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This is a video from the "actors" of Futurama. Is a cool extra!
26 May 2007
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Whether you own a single condo or an entire apartment complex, the professionals at Farnsworth Realty and Management will make sure everything about your investment continues to run smoothly. We have over 50 years of property management services, and each of our highly experienced agents is dedicated to client satisfaction. Farnsworth Realty and Management, Schedule Now and Make Informed Decisions! Farnsworth Realty & Management (480) 359-3734 460 S Greenfield Rd., Ste. 5 Mesa, AZ 85206 www.propertymanagementinmesaaz****
8 Feb 2012
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Bender from Futurama picks up an Xbox One controller and plays online multiplayer on Modern Warfare 3! Professor Farnsworth shows up as well and forgets who everyone is.
29 Sep 2018
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29 Sep 2009
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*******www.redropereviews**** | *******www.presplayseo**** San Diego Hard Rock is hiring for all positions including VIP hosts, cocktail servers, bartenders and more. Today in San Diego nightlife news: Soon after Sweet water Saloon and Moonstone Lounge at Hard Rock San Diego closed down, owners of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego asked Stingaree if they would host their guests while the Hard Rock bars were closed down. However Stingaree won't be keeping the Hard Rock's guest list for long. Hard Rock has since posted numerous ads on craigslist looking for hostess, bartenders, bar backs and of course a new VIP host. Today there was an open call for people looking for a job at Hard Rock San Diego and our sources say there was a line wrapped around the building. The bars will no longer be called Sweetwater and Moonstone Lounge. Also Andy Farnsworth, former host at Ivy, Side Bar and Keating, has confirmed that he will be the new VIP host now that the bars are under new management.
20 Feb 2009
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Like on Facebook: ********www.facebook****/orphankiller Get the movie: *******www.theorphankillerstore****/ A MATT FARNSWORTH FILM I am the award winning slasher film and character. I am often referred to as the "Messenger of Pain" "Lord of Nightmares" and " The King of Death". Subscribe to my bloody youtube channel and come visit me on Facebook.
28 Mar 2013
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Check out the exclusive trailer for Bender's Big Score "As Xmas 3007 approaches, the Futurama crew must fight to save Earth in an epic battle against nudist alien Internet scammers, travel through time with Al Gore, find true love, and unravel the mystery of Fry's buttocks!" Release Date-11.27.07 Available Here-*******www.foxstore****/detail.php?item-3324
15 Nov 2008
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Hoping to escape their small town existence, Esper and Donna plunge into the volatile world of dealing, sampling and eventually becoming hooked on crystal meth. In the state between love and addiction, who’s left to trust? www.kochvision****
20 Feb 2009
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The Big Parade presents an Ultra Lounge version of the Beatles' song "Help" performed by Zamp Nicall's Jazz on The Rocks.
12 Jun 2013
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This Rockland, Maine Travel Video Postcard introduces us to lobsters in Maine and the coast of Maine. Rockland, Maine is perfect Family Travel in Maine. But Maine Travel in this Travel Video Postcard is about the elegant Historic Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in Rockland, Maine, a beautiful, artistic New England town. The New England town of Rockland, Maine has special historic inns like the Victorian gem, the Berry Manor. Our Travel Video Postcard also shows you its guest rooms and introduces you to hosts, Cheryl and her husband, Frank. Then the Travel Video Postcard takes you to another Rockland, Maine masterpiece, the whimsical Lime Rock, also a Victorian Mansion. The Travel Video Postcard then takes us to the next historic inn of Rockland, Maine: the Captain Lindsey House, a sea captains home turned boutique inn. The restaurants of Rockland, Maine offer world-class cuisine like In Good Company, Primo and Cafe Miranda.The shops and galleries of Rockland, Maine are New England: perfect but very cosmopolitan. The Farnsworth Art Museum has the works of the Wyeths and the Owls Head Transportation Museum has antique cars and masterfully crafted old airplanes. Our Travel Video Postcard shows you Rockland, Maine and its historic inns of New England.
11 Feb 2007
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A profound assimilation of transformative art and healing music. Visionary art by Jack Haas (www.spiritandflesh****) is accompanied by the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls, played by Deborah Van Dyke and Valerie Farnsworth of Crystal Voices (track: 'Octaves of Light', from their CD 'Sounds of Light'. www.soundcurrent.homestead****). This video is intended to assist in our transformation into a vibration of greater wholeness, peace, and harmony. Meditating with this video multiple times will magnify its transformative effects.
9 Aug 2007
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Here's an impressions tape I made a while back. Some of them I cringe at as they've really come a long ways since this production. But it's a pretty fun video so I thought I'd post it. And yes, I spelled "Dylan" incorrectly. Below are the characters/people impersonated: Gilbert Gottfried. Seinfeld. Kramer. Marlon Brando. Al Pacino. Chewbacca. Chris Walken. Golem. Adam Sandler. Scooby. Shaggy. Peter Griffin. Brian Griffin. Apu. Rev Lovejoy. Comic Book Guy. Groundskeeper Willie. Dr. Nick. Dr Hibbert. Skinner. Lou. Chief Wiggum. Mayor Quimby. Robin Leech. Sylvester Stallone. Bergess Meredith. Donkey. Shrek. Pee-Wee Herman. Cartman. Kyle. Mr. Mackey. Towelie. Mr. Hanky. Ned Gerblansky. Quagmire - Family Guy. Chris Griffin. Stewie Griffin. Cleveland Brown. Old pervert. Lois Griffin. Stan Smith - American Dad. Roger. Klaus. Homer - The Simpsons. Marge. yeees man. Krusty. Otto Mann. Charles Montgomery Burns. Waylon Smithers. Barney. Moe Syszlak. Abraham Simpson. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tony Danza. Bill Cosby. Alien in Edgar Suit - Vincent D'Onofrio - Men in Black. Agent J - Will Smith - MIB. Jerry Lundegaard - William H Macy - Fargo. Wade Gustafson - Harvey Presnell - Fargo. Shep Proudfoot - Steven Reevis - Fargo. Ernest - Jim Varney. Mister T. Randy 'Macho Man' Savage. Sean Connery. Smokey - Chris Tucker - Friday. Big Worm - Faizon Love. Mr. Jones - Dad - John Witherspoon. Don Pardo - SNL Announcer. Matt Foley. Church Lady. Caveman Lawyer. Ed Grimley. Trump. Coffee Talk. Wayne. Garth. Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon. David Puddy. Morty Seinfeld. Babu Bhatt. Jackie Chiles. Kenny Bania. J Peterman. Keanu Reeves. Stephen Hawking. Donatello. Krang. Shredder. Beebop. Rocksteady. Jack Nicholson. Glomer - It's Punky Brewster. Dezi Arnaz. Ray Barone - Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond. Robert Barone - Brad Garrett - Everybody Loves Raymond. Wilfred Brimley. George Bailey - Jimmy Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life. ALF. Martin Short. Woody Allen. Jon Lovitz. Pat Robertson. Columbo - Peter Falk. Jacques Clouseau - Peter Sellers - The Pink Panther. Steve Irwin - Croc Hunter. John Coffey - Michael Dunkin - The Green Mile. David Wooderson - Matthew McConaughey - Dazed and Confused. Neil Armstrong. Peter Lorre. Elvis Presley. Tone Loc. Michael Jackson. Prince. Louis Armstrong. Macy Gray. Humpdy. Eminem. Snoop Dogg. Bob Dylan. Johnny Cash. Simon Cowell. Austin Powers - Mike Meyers. Dr Evil - Mike Meyers. Chong. Cheech. Borat. Bender. Professor Farnsworth - Futurama. Hermes. Zoidberg. Zapp Brannigan. Kiff - Futurama. Stuart Larkin - Michael McDonald - MAD TV. Droopy Dog. Snagglepuss. Marvin Martian. Mickey Mouse. Goofy. Booboo Bear. Yogi Bear. Kool-aid Man. Dracula & Creepy assistant. Popeye. Principal McVicker. Butthead - Beavis & Butthead. Beavis. Coach Buzzcut. Tom Anderson. Cornholio. Mr. VanDriessen. Muhammed Ali. Mike Tyson. Kermit. Ms. Piggy. Bullwinkle. Tigger. Eeyore. Stitch. Dr. Jumba Jookiba. Beaker. Mario. Wario. Roger Rabbit. Ren. Stimpy. Lucky Charms. Bobbie. Charlie in the Box. Sunny the cuckoo bird. Yoda. JarJar. Boss Nass. Palpatine. R2D2. Carl - Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Frylock. Meatwad. Paul Rodriguez. Napoleon Dynamite. Pedro. Marty - Michael J. Fox - Back to the Future. Doc Emmet Brown - Christopher Lloyd - Back to the Future. Boomhauer - King of the Hill. Hank Hill. Dale. Gnome - World of Warcraft. Elf - WOW. Al Bundy. Aliens from Star Wars. Lieberman. President George W Bush. President Bill Clinton. President George Bush Sr. President Ronald Reagan. President Richard Nixon. President John F Kennedy - JFK. Regis Philbin
3 Jan 2008
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