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The driver must have regretted the decision faster than he landed his car in the fast flowing river. Seriously, how did he even think that it would be doable in any way!?
14 May 2021
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Watch full video at *******budurl****/streamdirect – CRAZY! The three boys were attempting to ride down the swollen Bremer river! Three teenagers from Ipswich in Queensland have been arrested after trying to use inflatable mattresses to ride floodwaters to central Brisbane more than 30 kilometres away. Two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old were caught jumping into the swollen Bremer River this afternoon and attempting to ride the current downstream to Southbank in Brisbane's CBD. The teenagers entered the fast-flowing river around noon (AEST) at the entrance with Ironpot Creek on Gregory and Sydney streets. Police received 10 triple-0 calls reporting the teenagers, who made it 15 kilometres downstream on single bed blow-up air mattresses. After extensive police and SES patrols, the trio was found about 500 metres south of the Warrego Highway bridge. They were rescued from the river around 2:30pm. Police later described their behaviour as "foolish and dangerous". The teenagers, from West Ipswich and Redbank Plains, have been issued with a notice to appear in court for public nuisance.
14 Jan 2011
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In this video Niv Borsuk will tell you about the top Five Places to go on a River Rafting. Rafting is an exigent adventure sport which is usually carried out in a fast flowing river. You have to make yourself sited on a raft, usually made of parachute cloth, and all you need to do is navigate the raft through the fast moving river water. Niv Borsuk, Niv Borsuk Philippines believes the rafting can be very menacing. For more details about Niv Borsuk, Niv Borsuk Philippines so visit on our website.
8 Dec 2018
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