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Guess what country this is. Why does anyone act like this? here the first song, Handlebars, By the Flobots the second song manic street preachers--if you tolerate this gnooze from the end begets violence, hate begets hate, neither should be preemptive, or you seal your own fate, soon some may come, to steal you away, if you lay down to their force, you might not live another day. Jesus isn't coming to save you stock up NOW, don't wait, get everything you will need to survive for the next few months, or you're foolish. we just bailed out wall-street, the pentagon, and they're planning on buying up the country soon, Paulson is your new king, I hope you don't owe much on your mortgage because they may soon be calling in the repo man to come snatch your land, if you live somewhere they want to develop on. IF YOU PLAN ON VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA OR JOHN MCCAIN, I STAND MY GROUND WHEN I TELL YOU YOUR AN IDIOT, DON'T EVEN TRY TO ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS. THEY BOTH HAVE A LOT OF TIES TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT CAUSED THIS MESS. IF YOU JUST GOOGLE EITHER ONE OF THEM AND LOBBY MONEY WITH IT, YOU WILL GET A SHIT-LOAD OF HITS, STOP WITH THE DAMN PARTY BLINDERS, THERE ARE 4 OTHER PEOPLE ON THE BALLOT IN ENOUGH STATES TO WIN, PICK ONE OF THEM, THEY ARE PRETTY CLEAN RIGHT NOW join the thirdpartymovement on facebook. and freeamerica on ning. this liknk vv the story on martial law this stuff out too, Scott Loper millennium act global poverty act Kyoto hr1955 USA180 hr323 Zbigniew Brzezinski patriot act habeas corpus Tri Lateral Commission NAFTA Bilderberg Group Bohemian Grove Security and Prosperity Partnership act NASCO NWO Bill Cooper Howard E. Hunt David Rockefeller The Rothschilds Prescott Bush Keating 5 Songbird McCain Clinton Cronicles Chemtrails Fluoride Mercury Vaccines Depleted Uranium Cancer virus solar warming fiat money Fiat Empire Money Masters America; Freedom to Fascism Zeitgeist Endgame Gnostic Gospels Ron Paul Mike Gravel Ralph Nader Cynthia McKinney Jesse Ventura 9/11 was known beforehand, but by whom? northwoods put options on the airlines trucks under the world trade building 7 thermite/thermate bomb on Washington bridge Oklahoma City bombing ^^extra bombs^^ 4 dead in Ohio Waco ^burning children^ Japanese internment FEMA camps FEMA tunnels Russian Alaskan tunnels project paper clip lindberg Eisenhower JFK II RFK Sirhan H.R.6166, H.R.4088, H.R.1955 , H.R.3773, S-1959, 2433, EX.ORDER 12919, Military Commissions Act, Battalion 316, Global Poverty Act , bilderberg, T.I.'S, GANGSTALKIN G, codex alimentarius, george shultz, milton friedman, felix rohatyn, jACOB rOTHCHILD, warren buffet, dAVID rOCKEFELLER, GREG SCARPA, RAMZI YOUSEF, John O'Neil, Harlan Girard, monsanto poison food, E951, BUSINESS PLOT, CFR, RFID, PATRIOT ACT, NORTH AMERICAN UNION, BERRYVILLE, GREEN MOUNTAIN ALABAMA, MT. WEATHER, HAARP WEAPONS, chemical trails, OP. AJAX, OP.GARDEN PLOT, OP.CABLE SPLICER, MKULTRA, ABU MOHAMED AL AMRIKI, KALID BIN MAHFEVZ, ZAIMAN AL ZAWAHIRI KLA, BCCI NETWORKS, V2K, MARK KLINE, EXECUTIVE ORDER JULY 17 2007, ORDER OF DEATH, HERMAN OBERTH, KNIGHT OF MALTA, 34 u.s. pRESIDENTS DIRECT ILLUMINATI, U.S.GOULAGS NWO New World Order Project for a new American Century P-nac any comments I don't like may be deleted, this is private property, trumps your free speech, too many bad comments and your blocked.
19 Jun 2009
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