afghanistan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Liberia, Sudan, South Sudan, as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since July 2011, East Africa has faced its worst drought in decades, leading to the most severe food crisis of the 21st century. Oxfam International’s affiliates are now fully engaged in providing emergency assistance to those suffering from the crisis. Mr. Michael Delaney, director of Humanitarian Response for Oxfam America discusses the situation in the region. All of our energy is focused on responding to the crisis in the Horn of Africa. There is a tremendous drought in some areas; it’s a famine, where over 12-million people are affected and suffering at this very moment. And so we are on the ground in Ethiopia, in Somalia, in Kenya, helping people survive and also helping them become less vulnerable and have a more sustainable future. So, where our work is happening, right now as we speak, we have our staff out in those countries. All of the energy around our communications and our policy changes are around and dedicated towards the people in the Horn of Africa. Last week in our camp in Ethiopia, we had 20,000 people there. We were preparing a camp for 60,000. Today there are 75,000 people in that camp. So you can see how quickly this is evolving and the needs that are great. Besides distributing desperately needed food, Oxfam America is providing life-saving drinking water to those affected by the drought. Well, after two years of very minimal rains, this year has been the least amount of rainfall in over 60 years in some places in Somalia and Ethiopia. So the water tables under the ground are very low. Ponds are dry and so Oxfam, in many of the communities where we’re working and also in the refugee camps and the internally displaced camps, we need to, drill bore holes, sometimes 100 meters, sometimes up to 200 meters in order to access water. We can pump it out of the ground and then distribute it in a way that can meet people’s needs. One, so that they don’t have to walk so far to get water and we can provide it in their communities, or if they’re already in refugee camps or internally displaced camps, we provide the water right there for them. With the help of Oxfam America and its partners, it is envisioned that people in devastated East African communities will eventually be able to return to their normal lives. We know that in the short-term, people are moving in the refugee camps, into internally displaced camps. That’s a short-term solution. The longer-term solution is going to be getting people back on the land farming again and producing again. So, we have to think about this response, not as a short-term, three-month response but one of 18- months, two years, maybe even three years. In Ethiopia, for example, we have been working with regards to the drought for the last two years. We have been responding to both the emergency, but also helping communities build long-term sustainability. In those communities that we have been working in over the last two years, we are, right now in the third year of the drought, we're not working there because people are actually doing better. They're working together as a community. They have some irrigation. They have crops that are growing this year right in the midst of this drought. So, that’s a very positive sign. Upon first hearing of the tragic crisis in July, Supreme Master Ching Hai pledged US$150,000 each to Save the Children and Oxfam, for a total of US$300,000 in emergency aid to the Horn of Africa, with a personal message that she was doing so “with love and gratitude for these noble organizations' compassionate works.” On Supreme Master Ching Hai’s behalf, our Association members from Boston, USA presented the check for US$150,000 to Oxfam America together with gifts including her books “Love of Centuries” and “From Crisis to Peace,” as well as her #1 international bestsellers, “The Birds In My Life,” “The Dogs In My Life,” and “The Noble Wilds.” Delicious vegan sweets including a vegan cake were also given to the charity. Mr. Delaney had the following message for Supreme Master Ching Hai. On behalf of Oxfam America, we are very grateful for the check of US$150,000 for our East Africa Crisis Fund. This money will go to help the people of Somalia and Kenya and Ethiopia immediately. So we are very grateful to have this money to support the workers who we have in place in each of those countries who are working day and night in support of the people suffering from this crisis. So thank you very much. It’s very timely, this gift. And we’re also very appreciative of the many gifts that you brought us beyond the check that support us as an organization and will help all of us, the many staff of Oxfam going forward. So thank you very much. Thank you for your visit and thank you for your gifts. Michael Delaney also explained how the donated funds will be used in East Africa. We can increase the programs that we are carrying out and respond to the many people who are trying to survive at this very moment. There are people trying to reach refugee camps. Oxfam is there waiting for them. We provide water and sanitation and food to help people at their time of need. And others are in their homes or communities that have gone through almost two years without any rain. This is the third year that they are suffering without rain. So we’re helping with providing water in those communities. Irrigation. We’re, helping with tools and other instruments so that they can rebuild their lives. So this kind of support, the support from you is allowing us to carry out that work in the Horn of Africa. The President of Oxfam America, Mr. Raymond C. Offenheiser sent a kind thank-you letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai, which reads as follows: August 5, 2011 Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, Thank you for your generous gift of US$150,000.00 to support Oxfam America’s response to the current emergency in East Africa. With your contribution to our East Africa Relief Fund, Oxfam will continue to provide desperately needed humanitarian assistance to the victims of the drought and the growing food crisis in the East Africa region, ensuring access to clean water, public health and sanitation, and support for emergency food security and livelihoods recovery. On behalf of the many people in East Africa whose suffering has been eased by your generosity and compassion, thank you for supporting Oxfam's humanitarian response program. We could not do it without you. With warm regards, Raymond C. Offenheiser, President We also give our deep heartfelt thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for the compassionate love and care she has shown to those affected in the Horn of Africa. Finally, we salute you Oxfam International and all your affiliates, including Oxfam America, for your determined efforts to bring emergency relief supplies, justice, healthcare and a more promising future to those in need around the world. May your meritorious service to humanity continue and save many, many more lives in the future. For more information on Oxfam International and Oxfam America, please visit www.Oxfam**** and www.OxfamAmerica**** Thank you loving viewers for your presence today on Good People, Good Works. May all on our planet be blessed with everlasting peace and contentedness.
4 Feb 2012
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Water Extraction Water Removal Water Damage Restoration Water Damage Rug Cleaning Mail : infoorientalrugcare**** Miami County : 305-354-7677 Bakhshaish is a small mud-walled village in Northwest Persia. Here, the villagers weave the little-known Bakhshaish carpets or rugs. These rugs used to sell originally under the name Heriz carpets. Earlier, when certain Armenian patrons supported the weavers of Bakhshaish, the quality of these rugs was among the best in Persia. However, with the recurring famines, the weavers spent the allowances in buying food rather than wool. Even then, the quality remained high, but gradually, it saw a drop. Their classification was now under the coarser grade called Hamadan.
26 Mar 2012
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Acai Berry - The Untold Story For More Info Visit *******www.amazonpower****.au Transcript: Source of New Hope -- The Crying Fruit How Acai was discovered... Acai is a delicious, small and round Brazilian berry that tastes like a mouth watering blend of berries and chocolate. Acai is rare and can only be found high on top of the Acai palm trees in the Amazon rainforest of South America. For centuries, the indigenous people of the Amazon believe that Açaí has amazing healing and nutritional properties and has revered it as an antidote for many ailments. Acai is so important that it is considered as a blessing by the native tribe people in of Brazil. Legend tells how Acai was discovered and came about as the ultimate food source. There was a time that a certain tribe suffered from extreme food scarcity and the tribe chief, Itaki, had to take action. All he thought of was to mandate a law to save his remaining people. He decreed that no newborns are allowed to live and so it goes to say that no one in their tribe are allowed to bear a child. This law though harsh was aimed to keep their food supply sufficient to feed the rest of the surviving tribe people. But as fate dictated, Itaki's own daughter, Iaca, had borne a child. As tribe chief, he could not go against his own word even if it meant hurting his daughter and killing his grandson. And so, his own grandchild was sentenced to death. With heart full of grief and sorrow, Iaca isolated herself for days and weeks. Until one day, she heard a crying baby. Longing for her child to come back to life, Iaca followed the sound of crying and reached a palm tree abundant with small round fruits. There, she realized that her grieving and sorrow will never come to pass. After some time, she was found peacefully lifeless near the tree. Stricken with his daughter's loss, Itaki named the palm tree in honor of her daughter. Rearranging the letters of Iaca, the crying fruit was named Acai. Since then Acai has become a sustainable and adequate food source for the simple lives of the native tribes of Brazil. It helped them throughout famine and helped the tribe back on its feet. Through time, the Amazon indigenous people learned that Acai has other health benefits making it a very potent food source. They discovered that Acai helped build their immune system and fight infections; making them stronger against diseases that can contracted in the rainforest. They also noticed the difference in their energy when they consume Acai. This great energy they feel each time made them realize the wonders of Acai. Once a rare fruit only found and available in the Amazon, Amazon Power has harnessed all the wonders of the Acai berry and captured it in easy to consume capsules. The power of the Amazon is now readily available for direct delivery to your doorsteps. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information now!
16 Jun 2012
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Freelance journalist Abdi Aziiz Abdi Nur, who covered the famine in Somalia last year, revisits a makeshift camp in Mogadishu.
27 Jul 2012
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A year after famine ravaged parts of the Horn of Africa, women and children who were displaced by the devastating drought share their stories.
3 Aug 2012
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Greenside, a biodome built in the wake of famine and poverty, houses the only cure for Jackson's ill girlfriend, Acacia. In order to obtain it, Jackson must infiltrate the heavily fortified Greenside, under endless waves of Zero Troopers all commanded to destroy him! ------- This is a film that we completed last year. Believe it or not, neither Sam nor Niko actually went to film school, so this is the closest thing we've got to a student film. We teamed up with our good friend Eric Lim to put this together. He produced it, and played the lead, and we took care of the shooting, directing, and editing. If anyone is interested in watching the full film, head on over to zerotrooper****. There you can stream it, or download it for your xbox 360 and PS3! ------ This was all shot on the Sony FX-1 with a 35mm adapter, and we used Final Cut Pro for editing, and After Effects for the FX! We'll be making a tutorial in a few weeks showing you how to do some awesome bullet hits similar to what we have here.
13 Sep 2012
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Putting your trust in the world is a recipe for disaster. The only way to live well is to put every aspect of your life into God’s hands. Entrusting everything to Him gives peace unlike any material possession or worldly relationship can provide. Trust in the Lord is an inspiring collection of short essays that offers hope to the hopeless. Raised in the Christian church, author Folake Odusanya shares spiritual manna for the days of famine that each Christian goes through. Her words, accompanied by pertinent Bible verses, will help you renew your mind and put you on the path to redemption. Each chapter gives you a new perspective on how to trust the Lord. Whether it’s spiritually, financially, emotionally, or even socially, Odusanya’s wisdom will show how relying and resting on God is the only way to find peace. God’s love for his children is unconditional. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Lift up your spirit today and give your worries to God with the help of Trust in the Lord. Order Now Link: *******bookstore.iuniverse****/Products/SKU-000465495/Trust-in-the-Lord.aspx
13 Nov 2012
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Christians worldwide agree there is coming a moment when the true church, comprised of faithful followers of Christ, will be suddenly caught up, snatched away, raptured-to be forever with their Lord. But what will you do, how will you behave, how will your church react if this disappearance does not occur before the Tribulation begins? Are we prepared and equipped to take a stand in a culture that is passionately opposed to our beliefs? The god-man: seed of Satan is the first in a two-part, pre-wrath rapture thriller that tells the riveting story of the rise of the treacherous Antichrist, the god-man who will come to prominence during the seventieth week of Daniel. As Romiti and his false prophet, Laroque, implement their ambitious plot to rule a global empire, their plans are obstructed by a series of global disasters-war, famine, and disease. Much to the surprise of some, the church finds itself a reluctant witness to apocalyptic events that were to be studied-not experienced! Sticks, an evangelical pastor in Mississippi, and Uri, the pastor of a messianic congregation in Jerusalem, have carefully prepared their congregations for a rapture that occurs within the seventieth week of Daniel. Led by these activist pastors and a host of others like them, their congregations boldly engage a hostile global community as the God-fearers courageously live out the gospel in ways that are reminiscent of the early church. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.westbowpress****/Products/SKU-000540631/The-GodMan.aspx
9 Jan 2013
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Christians worldwide agree there is coming a moment when the true church, comprised of faithful followers of Christ, will be suddenly caught up, snatched away, raptured—to be forever with their Lord. But what will you do, how will you behave, how will your church react if this disappearance does not occur before the Tribulation begins? Are we prepared and equipped to take a stand in a culture that is passionately opposed to our beliefs? The god-man: seed of Satan is the first in a two-part, pre-wrath rapture thriller that tells the riveting story of the rise of the treacherous Antichrist, the god-man who will come to prominence during the seventieth week of Daniel. As Romiti and his false prophet, Laroque, implement their ambitious plot to rule a global empire, their plans are obstructed by a series of global disasters—war, famine, and disease. Much to the surprise of some, the church finds itself a reluctant witness to apocalyptic events that were to be studied—not experienced! Sticks, an evangelical pastor in Mississippi, and Uri, the pastor of a messianic congregation in Jerusalem, have carefully prepared their congregations for a rapture that occurs within the seventieth week of Daniel. Led by these activist pastors and a host of others like them, their congregations boldly engage a hostile global community as the God-fearers courageously live out the gospel in ways that are reminiscent of the early church. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.westbowpress****/Products/SKU-000540631/The-GodMan.aspx
31 Jan 2013
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Historically, our understanding of the Middle Ages has tended to be coloured by the ‘Dark Age’ label, which casts this as a time of cultural famine and stagnation in contrast to the Renaissance and our Classical heritage. Yet medievalists insist the era has a wealth of thought, art and culture to rival that of any period in history, to such an extent that scholars now talk of the Carolingian, Ottoman and twelfth-century renaissances, emphasising the richness of an era once considered barren. Speakers include Dr Elizabeth Boyle, research fellow, St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge; Albert Fenton, graduate, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Celtic at Cambridge; Lindsay Johns, writer, broadcaster and cultural commentator, Daily Mail online; Dr Levi Roach, lecturer of Medieval History, University of Exeter.
19 Mar 2013
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Un lieu appelé Rome, de nos jours. Les libertés individuelles ont été suspendues et la population crie famine. Lors d'une manifestation devant les silos où se trouve entreposé tout le grain de la cité, le général Caius Martius vocifère et nie les revendications de la foule. Peu après, il mène ses hommes dans une attaque victorieuse contre les troupes Volsques rassemblées non loin de Rome. Accueilli en héros, Caius Martius prend désormais le nom de Coriolan et, sur l'insistance de sa mère calculatrice, brigue le poste de consul. Victime d'une cabale, le général se braque et conspue publiquement le système démocratique. Accusé de trahison, Coriolan est chassé de Rome. Fou de rage, le guerrier forge une alliance avec les Volsques et fomente un retour meurtrier.
20 Mar 2013
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