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Anne Hathaway really did it this time! This emerald two piece she wore to Sun Dance is really beyond words. And the combat boots? Total fashion fail! And she is not the only star who missed the fashion mark this week; take a look at Jenna Dewan-Tatum. It looks like she is going to a 1980's prom! That Awkward Moment star, Imogen Poots, showed up the movies premiere in a black dress with mismatched tights! Not your best look Imogen! Take a look at our fails right here!
24 Jan 2014
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First the referee. Miley Cyrus in a black and white striped onesie. But even Chanel can't save her from committing a flagrant foul. Jenna Jameson gave us another jumpsuit fail in a black and white swirl jumper. But it was her green highlights that really made this look a cheap shot. Rita Ora hit up Tokyo Fashion Week in a powder blue mini dress covered in puffy black pom poms. And the Cinderella story, Katie Price. The British model and reality star channeled My Little Pony, and it was definitely March Madness.
30 Mar 2013
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Paging Dr. Meredith! We have a code red failure! Ellen Pompeo's look is totally puzzling! Her pants are too long and you've got to check out her flip-flops! Dr. McDreamy would not approve! And then there's Rita Ora who rocked a barbed wire dress at the Elle Women in Music Celebration. We'd love it if she could break outta that one! Julianne Hough may be single, and that means all the more reason she should be dressing sexy! Her latest look is a total flop!
11 Apr 2013
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It's that time of the week-- time to find out whose fashion totally failed on the red carpet! The first victim is Jennifer Aniston, for always wearing black. We love her cute ponytail but the awkward romper style outfit just isn't working! Next up, Gwyneth Paltrow-- her floral outfit looks like she borrowed material from the Von Trap families drapes! Sarah Jessica Parker needs to take a cue from Carrie Bradshaw because this giant overcoat makes her look huge! We know these ladies can do better than this!
19 Apr 2013
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Lena Dunham has a quirky style that we know and usually love, but what we didn't love was the color of the dress the Girls star wore to the Time 100 gala this week. The dress washed her out and was dull.. nice try on the sexy neckline though! What is going on with Mischa Barton- her pilgrim trend is not cute but at least she knows how to work the camera?! Then there's Vanessa Hudgens, and while her hair looks amazing her casual meets business look doesn't work at all. We wish she didn't pair her adorable romper with a tuxedo blazer and pointy heels!
26 Apr 2013
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im rudy thats my real name i do vids about fails yeahh wish you enjoy
Rashida Jones showed up to The Glamour Awards looking like she was dressed for a pj party! She looked stunning in her floral "jammies," but we're not sure the look is red carpet ready. Emma Watson chose a Roland Mouret top this week but the boxy silhouette did nothing for her adorable figure. Plus, check out Rachel Bilson's pastel fail! She chose a baggy dress for a Chanel event this week, and we have a feeling CoCo wouldn't be too pleased!
7 Jun 2013
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If Ashley Tisdale was going to Coachella her look would be acceptable! Instead she chose to wear jean cutoffs to the MySpace relaunch party--a major no, no! Miley Cyrus turned up at the same event in jean sweatpants! If you think that's her only offense think again, because Miley also opted for mouth bling and a terrible jacket! As for Jordana Brewster, she's blinding us with way too much tangerine! The dress is the wrong length, and the flowers are too overpowering!
13 Jun 2013
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It's that time of the week! We chose the worst looks of the week and up first is Rooney Mara! The actress stepped out at the LA Film Fest wearing culottes! This look is more suitable for bedtime then a red carpet event. Diana Agron also missed the mark in a Marc Jacobs ensemble. Lastly, reality star Kelly Bensimon must have missed the memo because she showed up at a Target even dressed like a character from The Great Gatsby. And what is worse than that dress? The random mismatched purse! Check out all the pics here!
20 Jun 2013
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Is that a python on your dress, or is Catherine Zeta Jones just happy to see us!? It totally looks like the star has a snake crawling up her black, three-quarter length dress! Wow isn't exactly the three letters we'd use to describe J-Woww's mini gone maxi dress! The Jersey Shore star stepped out for an event for Self Magazine looking black, white and red all over! Teri Hatcher's dress had such potential this week, but the bottom pattern and hemline is more "mess" than "dress!"
18 Jul 2013
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It's that time of the week! We spotted the worst looks of the red carpet and first up is Julia Stiles! The actress wore a multi-colored maxi in NYC! Cute dress, but looks more like a beach outfit than red carpet! Olivia Wilde looked gorgeous in teal, but the length is all off! And lastly Cate Blanchett looked like a creamsicle push pop at the Blue Jasmine premiere this week! Ladies, better luck next time! Check out all the pics here!
25 Aug 2013
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Lady Gaga must really believe in mermaids because the singer keeps dressing like one! She wore a seashell bikini on stage at the VMA's and a few days later she continued the trend in London wearing seashells in her hair and even a starfish! Miley Cyrus must also be having an identity crisis because walked the red carpet looking like the Chiquita banana! The 20-year-old just loves showing that tummy off! And it's not just the ladies who are committing major fashion faux pas, Perez Hilton looked like he was lost the other night at the One Direction movie premiere. The blogger must have been looking for the nearest gym rather than the red carpet because he wore shorts, a t-shirt and even brought a gym bag! Check out all the pics here!
30 Aug 2013
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Remember the movie The Little Mermaid? That's where Heather Graham belongs in her mermaid-inspired dress! We're not sure if we should fault her of the designer but either way it's a fail! Mena Suvari took the masculine trend to a whole new level at an Elle dinner in a ridiculous looking giant tie. Lastly, we're not sure if Paula Patton is vying for a spot on DWTS or what because her dress would fit right in with the show's crazy costumes! Better luck next week, ladies!
27 Sep 2013
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